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I’m Failing Big Time On My Goals


I set some goals for myself in January and was tracking them pretty well…until about February. Here were (are) my goals for the year:

Goals For My Website

1) Alexa Rank below 70,000 – I successfully brought my Alexa rank from 110,000 down to about 82,000, but then Google decided to change their algorithm again, which has caused my site to be viewed less frequently and moved my Alexa rank back up to about 125,000. This 70,000 goal seems fairly impossible at the moment.

2) Grow my site to 3,000 subscribers – I started the year with about 870 subscribers and currently I have 1,084. At least it has grown, but it’s definitely not 3,000.

3) Increase my Facebook friends to 1,000 – My Facebook friends were at 270 in January, and I have raised them to about 380. I haven’t paid a lot of attention to this number throughout the year and I feel like that 1,000 number is still somewhat attainable.

4) Commit to posting every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – At least I can check the box here. I still love to write and communicate with my readers, so I am still most definitely posting every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

5) Post my Affiliate and Adsense Income – Posting my affiliate income hasn’t been too exciting, so I often forget to do it. Again, since my viewer numbers have decreased, so has my affiliate income. I really need to focus on getting more web traffic again to increase this dollar figure.

6) Rank in the Top 100 – Money Crashers ranks hundreds of personal finance sites, and I was ranked 221 when I started this goal in January. At this moment, my rank is 169. It’s not 100 or less, but it isn’t too shabby either.

Personal Goals for 2013

Since my site isn’t my entire life (this is shocking to you I’m sure), I decided to make some personal goals as well:

1) Finish the House – There are definitely some small projects to do here and there, but thanks to my wonderful family, I have basically finished every single room in this house and it looks amazing!

2) Pay down my mortgage to $40,000 – In January, I owed the bank just over $59,000. At the end of October, my mortgage will be below $55,000, and I have another $10,000 or so set aside to put toward it at the end of the year. That means I need to continue working to come up with the remaining $5k. It’s definitely doable though!

3) Finish my MBA – When I made this goal, I had just finished my first semester of the MBA program. At this point, I won’t be done by December, but I will most certainly be done by April. That means I only have one more semester to go. It went super fast, but I learned a ton and can’t wait to get the credit for this program!

It’s Time to Start Running!

I definitely haven’t done everything necessary to achieve these goals throughout the year, and while it might be a little too late to make a push, I’m still going to give it everything I’ve got. My main focus is the subscriber numbers and the Facebook followers. Do you have any ideas to increase these numbers at a rapid rate??


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My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. Work on increasing your traffic. Study your Analytics and see what you can improve there. A bigger traffic means a better Alexa rank. I never work towards a better Alexa rank (since I know sites with 50 visits/day that have a good alexa rank and are worthless if I try to sell ads – some of these are in my network actually :D), I just work on growing the traffic and it will drive both Alexa and Google PR up (with some smart link building).

    Don’t worry about not reaching all your goals. Having them gives you something to work towards and even little progress is still progress 🙂

    Keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged

    • Increasing traffic isn’t easy. That’s for sure. I could comment more on other blogs, do more with my social network site, and I could offer some giveaways. The really tough part though is retention! I’m definitely going to do my best in this category though. Thanks for the comment dojo!

  2. Derek, thanks for including Alex’s post; this means a lot to him since he has two more days of this job (I refer to it as ‘paid slavery’ and it is not a contradiction).

    • No problem Maria! I love to read your stuff, whether it’s from guest posters or not, it always seems to be good.

  3. Now about these goals of yours. Yep, you are not even near achieving some of them but…you are much further down the way. There are some goals that need a dramatic change (like to get into the 100 on MC; btw, I am 187th and my feeling is that I’ve entered the stable packing order). I would urge you to reconsider the publishing goal. though – we all get into the trap of publishing a lot and not making sure that we are heard enough. It is a bit like talking louder to someone who doesn’t speak English.

    Keep the good work yp and it’s all come about.

    • I am improving my numbers, that’s for sure, but why can’t it just happen faster??? I still really want to get to 3,000 subscribers by the end of this year. If I get there, I will be absolutely ecstatic!

  4. I’m not anywhere I want to be with my goals either so don’t feel bad. Just keep at it and you’ll get there.

    • I will definitely keep at it. If I figure out a secret for growing my blog, I will have to let you know!

  5. Derek, it seems like this summer has been a net negative for the PF community unfortunately. Let’s just keep on plugging away. If you’d like to bring more traffic to your site, perhaps you’d like to do a guest post on FS sometime.

    Cheers, Sam

    • Yep. It’s definitely been tough for PF bloggers this year, but I definitely intend to keep plugging away. Expect to see a guest post coming your way soon! Thanks Sam. 🙂

  6. Even though you don’t seem to be on track with many of your online goals, you are doing great with your personal goals. At least Google can’t touch you there! 😉

    Thanks for including Kevin’s post in your roundup! Have a great week.

    • Very true! Google does impact my site quite a bit, but as for my personal goals they can’t do much to me there. I love that you’re keeping your site going Khaleef. Keep it up!

  7. First off…worry not, you are doing alright…the fact that you have goals, have written them down and shared them puts you far ahead of the curve; I will stick to the online goals…little I can advice on the personal ones. So in my humble (and sometimes poorly informed opinion)
    a) Alexa: Guest post a bit more. Comment a bit more. Share more on social media and get others to share you content too(I commit to help out there 🙂 )…I’d also suggest growing your twitter following a bit more…sends quite a bit of traffic.
    b) Grow subscribers. I read of a presentation at FinCon13 that suggests getting more aggresive with this…popups, more directed signup pages etc…check out that presentation you might get some ideas.
    c) Increase FB friends/likes I guess. Two ways…become a friend of more people…they return the favor, ask and they may accept. Push comes to shove, buy a few likes…it might convince those sitting on the fence (social proof!)
    d) Rank top 100 on moneycrashers. I’d actually suggest you shift to the Wisebread list…updated more regularly and you can see the areas that you need some more work on. It all boils down though to the above…more social media engagment, more traffic and some more links.
    (Pardon the lenghty reply 🙂 )

    • Thanks for the awesome comment Simon. I have thought about pop-ups, but I think that’s a little too aggressive, but it is worth taking a look at my presentation right now and making it a little more obvious.

  8. question regarding subscribers- can you tell how much traffic you get from blog-following apps/sites? I used to subscribe via email to stay up to date with sites like yours but since I started following more blogs I found it easier to use the Bloglovin’ app so everything is in one place and I don’t get a million emails a day. I read the articles on the app but unless I want to leave a comment I never actually click through the article to the actual website. I wondered how this affects stats.

    • I researched this once and discovered that you really can’t track apps or the reader feeds. This is why I’m typically pushing for people to subscribe via email. I feel like I have more influence then.

  9. Although you missed some of your targets, kudos for setting goals and reviewing them. It’s the only way to hold yourself accountable. I need to improve this myself. Thanks for including my post! I’m sure you are using a few of the techniques yourself.

    • You’re welcome BI, and thanks for the comment!

  10. I can relate with this post. I’ve been failing miserably on my goals too. I can’t believe 2013 is almost over already. Time to do my evaluation as well.

    • Maybe you can make a last minute push like me! Hopefully we’ll at least get close!

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