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Items You’ll Need For Starting Your Own Mechanics Garage

car maintenanceStarting your own garage is an exciting adventure. Working in a garage is fantastic, but imagine how much better it would be to run your own…

Opening your own garage is a costly but worthwhile process. However, it isn’t for everyone, and you have to be fully aware of the costs involved before you begin. One of the largest outlays you’ll have when you set up your business is tools. In this post, we outline the tools you need for starting your own mechanics garage.


To fix a car, you usually need to be able to see underneath it, which his exactly why you need to have hoists to help it move to a workable level.

You’re likely to need a hoist on a daily basis, using it to lift and move engines and other heavy car parts that you couldn’t lift safely otherwise. Due to this, it’s well worth investing in a quality product. After all, if you drop an engine, you could cause thousands of pounds in damage.

If you don’t think you’ll need a hoist full time, then other options are available. For instance, if you’d like something more versatile that will provide better value for money, then take a look at something like a hydraulic pump from SGS. These aren’t necessarily recommended if you need regular access to a hoist. But, if you’ll only be using the hoist sparingly, they can do the same job and potentially save you money.

Torque Wrench

When you’re working on cars, safety is paramount. When you’re working at a professional level, simply tightening everything as far as you can by hand isn’t enough, and you need a professional finish.

A torque wrench can help you with this and can help you tighten things carefully to specific recommendations. This will show that you take your work seriously and complete things to the highest possible standard.

Air Compressors

A good air compressor will mean that you can complete more jobs than you’d ever imagined. From cleaning and drying parts to using air tools to complete tricky jobs, an air compressor can more than justify the cost of the outlay in any good garage.

A Computer

This final piece of equipment may seem a little basic, but it’s something that many overlook. Although you’re an expert in your field, you won’t know everything about every make and model of vehicle, and a computer with internet access can help you answer any questions you may have on the spot. It can also be used to place orders and log transactions. You don’t need anything state of the art, but a computer can save you time and money in the garage.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mechanical tools you need for your garage, and more comprehensive lists are also available if you’re looking to cost every item you need. Starting your own garage is an exciting adventure, but make sure you have what you need before you begin.



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