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How to Get the Best Deal on an Airbnb

get the best deal on an airbnbOn the face of it, Airbnb is a simple website. You simply pick a city, pick a dwelling, request available dates and are approved for your stay. Simple. But, by digging just a little deeper, you can score a really sweet deal when looking to rent a place via Airbnb. The following article shows how to get the best deal on an Airbnb (up to 30% off your next rental).

Use a Promo Code

This is a very simple way to get the best deal on an Airbnb. Signup with a referral code. You can find one by Googling: ‘Airbnb referral code’. It will give you $25 off your first stay as well as give whoever’s referral link you used $25 off. If you decide to be a host, you can get an additional $75 with your first guest. You can keep doing this process by referring friends. The amount is $20 for every friend you refer. Users can earn up to $5,000 from referring friends.

Find New Hosts

Hosts which are new to Airbnb need reviews. After all, no one wants to stay in a place with zero reviews. You may as well find a place on Craigslist. Because of this, many hosts will make their prices extremely low for the first few guests. This way, people can overlook the fact that they have no feedback. To get the best deal on an Airbnb, find new hosts!

Consider the Subletting Option

Airbnb has a page created for subletting. This means, if you want to stay at a place longer than a few days, you can sublet for a discount. Many places offer as much as 60% off the nightly rate when you agree to stay a week or more. This is an excellent option for the slow traveler or digital nomad.

One word of caution, you really should book at least three months in advance. This is because you need to reserve a large block of time. If you want to get the best deal on an Airbnb and stay at a place for a month, if even one person has a night booked, you may be out of luck.


Yes – you can negotiate with Airbnb. Many people are doing this with a good amount of success. The blogger, Nomadic Matt, regularly gets 30% off by negotiating. He simply gets the best deal on an Airbnb by asking if there’s any way he could get 30% off his stay. He does this all over the world and claims to have great success. I think the important thing here is not to pressure your host. When you arrive, you don’t want them to feel taken. That’ll lead to a lackluster experience. And you don’t want to sleep in a place with someone who may resent you. That’ll make for an uncomfortable experience.

Don’t Use Airbnb

My last tip to get the best deal on an Airbnb is to avoid Airbnb altogether. While Airbnb is fantastic, you may be able to find a cheaper alternative. Let me explain. Many people who are listed on Airbnb also have their place listed on many other sites. Yes, there are plenty of Airbnb competitors. These competitors are far less well-known and thus properties on these sites sometimes cost less.

To find the same property you found on Airbnb, simply Google the host’s information. Whatever you can figure out. See what shows up in your search. You may find her place on Craigslist for half the price. Saving 50% is surely worth a Google, don’t you think?

Final Thoughts for Getting the Best Deal on an Airbnb

Always try to get a discount using at least one of the above mentioned methodologies. Don’t worry about rejection. Most cities have dozens of awesome places to stay.

Keep in mind that Airbnb is a community. If you start angering people or getting bad feedback yourself, the experience will be quickly ruined. Then you won’t be able to get any Airbnbs – regardless of price.

With all of this in mind, good luck with your travels. I’ve personally had nothing but good experiences while staying at Airbnbs.

How have your experiences been? Have you been able to get the best deal on an Airbnb?

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  1. I love using Airbnb. We’ve only had one bad experience, where the place was pretty dirty. They advertised it as “vintage.” LOL

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