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The NEW Winner of the Apple iPad is….


As many of you know, I initially drew esoneht as the winner of the New iPad, but there was a little problem – she wouldn’t respond to my emails!! Unfortunately for her, I was forced to draw a new name. Just as I did before, I opened up the spreadsheet of entries and then picked a random number using This time, the random number was a bit higher; 1,578.

This second chance winner was also a subscriber to the site. She came on board on February 19, 2012 and I’m guessing she’s pretty glad that she signed up! After sending her an email explaining that she won the grand prize, she actually responded quite quickly (to my relief 😉 ).

Let’s all congratulate Amanda S. on her recent win! She is super excited and I think she still may be in shock! 🙂


While I do enjoy giving away iPads, I was wondering if it might be a better idea to give away a bunch of less-expensive prizes so that everyone has a greater chance to win. What do you think? What prize would you like to see given away that’s $100 or less? A Kindle? Books? An assortment of gift cards? A free website subscription for a year?

Do you think a less-expensive prize is a better idea? What would you like to win that’s less than $100?



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  1. Congrats Amanda. She still looks like she is in shock. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Amanda! What a great day that must have been for you.

    I personally like that there’s a big prize, but if you wanted to split it up, then perhaps “you pick it” gift cards.

  3. Congrats to Amanda! I would prefer to have a shot at the bigger prizes myself.

  4. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations Amanda. So happy you found a winner! I personally like the bigger prizes, I say keep them coming!

  6. Congrats to Amanda!! I love big prizes! iPads are awesome. I want one badly! I always enter contests that give them away.

  7. Congrats!

  8. Congrats Amanda!!

  9. Congrats Amanda! If you are able to give away smaller prizes more often I think it would benefit you. Maybe still do one big giveaway a year or something like that. I personally like gift cards because you can choose what you want, not that I have ever won a giveaway.

  10. Congratulations Amanda!
    What a great email that must have been to receive!

    As to your question, I like the idea of a big gift maybe once or twice a year… and smaller gifts more frequently. Gift cards sound great because you can use them or give them away to friends or family.

    Thanks for asking!

  11. Yay Amanda!! Woot for U!

  12. Oh she’s so lucky. Congrats to her. I guess it’s really for her. Hope there’ll be more giveaways like this. Keep them coming! 🙂

  13. Congratulations, Amanda! The iPad was a terrific give away idea. I think mixing up give away’s is another approach – one quarter (if you go with a quarter time frame) give away an expensive item, the next,choose more items that are less expensive, that way you feel like more readers are benefiting. But it’s really up to you – a give away is generous in the first place so do whatever you like!

  14. Congrats Amanda! I betcha esoneht is kicking themselves right about now…

  15. Congratulations Amanda! Lucky you!!!
    Pretty sweet to win an iPad but fo whatever you choose!

  16. I would loooooove to get a chance to win a kindle! Congrats to Amanda!

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