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My February 2017 Blog Income Report

If you ask me what I’m passionate about, I’d quickly respond with “Helping people with their personal finances.” And it all started with this simple blog back in 2010.

I absolutely love blogging. Each and every post I write has an impact on somebody.

It might help them realize that they need to:

  • get started on their retirement fund,
  • protect themselves with life insurance,
  • or even to love their money a little bit less, and their spouse a bit more.

The fact that I can earn money from blogging is simply icing on the cake. AND, I recently discovered that if I want to earn an unlimited income with my blog, all I have to do is focus on helping my readers with everything I do, and everything I recommend. EVERYTHING. With this approach I’ll earn my readers’ loyalty and trust, and with that trust, they’ll actually take action on the helpful products I’m recommending. It’s just that simple, and I’ve already seen this theory come to fruition in my February earnings.

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This page contains affiliate links.

Should You Start Your Own Blog?

You’re reading this income report because you want to know one thing: could this work for me?

The answer is simple. Absolutely yes!

You might not be the biggest techie or the best writer, but if you’ve got a story and a passion for your topic, then you’ve actually got a better chance at success than someone that might be more talented.

Imagine, you could:

  • make a difference in people’s lives, and
  • potentially earn money doing it

The easiest way to get started is through iPage, a web-host that only charges $23.88 for your entire first year of blogging. AND, the domain is free!

Need instructions? Check out this step-by-step tutorial.

Still want some more help? Check out my Start Your Own Blog page. There, you’ll find resources about how to sign up, design your page, and how to start making money! And, if you have any more questions, feel free to contact me via email through the “Contact” tab at the top of the page. I can’t wait to hear from you about your blog ideas!

It really is a blast to have a site of your own, and at such a low cost, what do you have to lose? Nothin!

My February 2017 Blog Income Report

My December income was great (I breached the $1,000 mark), my January income was a bit paltry (under $500), and this past February was headed back in the right direction. My February earnings = $643.34.

blog income report

The dollars weren’t huge, but almost all the income was generated via clicks and purchases through my site, which is exactly what we were going for! That proves that my readers are trusting my recommendations and feel comfortable taking action on the products offered through my site. SaaaWEEET!

So here’s what’s starting to happen:

  • People are trying out Motif, Personal Capital, and iPage
  • They’re absolutely loving the products and are telling their friends all about them
  • Then their friends head to my site and sign up for themselves!

And then the earnings just start to snowball!

Want to see how I earned $643 last month? Check out the details below!

Pay Per Click Ads

I’m not in love with Google ads or ads since I can’t control what they show my readers. So, I tuck them away at the bottom left hand side of my page. Surprisingly, they still provide me with a pretty decent income each month.

The ad block I’m most excited about these days is from MyFinance. Their recommended articles are high-quality, a great benefit to my readers, and the income is pretty fantastic!

Check out last month’s pay-per-click income below!

Google Adsense = $54.24

The month before last, Google Adsense netted me $71.93, which was higher than usual, thanks to the traffic from LifeHacker around my Debt Snowball tool. In February, the very same article got picked up by Business Insider (woot woot!!). The clicks weren’t quite as prevalent, but still produced an income of $54.24. Not too shabby. Ads = $15.73

This banner ad did awesome in November, December, and January, but really slowed down in February, with an income of just $15.73. You know a sure fire way to improve this? A crap-ton of new readers! Time to write some more amazing posts in March!

MyFinance = $177.37

This is by far my new favorite pay-per-click ad structure. With just a little bit of code, this company was able to set up recommended articles at the base of each of my posts. AND, the articles aren’t spammy or slutty, which is a huge plus over the competing companies that offer this service.

This has been a fantastic add to my site, and it earned me an additional $177.37 in February. Love it!

Want to add the MyFinance ad to your site? Let me know and I’ll connect you to them directly!

Affiliate Marketing

There are blogs out there that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each month (achhmmmm Michelle from Making Sense of Cents). They do this largely by referring readers to products that pay them a kick-back at no additional cost to the readers. These kick-backs are known in the blogging world as affiliate sales.

Affiliate sales are the key to an unlimited blogging income. So how can one make big money in the affiliate arena? They’ll need two things:

  1. Their readers’ trust – No reader is going to sign up for anything because a sleazeball acquaintance told them to buy something. People are typically led to a new purchase by a trusted friend.
  2. A high quality product – You can trust me all you want, but if I’m only selling ridiculous pinwheel hats on my site, you’re still not going to buy them. The products I’m recommending have to be awesome and I have to believe in them for you to be moved to make a purchase.

Thankfully, my readers are quite loyal and are definitely starting to trust my recommendations. AND, I’ve got some wicked awesome products that I love and can’t wait to recommend each week.

Check them out below!

iPage Affiliate Income = $0.00

Since sign-ups can fluctuate pretty severely from month to month, I decided to also track clicks through my affiliate iPage link.

  • October – 142 clicks, $105.00
  • November – 126 clicks, $0.00
  • December – 158 clicks, $210.00
  • January – 176 clicks, $0.00 (well, $65 with a BlueHost conversion)
  • February – 193 clicks, $0.00

Since October, my link clicks have increased by 36%! That’s pretty awesome!

