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21 Ways to Make an Extra Grand a Month

How much would an extra grand a month impact your life? For many of us, this extra chunk of change could make all the difference! It would enable us to make our mortgage payments, pay off our car loans, and maybe even allow us to take a nice vacation! (P.S. If you plan to use the extra grand a month to buy something stupid like a boat, a new Mercedes, or a mortgaged vacation home, please stop reading now…I don’t want to be any part of your idiocy!)

For me, an extra grand a month turned my paycheck-to-paycheck life into a life of savings, investments, and eventually…future riches! Think about it, with an extra grand a month, you could continue living paycheck to paycheck on your original money, and then you can stash away that thousand bucks every month, which would accumulate to $12,000 after just one year! With that amount, you could buy a pretty sweet used car, make a down-payment on a house, or even invest it and turn it into $543,000 forty years from now!

21 Ways to Make an Extra Grand a Month

So how can we actually do this? How can we just manufacture an extra grand a month? For many, the idea of this is just mind boggling. But, in reality, it really isn’t that hard. It just takes some persistence, some determination, and perhaps most importantly – you can’t sit there and worry about what other people think of you. Some of these ideas aren’t at all sexy, and your friends might be wondering what they heck you’re doing at times, but you know what? I’d rather be earning an extra grand per month and improving my future than sit around and “look cool” like my deadbeat friends. If we’re on the same page, then feel free to read on and learn how to earn that extra grand a month.

earn an extra grand a month deliver pizza#1. Deliver Pizzas

Okay, so it’s not glamorous, but this is a way that almost everyone can make an extra grand a month. All you have to do is get hired in at one of the 10 pizza joints near you (preferably the busiest one), deliver pizzas a few nights a week with expedience and a smile, and cash your relatively hefty checks at the end of the month.

Quick Math for the Extra Grand a Month = $23 an hour (dead serious – I looked into it!) at 5 hours per night, 9 nights a month = $1,035 a month!

Want to earn even more? Here are some helpful hints on how to increase your tips for each delivery.

#2. Waiter/Waitress

This is another one of those side jobs that many people just wouldn’t consider, but it can actually be quite lucrative. Your tips mainly depend on the type of restaurant you’re working for and the connection you make with your customers.

So, if you want to earn an extra grand a month, I wouldn’t recommend working as a waitress at a place that sells $3 hamburgers. Instead, look into working for a nice Italian restaurant where the bill for a couple can easily reach $50. Handle six tables at once and you could earn yourself nearly $50 an hour! At this rate, it doesn’t take too many hours to make that extra grand a month!

extra grand a month blogging#3. Start a Blog

I simply couldn’t resist. After all, starting a blog five years ago has allowed me to add $75,000 to my bank account! If you are interested in, and would love to write about:

  • Nutrition
  • Money
  • Exercise
  • Mommy tips
  • and DIY projects…

…then starting a blog might just be a lucrative option. To be completely upfront and honest, you will need to put in quite a lot of time up front before you even earn a dime, so be ready for that. If you don’t like to write and simply want to earn more money now, then do not start a blog. You won’t survive.

*Start a new blog with iPage here – I know it sounds crazy, but it’s only $1.99 a month (note: this is an affiliate link, but still the absolute best deal for you to start a blog!).

Need a step-by-step tutorial to get your website started? I already did the legwork. You can find it here.

#4. Mowing Lawns

If you want to make an extra grand a month, but don’t have a lot of skills that could earn you that large hourly wage, then consider mowing lawns. Almost anyone can do it, and if you’re quick, you might even be able to mow multiple yards per hour, thereby increasing your rate.

Competing with the large lawn care companies can be tough. The trick is to work outside of their market – in other words, knock on the neighbors’ doors that don’t typically get their lawn mowed. Explain to them that you’re trying to earn some extra money and would like to mow their yard each week (for as little as $20 per mow). Find 13 neighbors that will take you up on this deal, and you’ll be earning your extra grand a month!

Note: If winter is approaching, offer to shovel instead of mow!

#5. Teach Piano Lessons

When I was little, I was that nerdy kid that wanted to tap dance and learn piano (thankfully, my mom never put me in tap dance, but I still wish I would have had piano lessons!). If you were taught piano and have the natural ability to teach others, then perhaps you could start teaching piano lessons yourself! At a going rate of $20 per half-hour, you’ll only have to put in an extra 6-7 hours per week to earn an extra grand a month!

