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Getting Ready For January Sales with Email Newsletters


So you’ve got a regular email newsletter to send out to subscribers as part of your email marketing campaign? Excellent! Newsletters are a highly effective way to bring content to your customer base, as well as information about the very latest offers. As you can hardly fail to be aware, the busy run-up to Christmas is now well underway, bringing with it a blizzard of online shopping and other business activity. If you’ve any gumption, you’ll be focusing your email marketing efforts on making the most of this – but you should not neglect what comes after.

The January sales are nearly as good a time for making online sales and conversions as the frenzy of Christmas, and you want to make sure your business is poised to take full advantage of the fact. Now is the time to tease your subscribers with mentions of the savings and special offers they can look forward to after Yuletide is over, as well as keeping up their interest and participation in your online community. To be as effective as possible, there’s a couple of things you should bear in mind:

Let the software take the strain

Modern newsletter software can manage your subscriber list and organize your mass emails in a ‘smart’ manner, personalizing the messages and providing reams of analytical data to enable you to hone your campaign. Newsletter software in effect is better described as email marketing software, as it also gathers email information to farm new subscribers. In the context of promoting the January sales, your software should be able to help you send out newsletters at the best possible intervals during the run-up to Christmas, ensuring that as many subscribers as possible read it in good time.

Have something up your sleeve

Think carefully about what you have to offer the customer in the online January sales – and then consider what little bit extra you can offer your loyal subscribers. Discounts on goods and services should be generally available in January to all customers, but your pre-Christmas email newsletters should contain news of promotions or enhanced discount vouchers for subscribers only. If you feel you have time, you can even send out mass marketing emails offering these special discounts to people who sign up to subscription before Christmas week itself.

These are two specific tips for preparing the ground for the January sales, but of course all the normal protocols of email marketing apply: Keep your newsletters punchy and readable; ensure all the information and links can be easily read on mobile devices and make sure you make smart use of graphics and pictures to prevent taking the color out of Christmas with dense reams of text. Good luck with your Christmas and New Year campaigns!



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