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Surviving Winter on a Budget With Window Treatments

cold houseThe terms “winter” and “on a budget” seldom go hand-in-hand. At least when it comes to your heating bills, this is a period where it’s time to dig into the coffers and pull out every last bit of change to cover your bigger bills.

Until scientists develop a way to somehow eradicate this season – this will always be the case. Bills will always be higher, but on the plus side, there can be ways to manage them more effectively. Through shrewd use of window treatments, you can slash the cost of winter dramatically and it takes very little upfront cost for you to do this. We’ll start with some of the “freebie” methods that you can use.

Cheap Fixes to Help Your Budget

Most homes in the country get drafts, particularly older ones, as the seals around the window openings start to disintegrate. It’s here where something as simple as draft snakes some into the equation, with these fabric tubes sitting right beside the window to prevent any unnecessary cold air sweeping through.

Of course, there are even more effective ways to deal with seals – if you are DIY inclined. By simply applying caulk to the affected areas you can reduce the problem significantly, so this might be worth considering as well.

Another option to keep the draft out is thick, clear plastic. If the outside air is permeating through your unsealed or cracked windows, this plastic will stop much of it. While it isn’t the most beautiful option, it will cut down on the draft and help your winter budget substantially.

Use Window Treatments

Unfortunately, drafts aren’t the only reason why your home becomes like the North Pole during the winter. While they will make a difference, most of the time you will have to invest slightly more to benefit from bigger savings. It’s here where you need to take advantage of the ever-developing blinds industry.


window treatments

Window treatments have always allowed us to control the temperature in our rooms, but now some of the newer products are proving to be even more beneficial. For example, let’s take a look at the insulated blind – which is perhaps the product most geared to the winter season. This does exactly as its name suggests, with its cellular design allowing you to both lock any existing heat in your room, while preventing the cold air from the outside filtering in. Some of the success stories from these blinds are bordering on the unbelievable and the three-cellular depth approach is apparently one of the best insulation measures you can implement on your property.

The above is hands-down the best solution for coping with the winter temperatures, and ultimately slashing your reliance on your heating system. However, like we mentioned previously, all window treatments can play a part. In other words, if you are working on a budget, taking advantage of any blind or curtain will make a difference. It goes without saying that the thicker the material the better the results – it’s all about creating the most effective barrier that you can between your room and the elements.

Higher energy bills will always occur during the colder months. However, some of the modern solutions have been proven to make a significant difference to a home’s expenditure, while even a few of the quick fixes that we outlined at the start of the article can be incredibly effective.

Are you saving money with blinds this winter?



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  1. We don’t have blinds in our house but we do have some drapes with thermal backings which help keep out the drafts.

    • I have some drapes as well. I actually opened them today to let in some light and it was SO drafty! They are definitely helping by staying closed in front of the window.

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