Don’t know how to get started? Here’s some great resources:

extra grand a month#6. Flip Cars

My dad was a car dealer, so sniffing out deals on cars is in my blood. A few years ago, I found myself needing more money than I could earn at my day job, so I started looking for extremely under-priced cars. When I found them, I would register them, make them look a little shinier (a wash, wax, and vacuum can do wonders), and then drive them for a month or two. After the nostalgia of my new ride wore off, I would sell it for roughly $1,000 more than what I bought it for.

So how can someone that doesn’t know much about cars get into this game of flipping to earn an extra grand a month? Truthfully, it’s really not that hard. You just have to glue yourself to Craigslist for a while, learn the market, and then buy ONLY when it’s a deal. Then, clean the car up and be patient with the sale. The right buyer almost always comes along and pays you the profit you were looking for.

#7. Detail Cars

The business of detailing cars is pretty simple and the start-up investment is minimal. All you need is a phone and some car cleaning products – oh yeah, and some customers, which is typically the hardest part of any business.

If you’re part of a church, ask if you can post a short snippet in the bulletin or on the church classified ads online. Take it one step further and see if you can advertise through your work portal. Or, if you’re willing to meet some interesting folks, you can always post an ad on Craigslist.

On average, a good car detail includes an exterior wash and wax, and an interior vacuuming, dusting, and shampooing. The typical cost of a reputable detail job is $150. As a beginner, you might want to try charging $100 per detail. It might take some time to earn some customers, so be sure to give them business cards and a referral gift if they send some business your way.

extra grand a month#8. Build Websites

Personally, I am no expert when it comes to building websites, and I’m still in awe of those that can create and customize an entire site with multiple landing pages in a matter of hours (I’d be poking around at it for months!).

If you have a knack for coding and can build a website with your eyes closed (is this even possible?), then building websites might just be your ticket for earning an extra grand a month.

The next question, of course, is “What can you charge for building websites?” According to, solo web developers typically charge between $25-$100 per hour. To make an extra grand a month, all you have to do is work for an extra 2.5-10 hours per week, and you can do it in your pajamas! That’s not too shabby!

Get started building websites by first building up a portfolio of sites so others can get a feel for the quality of your work. Then, finding those that are interested is pretty simple. Just head to and search “web developer”. There are so many people looking for website help, you could probably land some work in less than a month.

#9. Write Articles

When I was tight on cash a few years ago, I flipped a few cars, but I also wrote a butt-load of articles. “How many is a butt-load?” you may ask – hundreds for sure. Maybe even close to a thousand over the span of a couple of years. It took quite a lot of work (since I was selling my simple articles for $10 per post), but I was able to make an extra grand a month for a few solid months.

If you don’t want to work quite as hard as I did, you probably don’t have to. With a decent portfolio of articles and some solid recommendations, you can probably start out by earning $20 per article. And, once you write a few you’ll be able to write more quickly while still maintaining your quality – often earning $40 an hour or more. Making an extra grand a month really isn’t that big of a deal when you can earn $160 with an evening of work.

extra grand a month#10. Dog Sitting/Dog Walking

I absolutely love dogs. They’re playful, they’re great company, and they’re typically quite obedient. If you love dogs like I do, then you might want to look into dog sitting or dog walking.

Many people are working an insane number of hours these days. Sure, they earn more money, but poor Fido is left at home, unable to get out and run around like dogs are meant to do. So what do people with no time and plenty of money do to remedy this situation? They hire a dog walker!

On average, a dog walker charges $15 per dog for an hour-long walk and can walk multiple dogs at once. If you were able to coordinate a walk for two or three dogs at a time, you could be earning $30-$45 an hour!

Not interested in dog walking? Then perhaps you could dog sit for a few weekends here and there. Let me tell you, it’ll be worth your while. On average, dog sitters earn between $50-100 a night! Watch just one dog for each weekend of the month and you’ll be earning an extra grand a month!

#11. Repairs Cars

This suggestion of repairing cars to earn an extra grand a month will obviously take some skill – I know I couldn’t do it. But, if you are handy when it comes to all things under the hood, then there is definite money to be made here.

On average, mechanics with a commercial shop earn between $80-$100 an hour for their labor, and they need to if they want to cover all their overhead expenses and still turn a profit. You, on the other hand could do the repair work in your garage with tools that you already own, which means no additional cost to you.

Undercut the traditional engine repair shops and charge just $40-$50 an hour for your work. It’ll earn you that extra grand a month after just a few nights of work!

Need to know how to get the word out? It’s pretty simple actually. Tell your friends that you’re willing to work on their cars for half the price of the shops. Word will get out and you’ll likely be flooded with work in no time.

extra grand a month#12. Clean Houses

Do you know how to dust, vacuum, and polish furniture? Then you’re qualified to clean houses. There, that was easy! Well, there’s a little bit more to it than that of course.

