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Worldwide Parcel Services


Just a handful of years ago, if you were sending any kind of parcel internationally you’d probably have found that the amount of detail you needed to keep track of would have been mind-boggling. Even with today’s advances in technology, and all of the advantages available to us through the internet, it can still seem like a challenge. Many worldwide parcel services are waking up to the idea that more and more of us are accessing their delivery networks to send packages to loved ones overseas. Slowly, but surely, the range of services available (and the level of support provided for each) is improving.

There remain, of course, many pitfalls that can cause delays with even the most apparently simple delivery, which is why knowing how to avoid the more common problems should help you get more from your courier.

Perhaps most crucially, if you’re using a courier’s website to arrange a delivery then remember that they are relying on you to provide them with accurate and complete information before they can give you a quote on price. The cost of any delivery is very carefully calculated and if the details you provide turn out to be incorrect you could find that your parcel is delayed as the courier tries to correct them.

  • Measure and weigh your parcel carefully.
  • Check to see what units your courier works in.
  • Make sure you have a correct delivery address.
  • If you’re sending outside of the EU, give an accurate description of the contents of the parcel for customs – “Christmas gift” is not going to be enough.

Similarly, ensure that your contact details are correct. That might sound a little too obvious but you’d be surprised how often people give couriers information that is not up to date – old email addresses and rarely checked mobile phone numbers being the most common. The cause of this could be that people are wary of giving out their personal details to online companies but, if the courier needs to contact you to confirm any of the details of your delivery it will lead to delays and frustration (for both of you) if they cannot reach you.

There are, of course, many other areas we could look at to identify further problems that result in deliveries being delayed but taking care of the basics really is the best way to avoid the most common issues.



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