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I Bet TV Rules Your Life and You Don’t Even Know It


Do you ever get the feeling that TV is ruling your life? If I were asked this question a couple of years ago, I would have most definitely said “no”. After all, I wasn’t watching TV at every waking moment! I was going to school and had a job at the same time, so there really wasn’t that much time for television. But, now that I look back on those years, I would say that TV did impact my everyday life, and it wasn’t for the positive.

Real-Life Examples

You might think that I’m going over the deep end when I suggest that TV is ruling your life, but I have seen it time and time again, and unless you make yourself aware of the situation, it seems completely normal.

Case and Point #1

When Mrs. LAMF and I lived in Florida, we were considering a new apartment complex because our current place was raising their rates. While we were in the office, I overheard a conversation between the property manager and some new tenants. “This unit would be perfect for you two, and it’s available next week!” explained the manager. “Well…. I’m not sure that would work…. we have a dish.”

REALLY??? Apparently a dish won’t work unless it’s pointing Southwest or something. But, because they obviously had a love for their dish network, they decided to forgo the awesome apartment and took a different one that most likely paled in comparison.

Case and Point #2

Recently, my wife and I have been ditching our house project to hang out with our long-lost friends (we can only work non-stop for so long, ok? 🙂 ). We invited them over to our house to take a look at our progress, but that particular night didn’t work out for them because “their show” was on.

A few nights later, they did find some time to stop by, but they could only stay for a minute because they simply had to catch this other show!

Case and Point #3

This time my finger is pointed at myself. I am a huge sucker when it comes to sports on TV, especially if it’s the Detroit Tigers or a popular PGA golf tournament (like the U.S. Open or something). Well, most of us know what October means – MLB playoffs, and the Tigers were doing well.

I have to admit that I dropped the house project for 5 or 6 days just so I could go to my parents’ house (we don’t have television) to see the games.

What’s Wrong With Us?

Why does TV rule our lives so much? Even though it was a short while ago, I barely remember what happened in those baseball games! If I would have skipped them and taken my wife out for a date, life would have been so much more fulfilling and memorable!

My Personal Benefits of Life Without TV

  • I build more relationships – rather than sitting next to someone while zoning out in front of that digital box, I can now interact with those that I love!
  • I save money – no cable bill for me!
  • I make more money – I now use TV time for my new business ventures. I run this site, am writing an eBook, and I’m starting a few other big projects as well! In 2012, my income should be up by $20,000 from the previous year!

So do you think that TV rules your life? Have you ever thought about unplugging that cord and doing something productive!



My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. I know that TV doesn’t rule my life. We only watch one show, CSI, and DVR it. When we get a chance, we sit down to watch it. We were 6 weeks behind when we finally saw the first episode from this year. The only other thing I watch is some football, but I have only seen about 3 games in their entirety this year.

    • Sounds like you have it under control CFM, just as I figured. You are always my steady go-to guy when I’m trying to drive a point.

  2. I love TV! but I don’t miss other things to watch it. I use it as my downtime.
    I watch most everything that I really want to see online, and that can be done at anytime I have free time.
    Even though I love it, I know that it doesn’t control my life because I’m able to work 3 jobs and volunteer for 3 local performance centers.

    • I guess using TV on your downtime is ok. For me though, it’s hard to pry myself away once I start. I can sit down at 6pm and have intentions to watch only 1 show, and all of the sudden, it’s 10pm and I haven’t moved! Maybe now you understand why I avoid it like the plague….. 😉

  3. That’s weird in number 1… they could have put a dish on the roof. FCC rules mandate that the apartment can’t stop them from installing a dish.

    #2 – time for a DVR, haha.

    TV does own me on Sundays. The TV goes on at 10 AM (Pacific Time) so I can watch football.

    • To explain #1. Each unit was a portion of a large building, and I don’t think they allowed the dish on the roof or anything – it had to be on the deck. I hope that made sense. Personally, I have never owned a dish, so I really don’t know how the whole operation works.

      Yeah, DVR sounds like the way to go. But, once you get 5 or 6 shows on there, wouldn’t it just entice you to watch them all in one sitting one day? Sounds like it could be a waste of a perfectly good day.

