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How to Find Legit Movers and Not Get Scammed

Finding a good moving company can be a challenging and time consuming process, however, if you know what to look for and what makes a moving company “good”, you can save a lot of time while ensuring a pleasant experience. We’ve listed some key things to look for below:

Showing instead of telling

A good moving company will make you feel comfortable through what they show you rather than the empty promises they make. This means that they will offer you information upfront about the replacement coverage and risk protection options using documents for you to sign. Make sure the replacements policy is reasonable; a popularly accepted one is a 10$ dollar per pound of shipment weight guarantee.  They will also offer to show you their customer service by giving you a quote on the price of the move after a thorough and professional inspection of your stuff. Remember, you should feel that this company is trustworthy and not only be told it is so.

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An easy to find record of reliability

A good moving company will have a number issued by the Department of Transportation’s site that can be found online. This number will help you figure out how established it is. It should serve as a red flag if it is difficult to find information on a moving company. With a quick search online or a quick phone-call to an organization such as the “Better Business Bureau” you should be able to discover the history of reported mistakes and misfortunes that other people have experienced and whether they were ever resolved professionally. Rather than finding a completely clean record, look for overall customer satisfaction and whether they would recommend using the service again. It is wise to even ask a company about a specific grievance and how they managed to resolve it.

Good customer service from top to bottom

With the popularity of online reviews, many customers will not hesitate to write detailed reviews of their experience with a moving company that describes how everyone they interacted with treated them. Use websites and look for a company that has been reviewed as trustworthy and helpful. Given the degree of nerves and stress that go into the moving process, it is often the little things that customer service agents at these moving companies can do that change the entire experience. For a good company, it is not difficult to find reviews that include details on sales associates, supervisors, the movers themselves and even the drivers. This way, while the person you speak with over the phone might be nice, you know whether you can expect the same from the moving personnel on the big day.


A good moving company should be able to change what type of service they provide based on the specifications of your order. They should have the preparations necessary to do specific moving related things, and do them well. If you are planning on a long distance move, search for companies that provide deals catered to long distance moves with their own set of services, utilities and guarantees. Short distance moving companies can often provide extra benefits in ways that make the difference in your satisfaction and happiness.



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