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8 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Save Money on Fall Fun

When the first leaf of the season drops to the ground, some people declare it “Pumpkin Everything Season!!”  If it’s not you, I bet someone you know fits that description to a T.

You don’t have to be a pumpkin lover to want to make the most of the fall season.  Like most things in life, you can choose to splurge or save on this season.  But I’m here to argue that you can pack a ton of fun into your autumn without spending a fortune.

This post has been written by our fabulous staff writer, Jamie Jeffers.

8 Ways to Save Money on Fall Fun

In fact, here are 8 crazy simple ways to invest yourself in the season without emptying your wallet.

save money on fall funHost a Bonfire

Fire?  Food on a stick?  Cozy flannels and warm drinks?  What’s not to love!

Assuming you don’t need a pricey burn permit for a small recreational fire in your area, you can host a fun party without a lot of cost.  If you don’t have sticks on your property to burn a fire, you can usually grab a pack of firewood at your local grocery or convenience store.  

Add some s’mores fixings along with hot dogs or brats.  You know you can’t have a proper bonfire without them!  Pick up some of your favorite drinks or ask everyone to BYOB.

Other ideas:

  • Wrap canned biscuits around a dowel rod.  Once it’s cooked through, pull it from the dowel and fill the hole with jelly or honey.
  • Ask friends to bring a cornhole set or other backyard games.
  • String Christmas lights in trees or along the deck for added lighting.
  • Add music and conversation!

Pinterest Is Your Friend

Looking for ways to make your home reflect the season?  Don’t bother heading to the store for pricey decorations.  Instead, check out Pinterest for a wealth of ideas.  

Seriously, you’re going to be surprised at the way bloggers can turn sticks from your yard into beautiful decor.


If fall isn’t fall without heading to your favorite festival, try to avoid paying full price.  Start at Groupon and look for discount tickets.  Some festivals offer a discount on certain days of the week.  Or they may sell cheaper tickets at grocery stores or credit unions.

It’s surprising how often a quick Google search can save you a nice chunk of money.

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Cut Back

While our family is paying off debt, we’re cutting back on everything.  That makes our occasional splurges feel like bigger treats than ever.  

This year, pick only your absolute favorite haunted houses and fall festivals to attend.  Everyone will enjoy them that much more, and your budget will thank you.


Have you bought costumes from the store lately?  It’s disappointing.  More often than not, you’ll spend $20 for a flimsy piece of fabric that gets ripped in hours.

Instead, get creative!  The internet is full of fantastic ideas for costumes you can make using things you have on hand.  If you do end up buying pieces for your costume, get items you can use again and again.  Or shop a thrift store for a bargain.

Backyard Camping

Are the kids begging for an adventure?  They love spending time with you!  And you don’t have to pay money to make it happen.

Pull out your tent (or borrow one!) and set it up in the backyard.  Make a “no screens” rule and pass the time telling stories or playing games together.

Psst…if you hate camping, you can totally get away with hanging a sheet in the living room instead! This is one of our absolute favorite ways to save money on fall fun, and I bet you’ll love it too!

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Love football, but don’t love the price of tickets?  Why not tailgate with some buddies and bring the TV into the yard?  Hang with the guys and yell at the players without the cost.

If you can’t get enough of live sports, check out local teams.  Many high school or smaller college football games are exciting to watch at a fraction of the price.

Make Your Own PSL

No, pumpkin spice lattes don’t have pumpkin in them.  (Was I the only one not surprised to learn that?)  But that just makes them easier to duplicate at home!

Here’s a recipe for a quick and easy homemade pumpkin spice latte.  But why stop there?  Grocery marketers are adding pumpkin spice to everything these days.  If you love it that much, keep some in a shaker to add to whatever you like.  (Ice cream topping, anyone?)

Fun doesn’t have to be expensive.  

Enjoy your favorite parts of fall without going into debt to do it all!

What are you doing to save money on fall fun?

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