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Christmas Present Ideas and Money Saving Tips

money saving ideasLooking for some ways to cut the cost of your Christmas present spending this year? We’ve come up with some great tips that can save you a lot of money this Christmas. Christmas doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. Presents and food can be pricey but you can save time and money by following a few of our simple tips.

Start early

To start with, we would advise you to start your shopping early. Yes, shops tend to promise you great offers during the run up to Christmas but in actual fact you can get great offers in store and online throughout the year. It is a good idea to put together a list of people you need to buy gifts for, this way you can work out a budget for each person. This can help you to manage your money and decide how much you have to put aside. Some of you may have a personal loan to cover the cost of Christmas and if so you may be entitled to a PPI refund. Although this is an uncommon idea you could be entitled to money that could really help you at this time of year.

Come up with some great gift ideas

Once you have compiled a list, you can then decide on what sort of gifts your friends and family will like. You wouldn’t be buying them a gift if you didn’t know or care about them so use your imagination. Not all gifts have to be expensive and some of the best gifts can be cheap and cheerful. It is just about putting thought into your present ideas and this will reflect when your loved ones open their presents. Listen to your family members and friends on the run up to Christmas, we don’t notice it but we often drop subtle hints when doing everyday things.

Listening out when watching TV with a loved one is a great time to keep your ears perked up. On the run up to Christmas there are numerous products being advertised on a range of media platforms from television to magazine and showing them to a loved one could spark conversation about potential presents.

Don’t put it off

We’ve all been guilty of procrastination during the Christmas period. Buying gifts for others involves thinking about things and this is not appealing to most because consumers love thoughtless buying. Many of us end up shopping last minute, but there is no point putting off the inevitable. Instead it is a good idea to make a plan of when you will purchase Christmas presents. If you are buying online you should put an afternoon aside to do your shopping. It is a good idea to have a deadline that you aim to do your shopping by. For example 18th December. This gives you the opportunity to wrap all your gifts and even buy a few last minute Christmas essentials if you need to. Doing this can help to keep on track at Christmas as well as saving you from the rush a few days before Christmas.

Keep up to date with the presents you have bought

When you are buying for quite a few people it can be hard to remember what you have brought and who it was for. This is where the list comes in again as you can keep a track of all the presents you have purchased. Having a ‘hiding place’ for all your presents is a good idea as they will all be in one place. Make sure that you store all your presents in the right condition, for example: Do not store chocolates somewhere they will melt. It’s just common sense really.

Hide them well.

It’s not fun when someone finds out what they are getting for Christmas. It ruins the element of surprise and makes gift giving on Christmas day less exciting so keep your presents well hidden. If you live with the person, hide it somewhere they won’t look.

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