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How I Lost 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks!

Have you been searching for a way to get back into shape without killing yourself on your stair-stepper or treadmill? Have you tried weight loss programs before, but didn’t see the results you were looking for? While my wife and I both got trim in about 2 weeks, I can’t say that we have the secret recipe for success in weight loss. However, when we started focusing on eating better, the pounds just seemed to melt away.

My Typical Diet

When I was in college, my diet was terrible. I think it mostly consisted of hot dogs, pizza, mac & cheese, and pop tarts…. it was not a healthy intake.

As an adult, I would like to say that my eating had matured, but it really didn’t change that much. I thought I was eating healthy, but I really wasn’t there yet.

Every morning, I’d eat a bagel that was smothered in cream cheese and drink a protein shake. For lunch, I typically had some left-overs from the previous dinner (which was normally pizza or something similar), and for dinner I would eat either a burger, pasta (dripping with butter and oils), or the already-mentioned pizza.

Most everything I ate was prepackaged and was high in carbs and sodium. Now, I didn’t grow to an obese weight from this diet, but I was on the high end of normal. Since I had always considered myself to be a “trim” person, this really concerned me. And, when I discovered that my triglyceride levels were higher than normal, I decided that it was time to watch what I ate.

Healthy Eating

During my transition I was able to attend a few health seminars at work, which helped me understand what I should and shouldn’t be eating. It was really pretty simple on the surface: eat foods that are as close to natural as possible. For example, strawberries are plucked straight from the fields and delivered to the store (don’t get technical on me please, I know that some strawberries may have unhealthy growth hormones…blah blah blah…but that’s not the point of this post, so I’m not going to go there). There is only one step in producing this food.

Pop-tarts on the other hand are not very natural. There are multiple steps that go into creating a pop-tart, which typically puts it into the “unhealthy” category.

With that small bit of information, I began to eat differently. Here is my typical meal plan today:

Breakfast: strawberry smoothie (6 strawberries, low-fat yogurt, and ice chips mixed in a blender), banana, and a small bowl of granola

Lunch: 2 sandwiches with lean white turkey and non-processed swiss cheese, banana, and sometimes a few almonds or grapes

Dinner: green beans and potatoes with chicken, or fish with squash and zucchini

I didn’t really expect to see weight loss results, but after only a week, I noticed that I had lost 9 pounds! And, as I said in the title, I lost 15 pounds after 2 weeks of eating healthy!

Does This Help Me Financially?

Since my site is mainly for financial tidbits, you might assume that this life experience will ultimately relate to personal finance somehow. If this was your assumption, then you’d be right! 🙂

Think about it. 1 out of 3 people in the United States is obese, mainly from unhealthy eating, and what does this lead to? Increased medical expenses! If you eat right and stay trim (as well as exercise), you can most likely avoid many of these expenses down the road!

So join me in healthy eating. You’ll most certainly live a longer, more fulfilling lifestyle, and you might even shed some pounds too!

Have you ever altered your eating habits like I did? Did you notice weight loss too?



My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. I am trying to cut out the preprocessed foods as well. It can be difficult since I do like pizza so much. My results have been much more gradual, but I am down 10 pounds for the year.

    • Pizza is delicious isn’t it?? It’s tough to cut out of the diet. Congrats on losing 10 pounds! That must feel good!

  2. That’s great!!! 15 lbs is what I would like to lose. I am trying to eat at home more often, and I’m hoping that will help. At this point in my life, I’m more concerned about eating better for my health than I am for weight loss. But eating better should accomplish both. I just have a hard time not grabbing something quick.

    • Besides eating healthy, I’ve also learned that supper should NOT be the largest meal of the day. My biggest meals are breakfast and lunch, and supper is often a little less, and without treats at night too!

  3. Congrats on your success Derek. This is great. We have done a similar lifestyle change a few years ago. We eat as much raw and unprocessed food as we can. We too have smoothies every morning for breakfast. Try adding a bit of maca root powder to your smoothie. It is great for energy and stamina.

