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4 Solid Benefits of Dog Walking Through

4 benefits of dog walkingIdeally, generating side income should be simple, straightforward, and fun. In reality, many part-time gigs drain your time and energy more than you’d expect. That’s why using an existing infrastructure to find work can be a great solution. The gig economy is making flexible, lucrative work more and more accessible. is a perfect example.

4 Solid Benefits of Dog Walking through

The site offers pet care services, focused specifically on pet-sitting provided by local dog lovers. When you sign up on, you can select the services you want to provide. Becoming a dog walker on the site is an easy way to start generating money immediately, while doing enjoyable work. There are many benefits to becoming a Rover dog-walker.

Written by Nat Smith, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

Be Your Own Boss

Set your own limits, working as often as you please and selecting the clients you wish to work with. You can schedule several walks a day to maximize your income, or do a quick daily walk for the same pup every morning on your way to work. You’ll never have to take a client you don’t feel comfortable with, or work when you need the day off! You have all the benefits of working for yourself with the structural support of an existing company that handles all the nitty-gritty of the booking process.

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Complete Flexibility

You can keep your day job, work from home, go to classes, and do all the other things you usually do. Each drop-in or walk could take just ten to thirty minutes, depending on the client’s needs. And after a brisk walk, you’ll return to your other tasks invigorated and ready to work! When you set your availability, you can note how many walks and drop-ins you’re able to do in any given day.

As requests roll in, you can select those that work best for you–be sure to keep your profile and calendar updated so you attract the best requests for you. Make adjustments whenever you’d like, so that you can balance your income and hours to suit your needs.

Develop Marketable Skills

Dog walking will help you hone valuable skills to continue expanding your financial independence. Providing customer service, improving your rapport with human and canine clients, and working one-on-one with dogs are abilities that easily transfer to other ventures. You can offer overnight pet-sitting services with, offer to groom animals for an additional fee, or simply expand your clientele as your expertise grows.

And, you never know who you’ll meet – dog walking can be an incredible way to network, too! Stay alert to new opportunities, and adapt quickly to ensure that you can take advantage as they arise. However you choose to apply your newfound talents, your work as a dog walker could have a far-reaching impact on your career.

Set Your Own Rates

There’s no exact formula to set the best rates, but you should plan a target rate based on how much you’d like to be making per hour. Factor in your travel time and a small cushion for each visit.

When you begin, you might start with more competitive rates so that you can gain experience and garner reviews from owners. Over time, you can make adjustments. You’ll likely meet and exceed your target within two or three months of regular dog-walking—and if your booking slots are regularly filling up, the sky’s the limit! Be sure to offer loyalty discounts to your best clients, but remember that you are offering a valuable service and charge accordingly.

Working through Rover is incredibly rewarding, not just financially but also for your health and happiness. Not only will you get to spend your days looking after pups; the site makes managing your business remarkably easy. After setting your rates and availability and filling out your profile, you’ll wait for offers to roll in. Rover offers exceptional support to all its caregivers: you can get your questions answered, connect with other sitters, and communicate quickly and efficiently with customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your future into your own hands and start getting paid to walk!

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  1. I have not tried dog walking through Rover yet, but I do dog sit all the time via the app. I have used the app for over a year now to dog sit on the side, and it has become one of my best side hustles. I might have to give dog walking through the app a try too.

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