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Feng Shui Staging: Using an Ancient Art to Find a Buyer For Your Home

pay off the mortgage in 5 years or lessYou might be a bit skeptical at first but if you can open your mind and open your home to the benefits of Feng Shui techniques it could be the answer to finding a buyer for your property.

If you could sell your home quicker and maybe even sell it for a top price because of Feng Shui staging, it has to be an idea worth considering.

Here is a look at how to embrace the ancient art of Feng Shui and apply it to your home. Including an overview of what is behind the concept, how to evaluate the current vibe that your home is giving out, plus some tips on ways to create the right energy levels.

It’s all about wind and water

The phrase Feng Shui literally translates to wind and water and this ancient art is all about promoting good health and prosperity by working out the best way to make the energy flow in the best possible way.

You can apply this technique to your home and stage your home in a way that promotes this positivity and creates a vibe that buyers should be able to pick up on, inducing a more calming and comfortable feeling about your property as their next potential place to live.

How are you doing so far?

You might already be doing some things right and promoting positive energy with the way you have staged your home and garden or you might be sending out all the wrong signals when it comes to Feng Shui.

The first thing to do is to aim to take an impartial view from a distance of your home and write down the first impression it leaves on you if you can pretend that you are seeing the property for the very first time.

If you can get a friend to join you with the exercise and take separate notes, it would be interesting to see how your thoughts compare once you have been around the inside and outside of your home and identified what you consider to be positive and negative aspects.

What you are trying to do when using Feng Shui techniques is to sell a specific emotion to prospective buyers and one of the key areas to concentrate on is to identify the quality of energy associated with the main entrance to your home.

If you can manage to conjure that all-important first impression and create an entrance area that is both fresh and inviting, you are well on the way to putting your buyer in a positive frame of mind.

Better quality energy

Useful feedback on your Feng Shui can often be delivered when you invite someone like to provide a market evaluation, and if you work on getting that higher level of energy flowing beforehand, it is unlikely to go unnoticed.

Two ways to attract better quality energy into your home would be to think fresh and green.

What this means is to invest in some landscaping that instantly makes your home look more natural and inviting and to carry on this theme by adding fresh flowers and lush plants to enhance the feeling of space and natural energy.

Clear the clutter

If there is one thing, in particular, that is going to interrupt any potential Feng Shui energy more than anything else it’s going to be having too much clutter in your home.

Keep in mind the mantra that less is more, and if you really want to show your home off in the best possible light you need to clear the clutter and allow buyers to see the true potential of the space available.

You don’t have to go all out to create a minimalist look as that will often go too far the other way and give an unwelcome impression of coldness. Settle for a happy medium that has some personal touches around your home but without crowding out your space with too many things on display.

Your bathroom is a good example of how to apply a Feng Shui approach. Make sure you hide all your personal items away from view, as buyers don’t want to see these things, but try to create a spa feel with some great smells and some greenery for a bit of calmness.

Embracing Feng Shui techniques is not that complicated but it can be rewarding, the main thing to remember is to try and create a feeling of good energy in your home and how it flows through the property.

Georgia Leonard is a realtor who shares her spiritual side with willing clients whether she’s encouraging Feng Shui or simply a good dose of positive thinking! Her interesting articles appear on a variety of property and lifestyle blogs.



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