    • Oooo! Thanks for the tip Miss T. Between working on my eBook, the house, and this website, I could use that additional energy! Can I just get that from a regular supermarket?

  4. Nice work. My best success was combination of low carb diet and running. Continued success. You don’t look overweight at all from your avatar photo.

    • Alex, I can’t wait until I start swimming again! Combine my new diet with some regular exercise and I’m going to be feeling like a teenager again!

      You’re right, I’m not really overweight, but I definitely had a little extra love in my handles…. Since I started eating healthy, they have started to trim down a bit. 🙂

  5. Well done! Only 2 weeks – I am jealous. I am trying too … My eating habits have improved but my weight has been flat. I know it’s healthier because I am now much more sensitive to salt than I was before. I just need to find some more time to get on the treadmill now.

    • The pounds will come off soon. You never really know when it’s going to happen, but keep eating right and it’s bound to happen! Hopping on that treadmill wouldn’t hurt though. 😉

  6. Thirty plus years ago, I lost 35-40 lbs and have kept it off! I gave up the candy bar from the snack machine, the three desserts and the automatic second and third helpings. I am much more active now and aware of the emotional eating.

    • Sounds like you had the same revelation as me, krantcents! I want to be a healthy person, and I’d like to live a long time. Therefore, it’s time to stop eating the crap! Good work keeping it off all these years. That’s pretty impressive!

    • Thanks Jeff! It’s time to put on some muscle pretty soon!

  7. Well done Derek. I need a little weight-loss inspiration right now.

    • Just start taking it in stages. So many people cancel all bad foods right away and exercise like they’re training for a Strong Man competition. That lasts for about 2 days, and then they’re back to their old ways. Start out by eating a little healthier, and then once you have that mastered, add in a couple days of exercise. Then just keep building! It’s working for me!

  8. You can’t fool me! You lost that weight because of the stress and work you’ve done to your first house! Nice try;)

    • Hahaha! I probably did get a bit more exercise because of the house work, you’re right. Combo that with the healthy eating and vwalah! Trim and fit.

  9. Congratulations… that’s a noble feat. The best way for me to control my weight is through smaller portions. I still want to be able to enjoy my food, eat my “naughty” foods on occasion without too much guilt (because guilt is a leading cause of weight gain I’m sure), and still maintain my weight. Exercise is what shapes that weight and keeps it in the right places. Cheers!

    • I enjoy the naughty treat every once in a while too! Actually, my wife and I have designated Sunday as ice cream night! Pretty soon, I’m going to get a membership at the local pool. Then I’ll be in shape for sure!

  10. Congrats Derek! I just started my personal “boot camp” on Monday to lose as much weight as possible in 6 weeks. Heck, I’d be happy to lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks, but 2 weeks would be fabulous! I’m keeping my calorie intake under 1,300 and trying to burn at least 500 calories/day. I’m keeping a food diary and trying to stay away from my favorites: burgers & pizza! Kudos to you!

    • Sounds like you have a pretty good plan there. Just make sure that you don’t gorge all of the unhealthy stuff after the 6 weeks. Keep a healthy diet for life! 🙂 Thanks for the kudos by the way!

  11. Congrats on the huge results!!! My husband and I have lost quite a bit since January (I’m down more than 26 pounds) but we mainly just reduced the portion sizes of the same crud we’ve always eaten, lol. Oh, and we have given up most fried foods. Your way seems faster. 🙂

    • Haha! I guess that’s one way to do it. I just like the idea of eating well and being healthy. I still want to have that 6 pack, but I might not get there again. At least I’ll be healthy and live long!

  12. That’s fantastic! I’m actually embarking on that journey right now, we’ll see how it goes! The idea is to eat minimal amounts of processed foods and eat natural foods instead. As humans, we aren’t meant to eat much of what we actually do eat on a daily basis in this country.

