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10 Sites to Find Super Cheap Textbooks

find super cheap textbooks

College tuition. I always expected it and worked my butt off during the summers to pay for it.

College textbooks… I somehow managed to forget this cost EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Can you relate?

If so, this post is tailor made for you!

This post contains affiliate links…BUT they’re all awesome sites I promise. Enjoy!

10 Sites to Find Super Cheap Textbooks

Take a look at the list below, search for your textbook at each site, and pick the cheapest option! BOOM, easy!

To assist you with the comparison of each site, I figured it’d be fun to look up a textbook and see where we could find it the cheapest. Here we go, everyone’s favorite book, Principles of Managerial Finance (13th edition)! Woot Woooot! 🙂

Find Super Cheap Textbooks1)

I personally love Throughout my college years, I purchased over a dozen books from Valore for less than half the price of the school bookstore.

Principles of Managerial Finance = $21.70


Of course Amazon is always a good deal when it comes to books. After all, that’s how the website got started!

Principles of Managerial Finance = $33.73


I haven’t personally used this site, but the price is definitely right!

Principles of Managerial Finance = $21.70


Now this site is pretty sweet! It checks the prices of dozens of other websites and lists them from cheapest to most expensive. Niiiiiice.

Principles of Managerial Finance = $22.29


This site is tailored toward renting books, which isn’t all bad if you don’t intend to keep them. But buying books here is pretty cheap too. Check out this price!

Principles of Managerial Finance = $22.29  (want to rent it? It’s $3 cheaper)


Principles of Managerial Finance = $22.48

7) Facebook Marketplace

When the semester is nearing a close, start browsing Facebook Marketplace for the textbooks you need in the upcoming semester. There always seems to be someone in your area that just finished the same class. Who knows, their price might be even cheaper than any of the best-known websites!

8 ) Craigslist

And don’t forget Craigslist! People list their textbooks here too.


It’s been around a while, but it’s still a quality site for finding deals!

Principles of Managerial Finance = $23.50


This is another diamond in the rough that few people know about. They’re reliable, dependable, and best of all…CHEAP!!

Principles of Managerial Finance = $23.79

Which One Was Cheapest For You?

In this challenge, it looks like and tie with a price of $21.70. Better than your school bookstore price of $100!

These are 10 AWESOME options if you’re trying to find super cheap textbooks. Before writing this post, my favorite site was ValoreBooks, hands down. But now that I’ve done the research, I think my first site would be Not only will they show you all the cheapest rentals AND purchase options, they also show the shipping charges! Love it!

So which option was cheapest for you? Let us all know in the comments below!

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