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8 Money-Saving Home Decorating Ideas

Trying to decorate your home — but stuck because you have a small budget? Don’t worry. Here are eight ways to save money while decorating your home.

1. Shop After Holidays. Holiday decorations are put on clearance as soon as the holiday is over. Stock up after big holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and the Fourth of July for next year’s decorations.

2. Buy Some Paint. Tired of the same picture frames or mirrors around your home? Buy a small amount of new paint to give them another life. That small price spent will revamp what you already have and make them look like new.

3. Look on the Sidewalk. Keep your eyes open for free castaways on the sidewalk when college lets out for the summer. Many students throw away perfectly good furniture or decorations because they don’t want to travel back home with them.

4. Try an Art Class. Search your city’s Yellow Pages, or run a quick Google search, to find a local art class that will teach you how to paint a canvas, mold a vase or create a sculpture. Your work of art won’t cost too much and you’ll learn a new skill. Not to mention, your piece will look lovely displayed in your home — and you’ll take more pride in this piece of decor, because its your own creation.


5. Find Discounted Baby Furniture. Babies and small children quickly outgrow furniture. Save money by buying used or discounted furniture when it’s safe to do so. You might decide to buy a new crib, for example, but it’s probably okay to purchase a used kid-size couch (assuming you live in an area that doesn’t have bedbugs). Spend more on “big kid” pieces in the future once they outgrow their baby stuff.

6. Look Online. Some of the best money-saving ideas are the result of resourcefulness and creativity, as opposed to sales. Check out websites that have clever ideas on how to decorate — ranging from budget-oriented magazine websites, such as Better Homes and Gardens, to articles and photos on the HGTV website. Real Simple magazine and Country Living also have lots of budget-friendly decorating ideas, and by looking at their websites, you don’t need to shell out for the price of a subscription. And of course, don’t forget the ultimate source of clever ideas, Pinterest.

7. Grow Flowers. Love flowers? If you live in a warm climate with a long growing season, plant perennial flowers outside. When they’re in bloom, clip the buds, bring them indoors, and put them in a vase. Voila — you instantly have fresh-cut flowers for a fraction of the cost of buying these at the store.

8. Use Houseplants. Don’t have a green thumb (or live in an area of the nation with a short blooming season?) Buy a few indoor houseplants and strategically keep these in various corners of your house. You’ll have instant decorations, at a fairly budget-friendly price (you can pick up most houseplants for $10 – $20, depending on the size and the variety). As a bonus, the plants will naturally freshen your indoor air quality.

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  1. These are the some nice decorating tips and people can also try DIY projects available on video and blog sites. Apart from this, one should always check the prices online before going on shopping furniture.

    • Great tip, Nancy. There are great DIY tutorials online, all free, that can help people.

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