    • You’re right Squirrelers! Natural foods are the way to go, and fewer quantities as a whole as well. Unless you’re Michael Phelps, your calorie intake should really be less than 2,200 per day.

  13. Hello guys,
    The only way you can lose those pounds is cutting of limbs.The word you might be looking for is FAT. 😀 Loosing 15 pounds in fat in two weeks isn’t very healthy. You should be losing about 2-3 pounds every two weeks.

    • Ha, well I can assure you that all of my appendages are still in tact. I really had no intention of losing so much weight, but it happened! I was 207, and now have dropped to 192 or so. I actually plan on putting some of it back on in muscle soon. Let the swimming begin! Well, and some weight training. Can’t wait! 🙂

  14. I’ve started eating healthier recently too, but I haven’t seen weight loss like that! But I wasn’t eating quite as bad as you were prior to making the change! 🙂

    Just going to have to up my exercise each day and hopefully I’ll be able to see some great results too!

    Congrats to you!

    • Like Vicky said, it’s probably not very healthy to lost weight as fast as I did. If you are losing 5-7 pounds a month, you are doing just fine! 🙂

  15. Wow Derek! That’s really good. I have always struggled to eat healthy.

    The question is, don’t you get bored eating the same chicken and fish ?

    • I’m not too bored with it yet! There are quite a few different ways to prepare fish and chicken, especially when you mix in different veggies. Getting creative with it is fun too!

  16. I’m glad you decided to eat healthier! not only will it be good for your health but you will save money on doctors and medicines down the road. Don’t for get to cut out sugary drinks and sodas. That should get you a few more pounds off. It will also keep you from getting sick as often because sugar lowers the immune system.

    • I do intend to save money on doctor’s visits. I hate taking pills anyway – most of what I know about pills is that they all have side-effects. How about I just avoid them all-together and just become healthier the old-fashioned way? 🙂

  17. I’ve been eating super healthy for 10 weeks to see a 6 pound weight loss! This sounds so little, but I went into this diet without the intent of losing weight; it’s just a bonus that I lost!

    • No, that is AWESOME Christa! Congrats! Plus, if you stay consistent with the healthy eating and throw in some exercise, you will soon be in excellent shape! 🙂

  18. That’s amazing to lose that much weight! You must have been eating a lot of junk food previously. You are probably eating a lot less as well right? I’ve been eating healthy for a while now, but haven’t seen much weight loss. It wasn’t a big change like you had though.

  19. Welcome to the club! I was hoping you would get off your pop-tart and pizza diet at some point 🙂 This reminds me of the concept, pay now or pay later…. I agree, it’s worth paying a little more now to eat heathly to feel better and prevent obsesity and medical expenses from this.

    • Thanks! Yeah, it took a very persistent wife to show me the problems with my eating habits…. I’m actually starting to like healthy food, and not care about greased up pizza!

  20. Derek-

    Looking at your picture, I’m not sure the weight-loss was completely necessary but still awesome. I’ve been always been in good shape, but when I stopped drinking soda I noticed I was feeling much better. I think water is key.

    • Luckily, I never really liked soda! I’m a milk and water kind of guy. Once I ditched the pop tarts and pizza, I really started feeling awesome!

  21. I have eaten a plant-based diet since I was 12, and have never fluctuated more than 10 pounds in my entire adult life! Can’t say it is genetics either, as there are plenty of overweight people in my family tree.

    • Sounds like you take really good care of yourself, which explains your constant weight. How do you get your protein though? Peanuts?

  22. I’ve been dieting for two weeks too… I’ve lost one pound. And I ate a lot less then you did.

    so yeah… we are no longer friends.

    • Lol! Don’t be hating! I actually come from a very slender family, so we typically lose weight more easily than others. Some people don’t lose weight right away, but keep it up and I’m sure you’ll see a transformation!

