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Monthly Earnings Report: July 2011


Do you ever wonder how much money this site makes per month? And, how does it generate the income? Where does it come from? All your questions will be answered in this post.

As expected, my first couple of earnings reports were a big hit. Not only is it of great interest for my blogging friends, but it’s also a right for my readers to know how this site is being funded. So, with no further ado, here’s the earnings report for June, 2011.

July 2011: Earnings Report

As you can tell, I blew my old earnings record of $571.24 out of the water! In late June, Google finally updated my PageRank from 0 to 3, and boy has it made a difference in my monthly earnings! In July, I made $1,712.28 with this website alone. I was blown away and figured it was just a freak thing, but August is looking to be even better than July! 🙂

Breakdown of Earnings: July 2011

Adsense: $41.48

Staff Writing: $150.00

Link Ads/Widgets: $650.00

Sponsored Posts: $800.00

Affiliate Sales: $70.80

Total June 2011 Income: $1,712.28



Google Adsense is a pretty impressive tool. Basically, you register with your info, select which type of ads you would want, and Adsense gives you a code to paste onto your site. Once you paste it in, there’s no more work to be done! You just watch the pennies add up each month.

This past month, I earned $41.48 which is my best month ever! I also received my first paycheck from Google because my account grew to over $100. It was pretty fun to hold that check in my hands – mostly because I couldn’t believe that I just got paid from Google. 🙂

Staff Writing

I currently write for 3 well-known finance blogs. As a whole, I wrote 7 articles and earned $150. Considering that each article only takes 45 minutes to write (on average), that’s a pretty good hourly wage.


You may have noticed a few additional widgets and links on my site lately, but most of you probably haven’t. I really try to keep them away from the reader’s vision, because I want you to have a good experience. So, many of the links I put up are on the homepage only, and are near the bottom of the page.

In July, I was able to close 4 deals for links/widgets (2 of these you’ll probably never see, which is how I like it) for a total of $600. These are mostly short-term deals, so when I find a company that would like to advertise for a year or more, this figure could get into the thousands.

Sponsored Posts

Many times, I have advertisers contact me with a request to put up a “sponsored post”, which means that they’ll pay money to put the post up, and then they’ll include one or two links into the post that lead back to their site.

Rather than cluttering up my homepage (and your inbox if you’re a subscriber) with sponsored posts that were not written by me, I often “backdate” these and place them out of your vision. This way, the advertiser is still content with their link, and the reader isn’t bothered by advertising material.

In July, I posted 7 sponsored posts on my site and received $800. This is a pretty solid number, and should continue to go up as my site improves. Ideally though, I’d like to transition my earnings into affiliate link income. It’s much more passive and can yield much higher earnings.

Affiliate Links

I really only have one affiliate link on my site currently, and it’s for iPage, my web-host. My site is hardly ever down, they provide instant assistance whenever I need it, and they are very user-friendly, so it’s pretty easy for me to promote their services and then make some profits on every sale. This past month, I had 2 individuals sign up for iPage as a web-host, and it netted me $70.80. That’s pretty good money considering the little amount of work that I did.


In summary, the month of July was AWESOME! It’s giving me a great outlook on the future and is helping me realize the true potential of online income! If I had another site and got my eBook onto the market, I could be making $4,000/month. Maybe even more!

I have to say that I’m getting pretty excited about the potential of this business venture, and I can’t wait to share my reports with you in the near future.

Watch out for the next income report next month! Hopefully, it will be bigger than $1,712.28! 🙂

Income Reports


My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. Way to go! What an awesome month.

  2. That’s pretty impressive. I just got updated to PR 3 as well according to my information, but yet to have any advertisers contact me. Oh well, I am sure that in time things will change. Congrats on the record month.

    • It takes some time cashflowmantra. I honestly don’t know what it is that makes them contact me, but I hope it doesn’t stop any time soon!

  3. My graph looks a little like that too for July. July was awesome! But you still made more than me 🙁 Too bad I’m a competitive son of a gun! lol Great job!

    • Congrats on your July too! Hopefully we’ll keep spiking up as the months go on. Do you have any other plans to increase your income?

      • Yeah, I’m taking a few tips from Pat Flynn and focusing on only affiliate products that I use and love. So over the coming weeks I will be reducing the number of products I endorse but increasing information on features offered on the ones I use on a regular basis.

        • Let me know how the affiliate links go! I plan on transitioning to that strategy in the future, just not sure when yet.

          • So far it’s going great! August has been a good month and I am looking forward to September. By the way I just went back to an old income report and saw the goal of 500 I had for September. I definitely blew that out of the water for August already! And that is after paying hosting expenses etc. Can’t wait to see your August report.

          • My August report is going to be awesome! Can’t wait to write it! 🙂 Congrats on your success as well!

  4. Excellent Derek! You are doing so great! I haven’t had much success with affiliated products yet. My July was better than June, but nothing like yours. I’m very happy for you!

    • I’m holding off on Affiliate products for a few more months. I don’t think my site is quite ready for them yet. Plus, I have to really believe in a product before I promote it.

  5. You’ve opened my eyes to some areas I didn’t know about. I think you are a bit sneaky…and brave for admitting it on this post! Thanks for sharing:)

    • Thanks brendatrott! I’m just trying to help out my readers! Hope it did help you out!

