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Save Money By Making Your Car Safer


Making your car safer might cost you some money now, but in time it could save you considerable amounts. For instance, a safer car is harder to steal so you’re less likely to have to deal with problems caused by robbery, and enhanced security can also be useful when you’re looking for car insurance quotes.

So, if you’re interested in making your car safer, saving money or a combination of the two, read on to find out how.

Change your parking habits

You might be surprised by just how much of a difference relatively simple changes can make. Your parking habits – especially your parking habits at your own home – are a good example. For instance, your car insurance provider is likely to ask you where your car is kept most often. This is one of the bits of information they use to work out how much to charge you for your insurance and it can have a big impact on the costs of motoring.

If you park your car on the road most of the time, this is likely to lead to higher insurance policy costs than if you park your car on a drive. This is because cars parked on the road are considered to be a higher risk for theft and potential damage when other cars drive by. Parking them on your private property, by contrast, makes them safer and less prone to problems. Ideally, you should park your car in a secure, locked garage if you have one.

Add an alarm system

Adding an alarm system to your car can also help you save money, especially on the cost of your insurance. Some cars already come equipped with an alarm but if yours doesn’t, it is something that is definitely worth considering. Something that costs a couple of hundred dollars now could save you quite a lot when you take into account accumulated insurance savings over the years to come.

Get regular services

Maintenance of your car also adds to its security, and this saves you money too. After all, a safer car is less likely to cause an accident than one that is falling apart and in need of vital repairs. Safety is also reflected in your insurance policies, so this is worth considering.

It’s also worth spending money on any minor repairs that need to be made, as they could end up being a lot more costly if you left them to get worse. A $100 fix now could cost you $1000 further down the line and, especially where things such as your brake pads are concerned, could also pose serious hazards. Failing to maintain your car properly can also cost you more in gas; clogged up air filters can reduce fuel efficiency by a significant amount (10-15%), and it isn’t hard to see how this will add to the cost of filling your tank unless you do something about it.

Overall, making your car safer can save you money. It’s not just that, though, safer cars are also, well… safer. It makes good sense to drive a high quality car that’s kept as secure as possible, so any investment you make into car safety or security is sure to be one worth making.

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