Unfortunately, the sign-ups have been a different story. I had zero individuals sign up for their own blog this past month. I have to admit that I’m scratching my head a little bit over here. If clicks continue to increase, wouldn’t you think that I’d see some additional conversions as well?

In case you’re unsure about iPage, here’s some quick stats that should help:

  • According to, iPage outperforms Bluehost with an average review score of 3.4 stars out of 5 compared to Bluehost’s score of just 2.5
  • iPage is far cheaper at $1.99 a month vs. $3.95 per month at Bluehost
  • I have been running this site on iPage since 2010 and have always recommended it to my readers
  • This decision isn’t permanent. Sites can switch web hosts fairly easily. So there’s no need to sweat profusely over this decision.

If you want to start changing lives with your own blog, click on the banner below and use free my step-by-step instructions to sign up for just $23.88!

Motif Investing Affiliate Income = $46.00

Motif Investing is an amazing company. Instead of buying individual stocks – each with a trading fee – you can lump a bunch of stocks together in a motif and pay only one small fee! It’s genius! I honestly don’t know why anyone would trade any other way.

One intelligent individual agreed with me last month and decided to start trading smarter. Congrats my friend! Way to start investing in your future!

Earn Free Money with Motif Investing!

Not only does Motif offer a great platform for buying and selling stocks, they also offer some awesome promotions for new investors! So get signed up (by clicking the banner below), make some trades and earn some free money! Need some help? Use this FREE tutorial!

Personal Capital = $200

Are you a high-net worth individual? Are you invested in mutual funds, index funds, and bonds? Then I would highly recommend Personal Capital

You know That’s a great tool for tracking your budget. Personal Capital is the best tool out there to track your investments.

Here’s the problem I was having. I’m a pretty passive investor. For 95% of my portfolio, I look for low-cost diversified investments – typically mutual funds and index funds. They perform well, but I really didn’t know if my investments were allocated appropriately among high-cap, low-cap, International funds, and bonds since they were all invested under the umbrella of the mutual funds.

By simply signing up with Personal Capital (it’s free) and linking to my investment brokerage account, I was immediately able to see what percentage of my investments were in each sector. Check it out!

Personal Capital Allocation

After signing up and linking my accounts, I was able to see exactly where my money was:

  • Approximately 14% in Bonds
  • 10% in International Stocks
  • 7% in Alternatives (like gold and silver)
  • and the remaining 69% in U.S. stocks

Perfect! That’s exactly the allocation I was hoping for!

(And, FYI, by clicking on the allocation boxes, you can dig even deeper into each category)

Curious how well you’re allocated? Sign up for Personal Capital today!

Writing/Speaking = $0.00

I’m still focusing pretty heavily on this website, which means that I refuse to write elsewhere at the moment, but I have recently been asked to speak for a local company starting in March. So this “writing/speaking” income of $0 should jump pretty dramatically next month.

Direct Ads = $150

I turned down nine direct ad offers this month and accepted just one high-quality post for $150. The goal is to keep this number low and all the other affiliate numbers high. That way you (the readers) have an amazing experience on this site and I earn an unlimited income. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Total Website Earnings

In total, this blog earned $643.34 in February of 2017. Alright, so that’s not going to buy me a brand new Mercedes, but getting paid for something that’d I’d do for free is still pretty amazing! Thanks for helping me make it happen!

The Future of This Site

You know how you earn more money? You serve more people. If I want to earn more with this blog, I need to help more people achieve their goals and dreams.

This means:

  • More freebie tools to help you win with your budget (I added a couple more this past month — check out my Free Tools Page!)
  • Giveaways – I’m thinking about T-shirts, what do you think? (Seriously! Tell me!)
  • More helpful articles

Be sure to tell your friends about Life And My Finances, because there are some great things to come!

Thanks Friends! Can’t wait to share what I accomplish next month!

Income Reports


My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. Congrats on bringing the monthly income up a bit from January. Hopefully you’ve found your groove and can make some nice gains over the next few months.

    • I hope so, Stephen! Thanks for the congrats!

  2. The myFinance I’ll have to check out. Could you help me out? Seems to be making you some pretty good cash for not a lot of effort! Nice work on the Google Adsense as well! 🙂

    • Hi Erik. Yeah, it’s been awesome! I just sent your email to Kelsie, the MyFinance contact. I expect that she’ll reach out to you soon!

  3. Congrats! You’re blog is my favorite and I have told several FB friends to like you. They follow you now and enjoy your content. Keep up the great work!

    • Well thanks for spreading the word, Julie! I really appreciate it! I’ve got plenty of great posts coming, so stay tuned! 🙂

  4. Great results. I’ve never heard of My Finance, I’ll have to add this one to my list. Best of luck crushing these numbers in March.

    • I hadn’t heard of them either until they reached out to me (lucky me, huh?!). I’ll send them your contact info if you like. They’re very responsive and the set-up is super simple.

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