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Business Day Features CBG Technologies


If you are in industry, or in a lab, you will have to eventually come across what to do with your old solvents and chemicals.  That’s where CBG Technologies comes into play.  Recycling solvents allows operations to save money, obtain higher quality solvents, reduce liability related to solvent storage, and make the overall workplace safer and cleaner.

Business Day TV with Terry Bradshaw looks at CBG Technologies, and how they’ve been able to make a booming business out of
something as normal as solvents.  They look at how cost savings occur through major reductions in solvent purchases, reduced waste solvent disposal, and lower storage costs for both fresh solvents and waste solvents.

Safety Matters

The most important thing when it comes to cleaning and solvents is safety.  Safety and safety compliance have the highest priority at CBG Technologies.  Their solvent recovery systems are designed for safety and compliance with all applicable government and regulatory standards and specifications.  Their solvent recovery systems are UL Listed for use in non-hazardous environments.  They also have a variety of other certifications for their lab equipment and industrial equipment.

Furthermore, most of their industrial solvent recovery systems can be constructed to the enhanced safety standards of Class 1,
Division 1.

Business Day show highlights that, beyond the basics of chemical safety, CBG technologies works to make sure that their equipment meets a wide variety of other safety concerns. For example, all units meet electrical, fire, and international safety requirements.  Multiple safety redundancies are built into each solvent recycling system, and electrical and mechanical areas are enclosed.

They are also automatic temperature shut-off sensors that are set at multiple points throughout the equipment.  Gaskets, tubing, values, and other parts are tested for compatibility with different waste streams.  An a broad range of solvent waste streams are tested for both performance and safety.

Business Day on Customer Support

However, Business Day TV reminds readers that customer service is one of the most important areas for any business, even business-to-business companies like CBG Technologies.  That is why CBG Technologies offers excellent warranty and service plans for their recyclers, as well as extended warranties for North American customers.

CBG offers a variety of initiatives to drive customer support.  For example, they will perform onsite preventative maintenance for all solvent recovery systems.  They will also brainstorm with you to select the solvent recovery system that’s right for your situation, and they’ll help you work out the best way to fit the new unit into your existing operations.

Also, the provide flexibility through a buyback program and upgrade program.  They offer credits towards the purchase of new solvent recovery systems to accommodate changes in volume or space.

They also provide 24/7 technical service on their phone line, and they are available to help you answer your questions or assist with your needs. 

Made in the USA

Finally, CBG Technologies makes their products right here in the United States.  While many of their competitors are simply distributors who sell overseas products, CBG technologies makes all of their units right here in Ohio.  That means, if a solvent distillation system malfunctions or fails, the people who need to service it are the same people who helped built it.  They draw upon the resources of their entire manufacturing organization to support your CBG distillation equipment.

CBG also has a ton of industry experience in solvent distillation and recycling.  They understand the various solvent recycling needs to different organizations, and they offer expertise for many industries and solvent users.

Also, because of their standards, they ensure that you get a high quality solution – one that last for many years.



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