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Weekend Side Hustles That Can Make You Extra Cash

If you have decided that you want to make extra money this year, you’ve probably come across the term “side hustle”. A side hustle can bring you extra cash, fulfill your need for a hobby, and even turn into a full-time gig.

Weekend Side Hustles That Can Make You Extra Cash

But what if you don’t have the time for a side hustle just yet? Well, this list of weekend side hustles may be just the thing you need. These side hustles are perfect for those that don’t have a lot of time!

This post has been written by our regular writer, Kimberly Studdard.

Weekend Side Hustles1) Drive People Around

Most likely you’ve heard of Uber or Lyft, so why not drive for them? Some recent articles have shared that people can make a full time income driving for them, but even if you don’t, driving people around could make a great weekend side hustles option.

With Uber and Lyft you can choose your own hours, which means you’ll be able to just work the weekends if you want. There are plenty of resources that help you gain more rides, earn more money, and be as efficient as possible when working on this side hustle.

2) Sell Your Stuff

While hosting a garage sale can take up a lot of time, selling your stuff online can be one of the best weekend side hustles on this list.

If you are a fan of Facebook, Craigslist, or even Ebay, you can start selling your stuff and making money as early as this weekend.

The best tips for selling your items online would be to take clear pictures, offer in depth descriptions, and timely communication with potential customers. You don’t want to lose a sale just because you didn’t reply fast enough.

Not only is this a way for you to make some extra cash, but imagine how much clutter you can get rid of!

3) Furniture Flipping

If you’re not really ready to sell your own stuff, what about someone else’s old items? You know the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?”. That statement definitely applies here.

If you’ve ever seen furniture sitting on the side of the road, or passed up something at a garage sale just because it was ugly, this side hustle is for you.

I consider this one of the best weekend side hustles, mainly because of the fact that you can make as much as you want! I’ve flipped everything from dining chairs to dressers.

The key to this side hustle is to spend as little money as possible upfront. Scour a few websites to find free or very cheap items and make sure that the supplies you purchase are inexpensive but great quality.

Sometimes a piece of furniture just needs a fresh coat of paint, or some updated hardware, so your out of pocket costs shouldn’t be too high.

My favorite flip was taking four dining chairs and painting them a pretty mint color and adding seat cushions that I made myself. I bought all four dining chairs and supplies for less than $40 and sold them for $125! Plus, I did all of the work over the weekend! Not too shabby.

4) Freelance Writing

While freelancing writing may not be one of the first weekend side hustles that pop into your mind, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash!

With freelance writing, you can choose how many gigs you want to juggle a month. Writing one blog post can take you anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, so make sure you plan accordingly and charge your worth.

If you have a few clients a month, you could easily write most or all of your blog posts over a weekend or two. Freelancing writers charge anywhere from $25-$250 a blog posts, so this can easily become a lucrative gig in your spare time.

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6) Photography

If you’re good with a camera, photography is a great weekend side hustle to try out. The great thing about photography is that you can tailor it to suit your needs and the demand in your area.

For example, some areas are more popular for weddings, some are bustling with entrepreneurs in need of head shots, and some may need help with product photos or flat lays. There is always some work that you could find as a weekend photographer. You could even photograph cute little newborns!

While this is one of the weekend side hustles that can overlap into your week, as long as you stay organized and don’t overbook yourself, you should be able to handle this on the weekends.

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7) Outside Work

Are you good with your hands, and don’t mind being outside during different seasons? Well, you are in good shape for outside work! This is the best weekend side hustles option for those who love the sun, cold, or even rain.

You could mow lawns, rake leaves, clean pools, shovel snow, or even do a little gardening. There are tons of people in different neighborhoods who don’t have the time to do these tasks, or they aren’t able to by themselves. So why not help them out and earn yourself a few dollars?

This weekend side hustle will depend on how fast and efficient you are, and how many people you can juggle from weekend to weekend. If you charge $25 per lawn, pool, or driveway, and can handle 3-4 a day, you could make anywhere from $75-$200 each weekend!

So there you have it, a few weekend side hustles that you can do to earn more cash! Side hustling doesn’t have to take too much of your time, but it can offer you a few bucks to help pay off debt, save more money, or even treat yourself!

What’s going to be your next weekend side hustle?

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  1. Hey Derek, I’ve recently been contacted to do some consulting on the side! I’m super excited. Through the process, I’ve learned to never burn bridges, and to always by open to new opportunities. The consulting opportunity might be able to bring in $10k+ if I get enough work.

    Always be hustling and always be grinding!!!

  2. We love the idea of the side hustle! Really great stuff.


    Adam, @cinchfinancial

  3. I have implement all your ideas in my life and doing side hustle.

  4. All of these are great side hustle ideas! I never thought about furniture flipping as a side hustle before, but if you can make a profit on it then I am 100% for it!

    • Oh definitely! And if you can do a mild refurbish on it, you can make some great coin!!

  5. Great ideas! I actually signed up to be a Lyft driver last year. Although I only gave a few rides, I can definitely see how it could possibly turn into a full-time gig. One Saturday, I logged 1 hour worth of driving and earned $50! Not too shabby. The cool thing about Lyft is that you can receive tips through the app from your passengers.

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your experiences Tim! Do you think you’ll continue to drive for Lyft to earn more money?

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