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Saving Money For Your Next Holiday


Whether you are looking forward to a mini-break or planning a full-blown holiday, saving money for your trip is sure to be foremost in your mind. There are many ways for you to ensure that you get the best quality holiday for the least amount of your hard-earned money.

Planning well saves money

Taking the time to carefully plan your holiday will save you money, so first decide on where you want to go and when, then do your research. Traveling during the off-season means many beach and summer destinations have smaller crowds and much lower rates for hotels and transportation. You can expect to find savings of 30 to 70 per cent on accommodation if you book during the off-season. One drawback to be aware of when of traveling during this time is that many of the tourist-oriented shops may be closed.

Flights to and from your destination, as well as transport getting around while you are there, can still be expensive. Take advantage of the many discount sites online to find great deals on airfares. Sometimes the best deals for your flight are right on the airlines’ own websites, but many sites also offer discount codes and vouchers to make a great deal even better. Shop around to find the best deal that you can.

Package deals can also be a great way to save money, especially if you know that your holiday will involve airfares, hotel accommodation and a rental car. These packages can be secured through either the airlines or by using travel agencies or brokers. Packaging everything together can add up to big savings, totaling as much as 30 per cent of your total holiday bill.

Budget and save

Whether you are planning your holiday for next month or next year, making an effort to cut back in some areas and saving as much money as possible will make a big difference when the big day comes. Small changes in spending, such as cooking some of your own meals rather than eating out, can add up over the course of a week. Another great way to save is to pull out your old piggy bank or an old jar and use it to save your loose change. Putting aside those coins left over from the day will quickly add up to a useful sum.

If you are putting spare cash aside look into opening a savings account. This will ensure you will not be tempted to tap into your fund prematurely and your money will be able to earn interest until holiday time.

When you are working out a holiday spending budget, make allowances for emergency funds. Stolen or lost luggage, accidents or illness and a host of other large and small disasters can occur when you are on holiday. You will enjoy the trip and be more relaxed if you have extra money just in case.

Saving on your holiday shopping

Tempting, as it may be to purchase an array of new clothing and accessories for your holiday, it is better to restrain yourself and only buy what you really need. Many online sites offer great deals and guidelines for holiday clothing purchases. Wrinkle-free, easy-care and neutral-colored items are great choices for both day and night holiday wear. Being careful with your pre-holiday purchases will leave extra money for you to enjoy on activities, meals and souvenirs.

This has been a guest post from Anna. I hope you enjoyed it!

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