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Slash Your Energy Spends: Cut Back in the New Year


With the mania of Christmas having been and gone, and the New Year in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about making savings everywhere you can. If you’re like so many others and have spent over your budget during this festive season, cutting back in the New Year can help to recuperate some much needed pennies.

The best way to start is to choose an energy tariff that suits your individual requirements. Shop around and find an affordable plan that suits you. Dual fuel tariffs from British Gas can provide better deals for those who decide to sign up to them, combining both gas and electricity supply into one manageable plan.

Reach for the Sweater

It’s easy to up the thermostat when you’re feeling the chill but if you decide, instead, to reduce the thermostat by one degree, you can save 10% on your heating bill.

An average family is happy to keep their living room at 20 degrees, but you can save around £60 a year if you drop the temperature down to 19. Reach for your cardigan or a blanket to snuggle under and you won’t even feel the drop.

Paperless Billing

Not only would you be doing your bit in saving the rainforest by opting to view your bills online instead of by post, but you can also take advantage of some great cheap electricity online deals that are often reserved for Internet customers and are unavailable any other way. Cut back on your energy spends by switching on the computer.

Wash at 30

Reducing your washing machine temperature to 30 doesn’t actually affect the quality of the wash as much as you may think. Using the quick wash function can also reduce your energy consumption and can help towards saving you pounds.

Avoid using your tumble drier as much as possible, no matter how convenient it may be. Make use of the dry weather and hang your washing out to dry or invest in a clothes-airer for the dull days.

These simple steps can help to reduce your energy consumption and make a difference towards your household bills.



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