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***This contest is now over. Congrats to the winners!!!***

Have you always wanted an iPad? Well, with my free iPad giveaway, now’s your chance to get one for free! Not only that, but I have quite a few other prizes that will be given away as well! These prizes include Amazon Gift Cards, Gift Cards, an iPod Shuffle, $25 in Cash (via Paypal), and free financial books!!!

What’ s The Reason For This Generosity?

Well, if the title didn’t tip you off enough, my website, Life And My Finances, is celebrating its 1 year anniversary today!!

Since my readers and fans have been so wonderful, and since this website’s success has gone well beyond my initial expectations from a year ago, I have decided to give back to my readers that have made all of this possible! Without a consistent reader base, none of this success would have happened. So, please accept this giveaway as my way of saying, “Thank you!”

Recap of This Year

Since August 28, 2010, this site has really grown! When I look back, I almost laugh at the site that I originally built! As you can see, this site’s design has really come a long way! πŸ™‚

Original design of Funny, huh? πŸ™‚

After 3 months of blogging, I had about 16 subscribers, most of which were my own family and friends! My income was about $3 a month, and my vision for the future was a bit hazy, but I pressed on because I simply loved to write and help others with their finances!

After a few site redesigns and many articles later, my subscriber numbers are now above 200, and my earnings per month have soared to over $1,500! It’s obviously not enough to live off from, but the additional cash certainly is nice to have every month. And, with it, I can afford to have these awesome giveaways!

List of Prize Giveaways!

Lucky for me, I have been able to connect with many other personal finance bloggers over this past year – most of which have come from the Yakezie Network (I attribute much of my success to this site by the way)! The Yakezie members have always been generous in their response to questions I may have had, and now they continue to show their generosity by sponsoring many of the prizes that are being given away today!

In total, there are about $1,000 worth of prizes that will be won in this giveaway!

Here is the list of prizes and their sponsors:

1) Win a Free iPad 2 – I am sponsoring this prize myself, and I’m even giving you the option of what color you want! To get your excitement going a little, here’s the description of the iPad 2 from

“Once you pick up iPad 2, it’ll be hard to put down. That’s the idea behind the all-new design. It’s 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter, so it feels even more comfortable in your hands. And it makes surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books so natural, you might forget there’s incredible technology under your fingers.”

2) Win a $100 Gift Card to and a copy of “The Millionaire Next Door” – this prize is sponsored by DollarVersity, A distinctive voice standing out from the crowd.

3) Win a $100 Gift Card to – this prize is sponsored by Everything Finance.

4) Win a $50 Gift Card to and a copy of “The Millionaire Next Door” (2 lucky winners will get this prize) – once again, this prize is sponsored by DollarVersity, A distinctive voice standing out from the crowd.

5) Win an iPod Shuffle – this prize is sponsored by Miss T at The Prairie Eco Thrifter – Go Green, Save Money, Have Fun.

6) Win $25 Cash via Paypal – this prize is sponsored by Maximizing Money – Stretching Your Money to Its Maximum Potential!

7) Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card – this prize is sponsored by Justin from Money is the Root …of All Things Good.  

8 ) Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card – this prize is sponsored by the Frugal Zeitgeist.

9) Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card – this prize is sponsored by Bucksome Boomer – money and life on the way to retirement.

10) Win a $15 Gift Card to – this prize is sponsored by My Personal Finance Journey – Personal Finance, Intelligent Investing, And Frugal Living Tips – Learning For Life.

How Do You Enter to Win the Prizes?

As always, signing up for this giveaway is completely free! There are a few ways to enter yourself into the drawing, but we don’t need to collect a cent from you in order to win!

Here is How You Can Enter to Win

  • Subscribe to my site (worth 2 entries in the drawing) – enter your email infomation in the right sidebar and hit the button, “subscriber”. This will cost you nothing, you’ll get my free eBook, “101 Ways to Make More Money”, and you’ll be entered to win all of the sweet prizes above! If you already subscribe, don’t worry, I’m giving  you these 2 points as well!
  • Recommend Another Subscriber (5 entries) – if you recommend another subscriber (email me their email address to prove that they’ve subscribed – derek[at], you’ll earn yourself 5 entries in the drawing.
  • “Like” this post above (1 entry – please tell me that you “liked” my site in the comments below so I can give you your entry points) – This is super easy. Hit the “Like” button above and earn yourself 1 entry in the drawing.
  • Tweet this post above (1 entry) – This is easy too. Just hit the “Tweet” button above and you’ll earn yourself an entry into the drawing.
  • Mention this giveaway on your site (5 entries) – if you own a website, simply mention this giveaway and earn 5 entries!

Details of the Giveaway

This promotion will last until September 30, 2011. At that point, all of the entries will be placed in a spreadsheet and will be assigned a number. The winners will be selected one at a time by utilizing

I will announce the winners as well as the prizes they have won on Friday, October 2, 2011.

Good Luck!!!

I’m extremely excited about this giveaway and I’m very thankful for all of you that read my blog regularly! Thank you so much! I hope you win yourself a nice prize!

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My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


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    • I’ll have another contest soon, just subscribe to my site and you’ll know when it’s coming! πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Rex! I can’t wait to have another giveaway. I’ll let you know when it’s coming!

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