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Quick Gains: How to Increase Your Property’s Value


Whether you are considering selling your home and wanting the best possible price or just wanting to add value to your property, there are a few fairly simple improvements you can make to achieve just that. Remember to keep an eye on how much you spend on improvements so that you don’t make the mistake of overcapitalising.

Build an Outdoor Area

Building an outdoor area will definitely increase the value of your home. Many buyers are on the lookout for properties with beautifully established lawns and gardens, great landscaping and functional and attractive outdoor living space. Not only will your investment make your home more valuable, it will also help make your property much desirable in a competitive marketplace. Building an outdoor entertainment area will offer you an excellent return on your investment. The other advantage of an outdoor area is that you get to enjoy it while you live in your home!

There are loads of do it yourself tip sheets and plans available to the handyman. Equipment and tools can be hired. Ask professionals like Hyundai Construction Equipment and also talk with your local hardware supplier. You should also get a quote from a local builder to help you decide if building it yourself will really save you much.

Give the Kitchen an Update

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and buyers will definitely pay more for a home with an excellent kitchen. Most real estate agents report that homebuyers go the kitchen first when checking out a house to purchase. For this reason sprucing up your kitchen is an excellent idea. You can do a complete remodel or just add a few modern touches by installing a new stove, updating your lighting and even changing your kitchen sink and taps to reflect current trends.

You can have new kitchen cupboards built and installed relatively quickly or simply recover surfaces or add a new coat of paint to walls. Check out the latest kitchen colour trends online and see what is popular. It is often best to utilise neutral tones to appeal to the widest possible audience. New appliances will add a lot of value to your kitchen and give it a fresh new look.

Pay Attention to the Bathroom

The other room that gets a lot of attention from potential homebuyers is the bathroom. This is one of the easiest rooms to update. A new sink and taps will do wonders as well some trendy new tiles. Old shower doors should be replaced with clean new ones. Walls should be painted and grouting should be replaced or cleaned. Heated floor tiling is the latest trend and can be installed over existing tiling.

Adding modern accessories can also give the room a whole new feel. Try replacing outdated towel racks and shelving with modern streamlined styles. Change your lighting and add a soap dish, tooth brush holder and other odds and ends in modern colours and designs.



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