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Spring is Here! Here Are Some Cheap Outdoor Activities


Have you been active yet this year? For all of us who live in the north, spring is the time where you can turn off your TV and go outside again! The flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, and the birds are chirping! The stage is set for some outdoor exercise!

For those of you that have been following my story for the past few months, you know that I’ve recently moved from Florida. Let me tell you, I timed this move perfectly! Right now, the Florida weather is rising into the 90s with high-humidity, and I am rather enjoying my current 50-60 degree sunshine. It is so refreshing!

So, now that spring is here and the weather is beginning to cooperate, let’s take a look at some activities that get your heart rate up, but also keep your expenses down!

Cheap Outdoor Activities

Activities that you can do on your own…

  • Go for a walk
  • Pick up the pace and go for a jog
  • Have a bike? Hit the open road on your bicycle (I just bought one and I love it!)
  • Shoot some baskets on an outdoor basketball hoop
  • Gardening – I am slowly growing a fondness for this, but it really is great exercise.
  • Kayaking – I think this will be my next purchase. It’s a great workout and it’s fun too!
  • Swimming – Find a lake or outdoor pool and swim, swim, swim! This is also an excellent workout!

Activities that you can do with others…

  • Play tennis – one on one, or doubles! 🙂
  • Play a game of soccer – you don’t really need 22 guys, find 10 and work out a game of 5 on 5.
  • Play an outdoor game of basketball – great exercise, even if it’s only half-court
  • Baseball – you really only need 2 people, on pitching, and one hitting. Then go fetch the balls!
  • Frisbee – play on the beach, or make your own Frisbee golf course
  • Hiking – this can really be done anywhere. Check your local parks and discover some trails!

There, now there’s no excuse to sit on your duff any longer! Get outside and have some fun!

What’s your favorite outdoor activity and why? I think mine is playing tennis!

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  1. Great activities! I’m finally coming home from Iowa to Miami and I can’t wait to go walking and play basketball.

    -Ravi Gupta

    • Yep! And the best part about them is they’re free activities! And, of course they benefit your health as well! 🙂

  2. Nothing beats a game of pickup basketball. I’m also going to play some golf pretty soon (even though its not cheap and not on this list).

    • I actually almost put golf on the list because I love it so much, but it’s most definitely not cheap! Too bad huh?

  3. Geocaching is another cheap outdoor activity. You can pick up a used handheld GPS for under $50 on Ebay. Most smartphones have built-in GPS if you have one.

    • Yes! My brother-in-law took me on a few Geocaching trips. It is great exercise and it’s pretty fun too! I mean, how can treasure hunting not be fun? 🙂

    • My kids love this when we did it! I’ll have to do it with them again this summer!!!

  4. I think my favorite activity is hiking – there’s so much around me and so much to see. It’s also great exercise!

    • Hiking is something that I’m just starting to get into. I’m traveling to Tennessee soon and might find some trails while I’m there.

  5. Add fishing to the list.
    Whatever little perch or bluegill you catch, you can either make your little one (that just *insisted* you keep it rather than throw it back) scale it, gut it and fry it up, or bury it under your rose bushes for great fertilizer.

  6. whoops, bad grammar. I meant to say: (who just *insisted*….)

  7. Right now our favorite activities are hitting the bike trails and fishing! We’ve even squeezed in a couple of beach visits. Loving this sunshine!!

    • Biking and fishing sound fun, and I think my wife would love some trips to the beach! These are all great low-cost suggestions!

  8. I use to play tennis on the weekend from morning to night (skipping meals sometimes) when I was in college. Great times!

    Now my son and I go to the golfing range alot. At $8 for a bucket of ball, it’s pretty good entertainment that’s relatively cheap.

    Probably some fishing too! I’m not good at it, but my son is always asking…

    • I used to do the same thing with tennis! And, I love to golf as well – the range isn’t so bad, but golfing a few courses here and there can really put a dent in your wallet.

  9. My favourite activities are hiking, jogging and fishing. It has therapeutic effect on me compare to other activities.

    • That sounds excellent! Isn’t it great to get outside and enjoy nature? I’m actually leaving to go out west tomorrow. I can’t wait to do some hiking! 🙂

  10. When I do not have money, my favorite activity is riding a bicycle. it is awesome to enjoy nature outdoors!

    • That is one of my favorites as well Kate. You can travel quite a long distance on a bicycle and explore new things, all without spending a dime!

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