  4. We have basic cable ($21 a month) because there a few shows during the week that my wife likes to watch at night, after the children and I are in bed. Its her downtime after her busy day with the 3 kiddos. I also like to catch some news in the AM while I am ironing. The kids get a little TV time each day, most days only an hour, but usually opt for play. Aside from that we stream a movie a week, on the weekend, from the internet or something, and we have a couple of recorded shows that we may watch a few times a week but like Sharon and CFM said above we can do this on OUR schedule. Some weeks we may get an hour and other weeks four. We’ve gone weeks without watching anything during the week together. I dont watch sports either.

    • I understand that some people need their down-time, but how many shows is “a few”? Does that mean 3? Or is it 7? I think 1 or 2 would be plenty.

  5. We watch very little TV and it never overrides anything in our life. We download stuff so we never have to worry about when a show is on. We only watch a few anyways. Also, we don’t pay for cable or anything just our internet which we use for numerous things so it doesn’t cost us any more. Just the small amount per show.

    • I’m glad to hear that Miss T! You won’t regret it!

  6. You are right, no one is going to look back on their lives and think “Watching that television show was so amazing”. I also think that television entices one to spend more money than they should on things they do not need, because of all the fancy advertisements. We (my husband and I) have not had cable for many years. We do have Netflix but it is just not important for us to “keep up” with current shows. When I was little my parents used to unplug the television in the summers, and those summers were the best ever!

    • Exactly!! I can never remember a time when I said, “Wow, I’m really glad I watched that show 8 years ago. It changed my life.” …. I don’t think so. You are right about the ads too – they can sure cause you to spend more money. Great comment! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. When I was a teenager I had a friend who would constantly turn down invites because she had to be home to watch whatever show was hot at the moment. This was before DVRs and such. It annoyed me so much that I promised myself I would never do that!

    We DVR everything we want to watch. We watch “our shows” from 8-10 after the kids go to bed.

    • It IS annoying!!!! I can really hardly stand it. And, now that my wife and I don’t watch TV, there’s hardly anything to talk about because that’s all they do!

  8. I have a DVR, so I can schedule my TV time.:) Relationships are fare more important than ewatching a TV show.

    • DVR sounds like the way to go, huh? I’m glad you value relationships as well.

  9. I got rid of cable and I have been thrilled with the decision. I use Netflix for the movies and shows I want to watch, but I only watch when I am in the mood.

    I also like the extra $70 per month in my bank account and the extra social time I spend with real live people.

    • Sounds like we are on the same page Eric!

  10. maybe I am ruled by tv because when it’s 7pm all the way to 11pm. It’s open, I’m very addicted to tv shows.

    • That does sound pretty bad dmar. Have you ever thought about doing something else with your time? What are your interests (besides watching television)?

  11. I’ve definitely felt like my TV was draining my life-force, but it’s never led to me turning down social interaction.

    BTW, there was a study done showing that TV is linked to increasing American debt; a result of more exposure to advertising.

    • I don’t doubt that TV has attributed to American debt one bit! Not only are Americans loafing on the couch instead of working, but they’re buying more “stuff” because of the advertisements!! We are so dumb as a nation, it’s unbelievable.

  12. Those examples are funny, especially the people who couldn’t visit on a particular night when “their shows” were on. Being retired we travel a lot. We are home so seldom that we don’t know when certain shows are on. The only show I know the schedule for is “The Office” and we don’t watch it all the time we could. We have become used to being online in the evenings as our preferred activity. Sometimes we have an old movie on while we look up the actors’ information online! We are considering getting rid of our Dish & just getting Netflix.

    • I love The Office too! My wife and I catch it once in a while online. I think it’s great that TV doesn’t rule your life.
      How do you like traveling? My wife and I are hoping to do this soon (rather than wait until later in life) — do you ever wish you would have started your traveling escapades sooner?

  13. Its her downtime after her busy day with the 3 kiddos. It IS annoying!!!!

    • It’s a time where people turn their brains off and do absolutely nothing! It’s not the way I would spend my free time, but for those that don’t want to progress in life at all, TV will certainly fulfill that need.

  14. We download stuff so we never have to worry about when a show is on. To explain #1. We have become used to being online in the evenings as our preferred activity. That’s weird in number 1… they could have put a dish on the roof.

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