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How to Make Your Home Look Stylish On a Tight Budget


You want your home to look nice. After all, it’s your home. But, you don’t have an unlimited budget for artwork, furniture and custom decor. You’ve got limits. How can you make your home look stylish while maintaining a budget?

home design#1: Shop at Yard Sales. Yard sales offer some seriously reduced items that are perfect to decorate your home. Take your local newspaper, look for neighborhood signs or scour Craigslist postings to find the best Saturday morning yard sales in your area. Its fun and you save money!

#2: Declutter. Get your home organized. Clear out the clutter and donate it to thrift stores. De-cluttering your home is the first step in making your space look nice, despite your tight budget.

#3: Do-It-Yourself. DIY projects are extremely popular and span the gamut from creating your own wall art to building your own benches or furniture. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that will teach you great DIY projects you can easily do at home. Pick out a project you would like to see in your home, gather your supplies, and get to work.

#4: Add Color. Buy accent pillows for your sofa. This is a subtle, small improvement that can change the whole feel of your living room. The improvement will stretch even further if you add a “pop” of color — try red, green, or purple-colored pillows. This will spice up your home without forcing you to spend tons of money on a makeover.

#5: Use Accents. Focus on your other home accents, such as lamps, chairs and light fixtures. You can paint a thrift store chair, re-upholster an old sofa, or string Christmas lights to an empty jar to create a really cool desk lamp.

#6: Scour Craigslist. Craigslist can help you score some serious deals if you look hard enough (and if you act quickly!). Try to buy big items like couches, chairs, and ottomans from these listings.

#7: Go to Estate Sales. Estate sales create a fantastic opportunity to score major deals on high-end furniture and decorative items. Oftentimes, a family will sell an entire living room, dining room or family room “set” at an estate sale, so you may be able to decorate an entire room at a steep discount if you buy from an estate sale.

#8: Shop at Flea Markets. If you like the “vintage” look, head to your local flea market. Deals are everywhere, so keep your eyes open, but shop with a list. Otherwise, you might spend too much money on cheap “impulse” buys.

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  1. Our house was furnished from a lot of sources. None of which were stores in the traditional sense. Second hand stores, thrift shops, purchasing used items from online, house and yard sales. We bought some really expensive items for cheap just because they were second hand. Most of the time we try to buy scratch and dent free. Sometimes a little TLC can bring a piece of furniture back to life at minimal cost.

    • That’s great!! Thrift stores, yard sales, etc., are great ways to furnish a home.

  2. Great post! We are transforming our home and haven’t spent too much money. We have had good luck finding vintage items and just painting them.

    • Painting old items is a great way to make it look fresh and new! Good luck!

  3. Its said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication…I can agree with you, if you want a stylish home, keep it simple, declutter, invest in a few high quality pieces and ofcourse, a dash of fiery colors 🙂

    • Simplicity is beautiful!

  4. We love making DIY decorations. I usually look for online tutorials on DIY decorations and the whole family tries to do it. It is also my way of spending quality time with the whole family aside from being able to save a lot.

    • Sounds like fun to me. I love DIY projects and am working on my house often.

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