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Do You Have a Life Coach?

I had an interesting conversation with my aunt while we were visiting with her in Chicago this past weekend. She has been working with a life coach since February and I was asking her all sorts of questions about what they discuss and how it works. She shared examples of finance, nutrition, social life, love life, and career topics they’ve gone over. For my aunt, this has been a great experience that has allowed her to thrive and make the most out of life. I was intrigued by the concept of a life coach but being the cheapo I am I wondered how much a life coach would cost.

I did a quick Google search “how much does a life coach cost” and the first site shared that most life coaches charge about $200-$1000 per month for a 30-60 minute phone call 3-4 times per month. Say you get the best deal and you pay $200 per month for four 60-minute phone calls. That comes out to $50 per hour that you pay out of pocket. There was a lot more to my aunt’s deal because she would send a daily or weekly email (I don’t remember which it was) to check in with her life coach.


“Free” life coaches
To you it might seem odd to pay someone to cheer you on in life but for others it sounds like something that could really help you out. For me, I’m cheap, but I still like the concept of a life coach and feel that I have a few friends I could call “coaches” in various areas of my life. Some of my close girlfriends are intentional to check in on how my marriage is going and what we are doing to strengthen in our marriage (especially now that we have a baby!). I’ve also got a few friends who are moms I look up to. These women help me keep a healthy mindset for parenting and help me think of ways to grow as a mom and how they help each of their kids grow as individuals. Currently I’m in an accountability group for a 60-day home workout series called PiYo (a mix of pilates & yoga) and we check in on our workouts and nutrition every day in a closed Facebook group. You could say I’ve got my own “life coaches” for various areas of my life.

Life questions to consider
Dave and I listened to a sermon by Mark Driscoll that was based off of his book Real Marriage and gained a lot of wisdom from topics he encouraged married couples to discuss regarding all areas of life. I’d love to share them with you. Keep in mind we are all in different stages of life so some of them might not be applicable to you but are still worth reading through. I’ll share some examples of what Dave and I wrote so you can see what we discussed for each topic. I only scratch the surface with our examples and I’m sure you can think of plenty more for each topic.

To tie in an application point my aunt learned from her sessions- ask yourself these 3 questions when you come to each topic:

Where are you now?
Where do you want to be?
What’s keeping you from being there?

Close to Dave’s work; 10-15 minutes
More counter space in kitchen for Jess
20% down-payment
Space to host bible study, potlucks, etc.
^ (these desires were from when we were looking for a home)

Keep up with laundry (we used to do it once/month and have 8-9 loads!)

Jess: run a half marathon (Ran one in Calgary!), gym membership for group classes (not anymore)
Dave: Sabbath/rest time with family Monday evenings, gym 3-4x/week, pack lunches for work
Eating out 1-2x/month

Date night 1x/month

Weekend getaway 1x/year
Same bedtime


Books we want to read, Scripture we want to memorize, establishing a mens/womens accountability group, morning time for devotions


Dave: 40-45 hour work week; avoid continuous overtime
Jess: stay-at-home mom when we start having kids

List of people we want to visit
Vacation for just the two of us
(figure out what we’d need to save to make these happen)

Replace current car within 1-2 years
Pay off student loans
Save up 6-month emergency fund
Tithe 15%

Put 15% toward retirement funds
Dave: replace running shoes & bike

Check in on budget each month (my quarterly reviews help with this)

How many do we want?
When to start trying to get pregnant?
What school to put them in, how many extracurricular activities to let them get involved in, having family dinners, etc.

Jess: continuing education courses I want/need to take for being a dietitian
Dave: pass his FE & PE exam (engineering license)

Where to start?
After running through the topics and determining which you’d like to work on, the next step I recommend is that you find one or a few people to discuss your aspirations with. It could be a spouse, family member, or a close friend. Instead of making goals and keeping them to yourself, you will likely be more successful knowing that someone is cheering you on. Asking for accountability can seem awkward if you’ve never done it before but it can be as simple as asking “Hey I want to set a goal to go to the gym 3 days a week. Can you check in on me with how that’s going?”

What topics are you currently working on?
Would you pay for a life coach?

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My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. I won’t pay for a life coach because I have all these fine blogs to help guide my life! Right now I’m currently working on developing my blog, buying and rebuilding sites, and freelancing.

    Also, next week I’m getting my commercial drivers license so I can finally legally drive a semi! My family owns a farm…

  2. Jessica,

    If you would like to see what life coaching is all about, I would be happy to work with you for free for a month or so, no strings attached. We can work on whatever you want.

    I specialize in “alignment” and “resonance”: finding out who you are and what you want, discovering your purpose and setting goals that are in alignment with who you want to become. Once you know who you are and what you want, the rest is just the “doing.” What do you say? -Shaun

    • Hi Shaun,
      As I mentioned in the article, I feel that I have the accountability I need to pursue my goals. If any of the readers are interested they now have a resource. Thanks for the offer!

  3. Oh PLEASE. I’d rather burn my money for a campfire.

    • Hi, Jim. I’m sure some readers feel the same but there are some who would probably benefit from having outside help with establishing goals.

  4. I currently pay for a blog coach, but not a life coach. However, I do see the value in a life coach. There are many people that just need to work with someone to help them get through some sticky points or to bounce ideas off of. It’s great you have friends that you can use in place of a life coach!

    • If I wanted to put more time into my blog I could definitely see how helpful a blog coach would be. I’ve learned a lot from other bloggers as well who have been my unofficial coaches.

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