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3 Life Changing Posts in Under 10 Minutes

I spent 30 minutes searching for these life changing posts for you, and it will only take you 10 minutes to absorb their wisdom. They’ll improve your thoughts, your wallet, and maybe even your waistline!

3 Life Changing Posts in Under 10 Minutes

These posts are my absolute favorite from this past week. Hopefully they’ll strike a chord with you as well!

life changing posts1) Wealthy People Don’t Realize Their Income

by Save Spend Splurge – It’s a little bit of a play on words, but it definitely gets you thinking. It’s not that wealthy people don’t know how much they earn – many of them know exactly how much they’re making each year – it’s that they don’t cash out and put the money into their bank account. In other words, the rich have investment income and home equity that they leave unrealized, and it just keeps growing in value! Learn more about the wealthy and their actions in this fantastic post.

2) Paying Extra on the House

by Action Economics – John C. is pretty serious about paying off his house. He knows there are 4 or 5 solid reasons why he shouldn’t, but he simply doesn’t care. By paying it off, he’ll have more cash to pay for his kids’ college tuition and he’ll have much less to worry about if his finances get tight later in life. It’s probably no shocker for you, but I agree with John! Pay off that stinkin mortgage!

3) 14 Ways I Trick Myself Into Going to the Gym

by Libby Kane @ Business Insider – You may not think this is at all related to finances, but it absolutely is. Get fat by doing nothing and eating whatever you want and you’ll soon know what I mean….the doctor’s bills will pile up pretty quickly. Instead of losing money (and potentially years off your lifespan), why not trick yourself into exercising more often! I know I’ll be using some of these tips for myself. In fact, I think I might go for a run tomorrow… 😉

Did these life changing posts do it for you? What did you learn?



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