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Why Pet Insurance Costs Less Than You Think


Insurance is the one thing that new pet owners dread, because they incorrectly believe that pet insurance cost is incredibly expensive. With monthly costs ranging from $10 for emergency care insurance to $25 for comprehensive care, it’s actually less than you might think.

Why would you need pet insurance after all? The annual vet costs of owning a cat or dog without pet insurance should be less…right? Well to tell you the truth, pet insurance can actually save you a lot of money over the long term, and is something that should definitely be considered by all pet owners.

You may have home insurance, and car insurance, so why is pet insurance seen as optional? Many people, especially first time pet owners, think of the costs of a pet as something that goes as far as food and general care only. What you might find is that after a major accident or a negative diagnosis at the vet, the cost of your pet’s care can skyrocket, with bills that escalate to thousands for certain types of care. This is the equivalent of a flood in your home, something that you definitely want insurance to protect against.

You may think that the insurance you are getting is too expensive, but that really isn’t the case. With so much competition among pet insurance companies, many of the costs are incredibly low, and the benefits, like those outlined in Scoops San Diego, are major.

If you don’t have pet insurance, you need extra savings

The question on whether to get pet insurance or not doesn’t just boil down to the expenditure of a few dollars a month. If you don’t have pet insurance, you will need to fund a separate account to take care of emergencies. While many people think that their pet will never take a turn for the worst, or that they won’t deal with it when it happens, when push comes to shove this can be a much harder decision than you may realize.

Pet insurance will reduce the risk should you have problems with your pet that requires a huge outlay of money. Instead of saving thousands of dollars ahead of time to take care of a problem that ‘could’ happen, you instead have to spend only a small amount of money every single month. As shown by the ASPCA, pet care costs can be large, depending on what type of animal you have, so it’s better to take one of those costs and make it more manageable.

Pet insurance saves you from a tough conversation with your family

If you are buying a pet for your family, pet insurance will definitely save you from some difficult conversations down the road. If there is a major problem, you can be saved by pet insurance, and you won’t have to decide between a huge cash outlay or saving your family pet. While you may come out on one side of that discussion, your family may think otherwise and that can cause major issues. To alleviate that problem, it’s often better to just pay the small amount of money to insure a safe environment for your new friend.

Overall, pet insurance may seem like just another monthly cost you can do without, but it’s a small price to pay to protect the health and well being of your dog, cat or small furry.



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