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5 of the Best Hobbies to Have (or Begin!) for Earning Cash

Best Hobbies to Have for Earning CashIf you’re racking your brain to come up with a way to earn some extra money this month, the answer might be right under your nose.

Most of us either have a hobby we enjoy, or we had one, once upon a time.  Dig that instrument out of the closet and you’ll find that, like riding a bike, the basic knowledge is still there.  Rusty, but there.

This post was written by our talented regular writer, Jamie Jeffers.

5 of the Best Hobbies for Earning Cash

My music instructors passed on the often told advise that if I just put in 15 solid minutes of practice per day, I’d be a better musician than most.  Now I know that they were just trying to get me to pull my flute from its case.  The truth is, getting started is the whole hurdle.  Once you jump that, 15 minutes melts into 30 and beyond.

If you have knowledge about your pet hobby that surpasses most people’s understanding on the topic, you can probably make money from it.

Here are five hobbies that can be turned into money makers.

1) Music

I’ve already mentioned my own hobby, so we’ll start there.  Keep in mind that if your music education ends at fifth grade band, you’re going to have to dedicate a lot of practice time before this is a valid hobby turned money maker. But if you played well in high school, and particularly in college, you should be able to knock the rust off in shorter time.

It’s going to require some regular practice time before you’re ready to perform.  Slightly less time if you plan to teach.

Ideas for earning money making music include:

  • Performing at weddings
  • Playing for tips in coffee shops or street corners
  • Teaching lessons
  • Performing in churches

2) Baking

Do you enjoy baking?  If you get special requests for cupcakes from school, or people seek you out for cake ideas, you must have a gift.  

Kick it up a notch by taking a class from a local vocational school or community college.  Or even just major in baking by reading all you can about it online.

Once you’ve practiced your recipes and have a few perfect creations, you can start advertising.  If you choose to sell to people outside a small circle of family and friend, be sure to check into cottage food laws in your state.

You can bake items for:

  • Weddings
  • Showers
  • Birthdays
  • Business meetings
  • Teachers
  • Retirement celebrations

3) Home-brewing

Maybe baking is a bit too crafty for your taste.  But if you’re much of a beer drinker, chances are that you’ve considered creating your own home-brew recipe.

Maybe you’re already doing it. Home-brewing has taken off in the past few years.  Today there are over a million across America.  You can probably find a local home-brew shop to get more information on starting this hobby yourself.

And if you create a recipe that everyone raves about, you just might find a money maker.  Beer sales are, of course, highly regulated.  One way to get started is through Noble Brewers.  They choose the best recipes (you must have won at least one award for your recipe).  Then they pay you to license your recipe.  To work with legalities, they must brew it themselves and will distribute it to their subscribers.

Otherwise, check local regulations.  You may find it easiest to begin at a local beer festival.

4) Coding

Are computers more your thing?  Nearly everything requires a certain amount of computer knowledge these days. That doesn’t mean that everyone wants to spend their time learning the finer points of coding.

That’s why your services are in demand.  

Get your feet wet by taking jobs through Upwork.  Once you’ve built some confidence (and contacts), look for forums, blogs, and websites that will help you earn more money for your time.  Don’t take on more clients than you want or need.  

5) Gardening

That green thumb can be the ticket to more green in your wallet.  You can make money in a variety of ways if you’re good at gardening.

If you’ve got more produce than you could possibly eat, sell the extra at a farmer’s market.  If you only have a little extra, set a basket of veggies in the break room at work.  Leave a price list.  If you feel funny about it, charge less than they’d pay at the grocery store.  Your coworkers will be grateful that you not only saved them a stop on the way home, but you also saved them cash for fresher food.

Other ideas include selling:

  • fresh flowers
  • potted flowers
  • started plants for others to grow at home (peppers, tomatoes)
  • Jams, jellies, and other canned goods

Combine the fun of using a skill you easily use with making some extra cash.

Knocking the dust off an old hobby will remind you why you’ve enjoyed it so much.  And getting paid to have fun isn’t too shabby, either!

Do you enjoy one of these best hobbies for earning cash? Do you have another one to add to the list?

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  1. Hey Jamie, nice list. I’d add mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and raking leaves to your #5.

    When I was in college, my friend and I put up an ad on Craigslist to be “Movers” and made a few hundred bucks. People pay very well to have their stuff moved – We only charged $30 an hour, but most pay days were more like $40-50 a hour split between the two of us.

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