  23. This blog is very helpful.. I could use some of tip for loose weight..

  24. Derek, love your blog. Imagine if I were to tell you that eating the way you do under this new diet you are exploring is actually pretty suboptimal. Better than almost everybody you will ever meet… and yet far from ideal. And what if I were to tell you that improving your diet, health and longevity is far easier than you would ever imagine? You have cracked the code in terms of many of the financial challenges you face (you have done a far better job than me in quite a number of respects). This is because you always seek quality information and refuse to be a sheep. If you check out Mark Sisson’s information about Paleo/Primal living I believe you will also achieve great things in the arena of your long-term wellness. This technology has changed my life forever. At 44 I am the best shape of my life and get to walk around in the body of a fit, lean, tastefully muscular 25 year-old. I feel so fortunate that I am compelled to share this with good people everywhere I go.

    I wish you the best.

    • Thanks for the tips Mario. When I’m looking to get back into my 6-pack shape, I’ll definitely be looking into this.

  25. Hi Lifeandmyfinances,
    I just stumbled across this and, Yesterday, we talked about how a simple test can show your attitude. Today I want to emphasize on it to make it clearer on how the attitude affect your life. Attitude is a long lost compass of life! How? Let’s see…
    Great Job!

  26. Thanks for this post! Like most people, one of the most difficult things that I find when working out or trying to be healthy is that it is so boring if you
    don’t know how to make it fun! Doing things like taking my dog for a walk or in a nearby mountain area can be a nice change of pace. I’d rather
    not lift weights in front of a mirror for an hour or run around in circles on a track.

    On another note, you can’t just starve yourself or eat bland but healthy food and expect to lose weight long-term. If you really want to start losing weight you need to go out and find food that is healthy but also tastes good so that you will associate eating healthy with something that also tastes great.

    Thanks again for writing this article. It’s very hard
    to find find good information on health. This helped a lot!

  27. i came across this just searching other people’s weight loss stories to give myself more motivation..
    you see i was fit and healthy 3 years ago, then i got married, and got pregnant, with my pregnancy and stress and depression all in one i gained 100 pounds!!!! then come to find out my thyroid wasn’t working very well, and my metabolism then slowed way down to basically not working at all.. i never been one to be worried about my diet or health for that matter, but then i had my son and knew it had to change.. but then again my depression came back because my ex-husband’s extreme abuse towards me and always made note to make me hate myself…
    Jan 7th 2013 i started a diet, met with a nutrionist and got myself a gym member ship and downloaded some videos for exercising..
    today is now Jan 16th and i have lost 9 pounds!!!!!
    i do 30 minutes of tae bo and 30 minutes of zumba every morning plus in the afternoon i go to the gym and work on the bike and stair climber for 45 minutes then lift weight (71-110 pounds) for 15 minutes.. then i walk around the plaza where the gym is located, ontop of my home chores 🙂
    i been eating healthy, no more soda, snacks, i eat low calorie low fat foods… i want to get back to the size i was before i had my son… so im working extra hard 🙂
    the best thing is my son who is about to turn 2 years next month, like to do zumba and tae bo with me!!! and he doesnt want cookies, chips or juices he wants flavored water (it looks like kool-aid) so in my home its healthy starts here 🙂 i love reading everyone success stories because its great motivation to keep on trucking 🙂 so thank you <3

    • Sounds like you’re doing great! Keep up the good work, and let us know all about your progress!

  28. Derek,

    How can a breasfeeding mother lose weight? They say breastfeeding helps to burn calries but somehoe this is not my case. I eat 1400 calories a ay and I breastfeed a 7 month old. I walk but nothin is moving the scale down. Can you help?

    • Hi cressie. Well, my main area of expertise is finance, but I found that a little exercise and healthy food goes a long way! Also, avoid eating anything after 8pm. Simple wisdom, but always effective.

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  30. Sounds interesting! losing 15 pounds in 2 weeks by following necessary eating stuff in breakfast, lunch & dinner as mentioned in the post. I’d recommend the same to one of my friend.

    • It worked for me! I snuck some exercise in there, but I looked great after those 2 weeks! 🙂

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