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Best PF Articles in November

Want to learn more than you ever thought possible about personal finance in a single article? You ask, I deliver. From my constant daily sifting of personal finance articles, here are the absolute best reads from November. Enjoy!

20151122 - best pf articles in November1) After Studying the Rich, 5 Myths Uncovered About Money

by Business Insider – There are some smart people out there that say investing is just gambling, the rich are greedy, and those that get ahead are just plain lucky. Lies, lies, lies – all of them. Read about the myths and the research that dispelled them.

2) How I Became a Millionaire Without Winning the Lottery or Picking Stocks

by Root of Good – Honestly, everyone can do it. Liz and I plan on being millionaires – you almost have to if you plan to retire at some point in your life. This article probably won’t make you go, “Aha! That’s the secret!” Nope, it’s honestly pretty boring, but that’s how most of the millionaires out there do it.

3) How to Start a $4,000/mo. Side Hustle

by Business Insider – This article is spot on. Find your passion, network, be consistent, and hire help as you grow so you can have the time to keep growing (I still need to learn this I think…). Want to start a side hustle? Start here – it’s a great article.

4) Man Discovered His Wife Had Over $90k in Secret Debt

by Go Banking Rates – The title on this post is bit a misleading… Yes, she kept her debt a secret, but she herself honestly had no idea how much debt she had. Since she had never really reviewed her student debt situation, she just figured it was $15k or so. Well, to be frank, she was WAY OFF! Read this cool post to see how they dealt with their massive surprise debt.

5) Five Signs You Have a Spending Problem

by Go Banking Rates – This post is absolutely true. Many people track their finances pretty lightly, pay the minimum balance on their credit cards, and then BOOM, something bad happens and they’re in a world of hurt. They never really realized it, but they were put into their financial distress because (like most of America) they had a spending problem!

Which article was your favorite?



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