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9 Reasons I Love Being Able to Make My Own Hours!


I’ve been fortunate enough to transition into full-time self-employment, which means that I can work from home and set my own hours.

Before, when I heard people talking about these notions, the benefits seemed so-so. As I saw it, sure, you can set your own hours — but who wants to work on a Saturday, when your family and friends are having fun? It seemed to me that even with a flexible schedule, you’d still choose to work 9-to-5.

And that’s true: I still do work “normal” hours, for the most part. But I’m also discovering the huge benefit to being able to run errands in the middle of the day, in order to avoid rush-hour traffic. Or the benefits of scheduling apppointments at times that nobody else can.

benefits of self employmentIn other words: the benefits are better than I realized.

Here are my 9 favorite things about setting my own hours.

#1: Freedom to do what I like. Working a 9-to-5 job eliminates flexibility in my social life.

For example: If a friend is driving through my city for just one afternoon, and I can’t make my own hours, I might not be able to get lunch with that person. But if I make my own hours, I can work around the schedule of the people I love.

#2: I am my own boss. Instead of waiting on someone to make my weekly schedule for me, I can now choose what hours I want to work and plan my life accordingly. I do not have to listen to anyone about when I need to be at work and when I have to leave.

#3: I can go on vacation whenever I like. Instead of waiting on a boss to approve my “vacation time,” I now get to choose when I want to leave for a 3-day weekend trip. No more “time off requests” or waiting around until my vacation time has accumulated.

#4: If I’m sick I can take time off. Being able to make my own hours has changed the way I handle sickness. If I don’t feel good enough to work, I won’t. (After all, what’s the point of “going into work” but being unproductive?) This helps me recover more quickly, which means I’m operating at full capacity again.

#5: Results trump efforts. Now that I set my own schedule, I find that work is less about how long I do it and more about what I can get accomplished. If I accomplish all my goals for the day in three hours, then why should I work 10?

#6: More time with my family. I can now plan my work schedule around my family’s schedule. This allows me to spend quality time with each member of the family.

#7: I like going to work now. Now that I work on my own schedule, I find that it is easier to get up in the morning and get what I need to do done. I have more enthusiasm and more energy. Working on your own schedule is truly a blessing.

#8: I achieve more. I have discovered that I actually accomplish more than when I am restricted to working only during certain hours of the day. If I give myself tight deadlines, I can usually work more efficiently and meet those deadlines. And that allows me to take the rest of the day off.

#9: I am happier. Nothing feels better than being able to work when you want to work, and setting my own work hours has helped me experience that joy.

Kennedi writes about women’s frugality tips at Face & Fitness. Read her post about How to Dress Stylishly When You’re Broke.

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  1. Hey, Kennedi in life there is no single “perfect” option. There are pros and cons from doing work from home. Yes of course there are several benefits to do work from home but it’s harder to separate your private life from your business life. Because you set up your mind as per your work but others family members like your kids not may not understand about your time settings.

    James recently posted…..How Do I Break-free From Cash Crisis?

    • @James — Did I ever say it was “perfect”? Nope. I don’t know why you want to put those words in my mouth. This article is about the qualities of working from home that I enjoy … not about how it’s “perfect.”

      • @James — Sorry! I just re-read my comment and I hope it didn’t come off as too harsh. It sounded different (it sounded much nicer) in my head when I wrote it. 🙂 Cheers!!

  2. I’m glad that I now work from home and can set me own hours. Life is so much more enjoyable, and I can’t believe I hesitated at first to make the switch. I’ll NEVER go back! 🙂

    • @Michelle — I’m glad you like it!! I agree; I would have a hard time switching back to working in an office, now that I’ve experienced this.

  3. These are all great. What I enjoy most is being in control of my own success. Often times in a traditional workplace, there are people (bosses) who hold us back. When you are your own boss, you are accountable for the good and the bad. I find that both challenging and rewarding.

    • Mike, I also enjoy the knowledge that I’m not relying on one single boss to determine the future of my career. It’s a relief to know that the responsibility rests solely on my own shoulders.

  4. I really like your point on working for results rather than effort. When you work for yourself you work until the tasks is complete. Some days it may take you 5 hours others it may take you 12 hours. I really wish the conventional work place understood this and took advantage of it. Pay people for completing a task, not for how long they work.

    • @Marvin — I’m a huge fan of the notion of getting paid for results, rather than hours. After all, customers ultimately pay for a product/service based on its utility, not based on how many hours a person put into making it. So why shouldn’t compensation be the same?

  5. Working at home is indeed the best way for me to trade my time with money during my working years. Having such flexibility also provides me better retirement options. You enumerated the positive aspects of working at home so well Sir. What about the disadvantages? I can only think of one for now, like bumping into interesting people on the way to lunch from the office. What else? hmmm

    • @Jeff – The flexibility is a huge positive. Although I definitely miss the social aspects of bumping into coworkers at the office.

  6. I would LOVE to make my own hours. I am working an 8-4 or 9-5 job right now, and while it’s not horrible (I like having the routine and weekends off), it’s not ideal. I would rather be able to make my own hours, work on my own terms, and get projects done how I want to get them done. If I am more productive at 9:00 PM, why shouldn’t I be able to work at that time? Plus, I’d love to be able to work from anywhere – ie travel and work.

    • @Daisy – Set a goal! If thats what you want, create a goal and let your subconscious mind start working on ways to make it a reality …

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