  6. Congrats on your success! Glad to see hardwork paying off 🙂

    • Thanks WOF. Yep, I suppose some success was due after a year of hard work on this site! 🙂

  7. Pretty impressive earnings report. I need to learn the back dating trick from you

    • Send me an email (through my Contact page), and I can explain it a little better if you like. Thanks for reading!

    • Thanks Robert! I’m glad I had something good to report. I have plenty of other income ideas too! Can’t wait for the future of this site! 🙂

  8. Wow! Great work! $800 for 7 sponsored posts is pretty darn good! I’m definitely missing out on a lot of opportunities so please shoot me an e-mail heads up if you remember.



  9. Wow! congratulations on your success..perseverance is really the key..imagine …you have started this on sept and now you are earning!

    • You’re right Donna. I would have never imagined I could make over $1,000 per month when I started my blog a year ago. It’s really opening my eyes to the possibilities of online income!

  10. Derek-

    From the first time I stumbled upon your site, there have been many improvements justifying the bump up in income. You keep posting, I keep reading.

    • Thanks Hunter! I have worked pretty hard on this site, you’re right. And, I’m glad to reap the rewards of my toils. Can’t wait for the future! 🙂

  11. Congrats on your huge increase from June to July! Your sponsored posts income is sounding good too. There are so many ways to earn income online, and it gets difficult trying to work out which method to give more time to, but I always say starting somewhere is better than not trying at all. You’re doing well. Keep it up!

    • Hopefully, I’ll be able to create some more passive income soon, otherwise my earnings will level off and won’t be able to increase. I’ve got plans for that though. 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  12. Those are some impressive numbers! Are you worried that you are now telling advertisers the average amount you were willing to accept for certain types of ads? I know that a lot of people have posts like this, but I am just wondering your take on it.

    • Khaleef, I did have some of those fears, but as my site grows larger, I won’t have any trouble asking for more than what I earned in the past. If they understand my site, then they won’t deny my request for a level of higher monetization. At least, that’s what I think will happen….

  13. excellent progression – congratulations! i presume the google PR update helped with selling widgets and sponsored posts?

    curious – any idea how these networks are finding you? particularly ones who are advertising on the site?

    • Thanks Sunil! Yes, the PR update helped tremendously! I really have no idea how the networks are finding me, but I am always quick to respond and am very friendly, so I just assume that one agent tells another about my site (I know this has happened at least twice so far). Plus, when agents see how responsive I am, they come back to me for repeat business (this has happened twice as well). It helps to be friendly. It’s just a good thing that I am naturally a friend to everyone.

      BTW, I love your site and enjoy reading about your success as well. I’m just trying to catch up! 🙂

  14. Congrats on your success! That chart is trending very well for you!

    • Thank you Squirrelers! It only pumps me up to do more and be better! I have a few other projects in the works that should help raise these numbers even further. I think I’m going to get completely radical and make a goal to pay off my house in 3 years or less – mostly with the help of this side-business. 🙂 Perhaps I should talk this over with my wife though…. lol.

  15. Great numbers Derek. This is definitely something for others to shoot for. Your blog is very professional in both appearance and the way your run it, and I’m sure this is key to your ongoing success. Now, if only I could do the same thing.

    • Hunter, thanks for the kind words, but I’ve seen your site lately, and you are doing some great things! I think it will only be a matter of time before you pass me by. 😉

  16. Great job! July was great for us as well. Hoping August will be even better:).

    • That’s what I’m hoping too! August is already turning out to be pretty great, so maybe it’ll happen!

  17. Nice job, Derek!
    Congratulations on your success!
    It makes me want to continue to learn and grow in my own blogs. I am thankful for your computer savviness, good ideas, and willingness to share your expertise with so many readers.

  18. Your sponsored post revenue seems really great. I hope I can reach that level soon. It is always good to do our hobby and be paid.

    • I think it’s one of the few hobbies that actually pays money rather than us dishing out cash! Plus, there are quite a few people that make enough to quit their day job!

  19. Wow what an awesome month. I think I have been missing the boat on some link ads. I am very happy for you.

    • Thanks Miss T. It’s really inspired me to do more with my online ventures. I can’t wait to get my eBook out “on the shelves” and see what I can do with that! 🙂

  20. Awesome awesome numbers Derek! I don’t have much success with sponsored posts or link ads @ broke professionals. The advertisers must really like you 🙂 Congrats! Wishing much much more growth going forward!!!

    • It seems that they like me, and hopefully it continues! You’ll get them though. Broke Professionals is a great site!

  21. That’s really cool Derek. I’m hoping to reach similar numbers some day. Thanks for sharing!

    • No problem Matt! August was a great month, and I’m hoping that the streak will continue, but I know I still have to get better and do more (hence, the eBook). Hopefully it helps you out!

  22. Wow, you’re making the most of it! Congratulations for that big income, you did a great job. This is such a good inspiration to me. Keep it up!

    • I’m glad I could inspire you! Stick with what you’re doing, and I’m sure you’ll be there soon too! 🙂

  23. What is Sponsored Post ? Thanks

    • Hi Ben. A sponsored post is one that is sponsored by another company. It could be a review of a product that they sell, or it could just mention their name within the post. If you’re in the game long enough, you’ll get requests for these through your contact form.

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