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80s Sitcoms That Deserve a Remake


Sitcoms on television today are so different than they were in the eighties, almost a quarter of a century ago.

Sitcoms today have crossed barriers and challenged stereotypes as they occur amongst a new generation of viewers. They also use modern technology to add a new element to plots and humor. So how would sitcoms from the eighties fare today with all the cable TV deals and programming to choose from?

We live in a different world today, with new technology, ideas, politics, concerns, even new geography. So some 80s sitcoms would not work in today’s world. Maybe living with an alien life form or a robot half-sister would quickly become stale today, as would humor sprung from culture clashes. 80s sitcoms that thrived from tapping into basic human emotions would be fun to watch in an updated version.

Three’s Company was great in the eighties, pushing the envelope with the pseudo-gay Jack Tripper living with a couple of hotties. Jack juggled his career and social life while maintaining harmony with his roommates and occasionally the landlord, or Larry the neighbor. We got to see Jack on dates at the Regal Beagle, pose nude for an art class, and accidently date a married woman.

It would be great to see Jack balance his act today. The possibility for mix-ups on internet dating sites alone are endless. Larry could still be Larry, exactly the same, but the girls could reveal social lives of their own. Today we’d get to see Jack finding clients for catering meals and dates off the internet.

A show that would be fun to watch again is Moonlighting with Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis, a comedy-drama that blended the drama from shows like Law and Order with a comedy that occurs naturally on the job like on The Office or Scrubs. Except Shepherd and Willis are involved.

A Moonlighting today would feature a detective like Bruce Willis’ character David further uninhibited than the 80s version, at the same time dealing with a contemporary version of Shepherd’s character, Maddie, as they solve crimes woven into today’s society. David’s techniques and approach to serious situations were quirky but effective. Anyone else remember him filling a paper bag full of shaving cream and stomping it with the opening tucked under the door of a suspect’s apartment door to see if he was home. Today David could make a playground of the most complex crime scenes.

Finally another 80s show that deserves a make-over is the timeless Muppets.

The simple humor of the 80s Muppets as they sang and acted on their variety act was good enough then and could only be taken to the next level today. The Muppets regularly had cameo appearances and this could be included in a version of the show today. The Muppets would bring back a refreshing format to sitcoms today, now including smart phones, apps, and hopefully even Pigs in Space.



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