House cleaners can earn an average of $25-$35 an hour, but how do they gain clients? This can be done through sites like Angie’s List or through the Yellow Pages, but sometimes it’s more effective to take a more personal approach. Print business cards and flyers and start talking to your neighbors. When people meet you face to face (and become comfortable with your personality), they’ll be much more likely to let you in their homes to do some work for them.

Want to earn an extra grand a month cleaning homes? Then you’ll need to land about 20 clients, each with bi-monthly, hour-long cleanings. It could take a while to build up the clientele, but one you gain the trust and satisfaction of your customers, then you could earn that extra grand a month for years to come!

#13. Paint Houses

This summer, I tackled two huge tasks: installing windows and painting the exterior of my house – both of which saved me a ton of money and weren’t that difficult to do myself. For a brief moment, I actually considered starting a little business of my own to earn an extra grand a month, but then I thought about my home projects, my rental house, my website, my full-time job, and my pregnant wife….and I figured I could leave the opportunity up to you instead. 😉

I got a few quotes to get my house painted. On average, they came in at about $3,500 to do everything – the house, the garage, the shudders, and the eaves. Instead of shelling out the cash, I decided to do all of the work myself. The paint, the brushes, and the rollers cost me a total of about $400, which means I saved $3,100 – not too shabby!

The work was pretty straightforward and took me about 80 hours to complete, which means that I earned roughly $39 an hour. Use these estimates to quote your next painting gig. By painting just one house, you could easily earn an extra grand a month!

extra grand a month#14. Flip Houses

Can you tell that my mind is totally consumed by houses yet? I’m sorry, but I guess that just happens when you sift through dozens of houses a day, looking for the perfect rental. Anyway, let’s get back on track here…

The housing market is relatively hot right now (hopefully cooling down a bit for the winter though, no pun intended), but deals can still be found. If you’re looking to earn an extra grand a month and are pretty handy when it comes to construction, then flipping houses could be just your ticket.

The trick is to find a house with a solid foundation, electrical, and plumbing, but ugly paint colors and hideous laminate flooring. Buy this house that the average home buyer will detest, fix it up, and put it back on the market. Do this right, and you could earn $10,000 or more with your flip, which could obviously earn you an extra grand a month!

#15. Rent Out Your House

This is the last house-related tip, I promise – but it’s a good one, and it’s fairly simple too! If your house is near town or near a body of water and people would love to live in your shoes for a week, why not let them (provided they have some money to fund the operation that is)?

To get started, I would reach out to friends (or friends of friends) that might be interested in renting out your place for a weekend. The cost is nothing to you, and the likelihood of your house getting trashed is much less than if you would let a stranger in. Next though, I would personally list my place on (vacation rental by owner). The cost to post is $400 (at minimum) for a year-long subscription, but you could easily recoup that with the first rental.

So the question you might be asking is, “If I rent out my house, where am I going to stay?” The way I see it, you have two options:

  1. Stay at a moderate hotel for much less than you’re renting out your house for
  2. Stay with family and buy their food for them – it’s a win-win!

Stay wherever you wish. If your house is a desirable rental, you might even afford to stay at a classy hotel while you’re earning an extra grand a month with this easy side-gig!

#16. Drive Truck

As odd as it may sound, I’ve always been intrigued by truck drivers. They travel all over the country, they sleep where they work, and they earn a pretty decent wage just for navigating roads and unloading their truck. On average, a full-time truck driver earns more than $40,000 a year, or roughly $19 an hour. This sounds pretty nice, but truckers can actually earn much more per hour when they drive as their side-gig.

To become a certified truck driver, you’ll need to earn your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), which involves passing a visual, medical, written, and driving test. While you certainly need to prepare for the test, it is certainly passable.

Once you’ve got your CDL license, start out by making a few small deliveries and build your resume. Then, once you feel confident in your trucking skills, set up an official business name and head to a few local companies in your area. Chances are, many of them have emergency deliveries once in a while and have a hard time finding drivers during the night hours and weekends. This is where you can cash in. Let them know that you’re available during those times at a slight premium to the typical rate and your phone might soon be ringing off the hook.

Earn an extra grand a month by driving a big rig. Sounds pretty cool, and it can be extremely lucrative!

extra grand a month#17. Repair Phones/Tablets

Phones and tablets have been around for a while, but people still drop them all the time and break that screen! Getting them repaired at the service provider can be expensive if they aren’t under warranty, so why not start your own little business repairing them for slightly less than the competition?

