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Ways to Generate Buzz for Startup Businesses


Every business has to start at square one and build itself from the ground up to be successful. With the creation of the Internet and social media sites available, small businesses can launch themselves a lot easier than their counterparts could 20 or even just 10 years ago. Generating buzz to boost a business in the initial stages of opening can be done easily by a few effective and inexpensive methods.

Run a Social Media Blitz

A social media blitz to generate buzz does not simply mean to promote your products and prices at every turn online. You need to talk about the business, what products you sell, but in an engaging manner that focuses on people and relationships relative to your product. A food company ran an interactive quiz on their Facebook page in 2012 and as a result of so many fans replying to it and sharing it with friends. The company gained 40,000 new fans during the period where it was active. Social media blitzes can also be done with tweets for Twitter and updates for LinkedIn or any other site where you have created a business profile to gain attention.

Ask the Public for Funding

One way that has just started to gain popularity for small business is to ask for crowdfunding to support it. Crowdfunding for startups means that an owner asks many people to invest just a small amount of money in to the business to raise capital in order to see it grow. What better way to help get publicity than by asking the people who have helped to fund the startup also advertise it to their friends and family members and so forth? They have a vested interest in seeing the business succeed, especially if the donation agreement has a return on their investment with it.

Hand Out T-shirts with Web Address

Even though a new business might be online, it can still be publicized in person. One great way to get the web address out is by appearing in parades and throwing candy with labels on them giving out the address. Sponsor some type of athletic team and get the web address printed on all of the shirts. Most sponsorships in smaller communities cost $500 or less and are seen by thousands of people on a repeated basis. The more visible the web address is, the more people can find the sight and start clicking through the pages.

Grand Opening Celebration

An online store doesn’t have to just open quietly. Throw a grand opening celebration gala and make it worthwhile for people to show up on the first day of operation, or the first week or the first month. Give an incentive like a percent off to use on their second purchase. Research shows that 60% of people will return to a site and shop when they have a discount versus people who don’t have any type of discount, even if they don’t really need something else.



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