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Spring Spending Beware


Spring is officially here (says the calendar anyway)! In my neck of the woods, we’re still experiencing temperatures below 20, but there is still something in the air that says spring and we’re all itching to get outside and get our bodies moving again. But, with Spring, our wallets tend to open up a little easier than in the winter time. Beware of spring spending!

I’m not sure why it is, but money sure flows out fast in the spring. Perhaps it has to do with these phenomenons:

  • Getting a tax refund check and feeling rich again
  • Buying new running shoes and active apparel
  • Getting suckered into a new shiny lawn mower for the year
  • Buying gardening equipment
  • Remodeling unnecessary areas in the house
  • Buying all new wardrobe items

Have you been itching to spend money? This is just a short reminder for you to be cautious with your spending during this Spring season. Do you really need that item you are about to buy? Will it add to your net worth or will it reduce it? Think two or three times before making those spontaneous purchases in the next few weeks.


AUTHOR Derek Sall

Derek has a Bachelor's degree in Finance and a Master's in Business. As a finance manager in the corporate world, he regularly identified and solved problems at the C-suite level. Today, Derek isn't interested in helping big companies. Instead, he's helping individuals win financially--one email, one article, one person at a time.


  1. I think many of us struggle not only in the spring, but summer months too. I wonder if there has ever been a study to show that people spend more in the spring? I blame the weather.

    • I would be interested in that study if it exists! There are definitely plenty of things to buy in the spring and summer! Thanks for the comment Mike.

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