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How to Go on Dates Without Going Broke


You’re facing a dilemma: you want to take your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse on a date, but you’re completely broke. The notion of paying $28 per entree at a high-caliber restaurant makes you break into a cold sweat.

Should you resign yourself to a life of Friday nights alone in your pajamas? Not necessarily. Here are 8 tips that can help you pay for dates … without emptying your bank account.

#1: Be creative. Instead of going to an expensive restaurant for every date, why not take your significant other to the park for a homemade picnic? Or perhaps an evening watching a free play in the park? Whatever you decide upon, consider their likes and dislikes first. Find a free or cheap way to give them the type of entertainment that they enjoy.

#2: Go for lunch. Not every date has to be centered on fancy meals with bottles of champagne. A lunch date at a cool deli is often just as appreciated.

#3: Use the outdoors. Hiking, swimming, and ice skating are all excellent date ideas and are also virtually free. Being outdoorsy is an attractive quality … and it will keep your pocket book attractive as well!

#4: Take a drive. If you live near beautiful scenery, take advantage of it by driving your favorite person to the most beautiful spot in the area. Aside from the cost of gas, this date will cost you nothing.

#5: Choose the restaurant. There is nothing wrong with picking out the restaurant the two of you will dine at based on the price, as long as cost isn’t the only factor. To save some extra dough, consider bringing coupons or using a discount app like Groupon. (Just be discreet about handing them to the cashier.)

#6: Take advantage of matinees. Movie theaters always have matinees during the day, so suggest going to the movie first to beat the crowds and then going to dinner. This will save you a solid $10 and she/he will still have a great time.

#7: Use art galleries for a date night. Art galleries are both inexpensive and fun to enjoy. Let your significant other pick out the gallery of their liking and have fun!

#8: Go wine tasting. Wine tasting is usually free, or (at worst) you’ll pay a small tour charge. But you get to sample free wine and perhaps get a nice buzz in the process. Go for a wine tasting before dinner to save on alcohol costs at the restaurant.

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  1. We use Groupons all of the time! (I am married, though, so our dates are a bit different.)

    What we love about those deals is that we aren’t only getting the deal, but we are often trying a new place in a new neighborhood that we normally wouldn’t have tried otherwise!

  2. Groupon and other deal sites like Scoutmob, Amazon Local, etc., are great for trying new places without taking the “risk” of paying full-price at a spot that ends up being mediocre.

  3. Its said the best things in life are free or very cheap I guess its so with our loved ones. We can show them a time of their life without necessary breaking bank. I love the great outdoors and we have spent many a glorious dates admiring nature and its scenic beauty 🙂

    • Simon — You’re right; the best things in life are free. Taking someone on a “date” is nice, but the goal isn’t to spend a ton of money, it’s to spend time with the people that you care about.

    • I’m with you on that one Simon. My girlfriend and I head out for hikes all the time. It’s a great time to connect and to take in the beauty of nature. Thanks for the comment!

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