I’m certainly no expert, but I know the start-up costs are minimal and the earnings per hour can be $40 or more, so earning an extra grand a month is definitely possible. If you want help getting started, there are certainly many resources on line that can get you earning money almost immediately. Just be cautious of those “all-in one business starter scams”. Use the internet for information, not for a package business deal offer.

#18. Babysit

When you hear the word, “babysit”, you probably start picturing a 14 year old girl that earns $3 an hour to watch a bratty kid during the evening. This is not at all what I mean.

When I say babysit, this is what I envision – a stay-at-home mom that wants to earn some extra cash during the day, so she watches her friends’ 3 kids at the same time and earns an extra grand a month just for doing what she’s always wanted to do – stay at home and be a fantastic mom.

For those hard-working moms out there that want to earn an extra grand a month, perhaps you can extend your mom-ship to other children and earn that extra cash for your family.

#19. Photography

To be completely honest, this is a tough market to get into (since pretty much anyone can afford a decent camera these days). But, if you have an artist’s eye and can direct people around like it was your life’s calling, then I just bet that you could make it work to earn an extra grand a month.

Start your business with a quality starter camera, some business cards, and a portfolio of photos and then market the heck out of your name! Post your business name on local directories and also larger sites like or

By shooting just one wedding, you could easily earn yourself an extra grand a month. Want to earn more? Then load up your schedule and shoot for the moon. Heck, some photographers earn more than $5,000 a month!

#20. Buy and Sell Goods

I absolutely love this one. If you have a knack for finding under-priced items and turning around and selling them for a profit, then this might just be your gig for earning an extra grand a month.

Yes, this can be done with cars as we eluded to earlier, but buying and selling for a profit can be done with almost anything you can think of. In the past, I have considered buying and selling:

  • Exercise equipment
  • Sporting goods (skis, football pads, golf clubs, whatever)
  • Antiques
  • Lawn equipment
  • and even technology!

Things can be bought out of season and sold in season for a premium. Or, you can search local garage sales and estate sales for crazy cheap buys and then resell them for a fair price to the public. However you choose to find your deals, let me assure you, you can absolutely earn an extra grand a month by simply buying a selling goods.

#21. Re-purpose Furniture

If you’re an artist at heart and love working with wood, then a side-gig in re-purposing furniture is probably right up your alley!

Old, worn-down furniture pieces can often be purchased for next to nothing and can even be found in the dump occasionally (believe me, I would know). But, restore these solid-wood dressers and end tables and you can earn yourself a healthy profit and (dare I say it again) make an extra grand a month!

So how in the heck do you transform an old dull dresser into a focal statement?

  1. Use minerals to get all the stain off (if there’s any left that is)
  2. Sand the wood smooth so regular paint will adhere consistently to the surface
  3. Paint it
  4. Then sand the edges slightly to appear shabby-chic (optional)

Either that, or you can use a pricier paint that can actually paint directly over the stain. Turn the pieces into masterpieces and you could easily earn yourself an extra grand a month with just a few purchases.


So now we know that there’s at least 21 ways to make an extra grand a month, and I’m sure there are many more. If you really need to earn some extra money, try your hand at one of the above suggestions, or maybe even try two or three different ones at the same time. Find out what you like to do and that you’re good at and the money should follow.

How will you make an extra grand a month??



My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. Love this list! For most people (myself included) an extra $1000 is HUGE. I love how you include things that most people don’t normally think of like pizza delivery and serving. I can vouch for servers making a lot of cash! I did it in high school and the tips are unreal!

    • Thanks Taylor! This list took me FOREVER to put together, so I hope it’s helpful to a ton of people. Spread the word! 😉

  2. Great job, Derek! Something that isn’t on your list: tax preparation. Last month I took an income tax course with Liberty Tax. The course cost me $159, but today I have an interview with them to prepare taxes as a second job. This will give me an opportunity to earn a couple thousand dollars over the next couple of months.

    Another thing that I’ve been researching: Ubering. I live very close to DFW airport. If I can pick someone up at the airport on my drive home … why not earn a couple of bucks in the process?

    • Great suggestions Rick! Love it! Let me know how those side-gigs work – or maybe just send me a picture of all your cash! 😉

  3. These are all fantastic ways to earn a ton of extra money per month. Definitely no fluff on this list. I want to get into real estate soon. I want to buy a house to live in and rent out the extra bedrooms. Or maybe get a house with an apartment in the basement. Something along those lines. Some sort of income property..

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