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How to Save Money on Your Bills Without the Hassle

You always hear of ways to save money on your bills. But sometimes, these tips and tricks include making a ton of calls, almost freezing to death (just to save a few pennies on energy costs), and constantly haggling just to save a dollar. But, how do you save money on your bills without the hassle?

How to Save Money on Your Bills Without the Hassle

This post has been written by our staff writer, Kimberly Studdard. It may contain affiliate links.

Switch Providers

If you are tired of the endless calls, constant back and forth, and/or crappy customer service, switch providers! While this may not work for all of your bills, it should work for a least some. For example, if you find that your car insurance rates keep going up instead of down, and it’s not due to you, get quotes on other insurance companies. If you find one with the same coverage for less, switch!

This is what I did when I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. I was tired of paying crazy amounts for data that I had to use, and for phones I didn’t want. By switching to T-Mobile, I now save over $100 a month, and I get unlimited everything! Plus, I’m not looped into a contract, so I can leave at any time (although I doubt I ever will). A simple switch really can help you save money on your bills without the hassle.

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save money on your bills without the hassle fbTake Advantage Of Deals

If you have been a loyal customer to a company, they may be able to cut you a deal and help you save money on your bills without the hassle. A quick call or email saying how much you love a company can make all the difference. I’ve done this for cable companies (when I had cable), home repairs, and even renters insurance.

You can even use this tactic for saving on subscription services, rental services, and more, although I know that doesn’t really count towards your regular bills. But hey, saving money is saving money right?

Automate It

Did you know that some companies offer you discounts for automating payments or paying in full? My car insurance, electricity bill, and water bill are all automated, and for good reason! I can save anywhere from 10-30% just by paying them in full from my bank account each month.

If you are worried about a fluctuation in usage and bills, this may not be the best option for you. But my bills have all stayed pretty steady – and mostly dropped – in the last 3 years, so I’m comfortable doing this.

I pay my car insurance every 6 months, and I pay it in full when it’s due. This saves me a little over $200 every time. As for my electric and water bill, paying them automatically on the 1st each month gives me a 5% discount on electric and 15% discount on water every month.

Some companies may not offer this incentive, but it never hurts to ask, or switch if you can find a company that does.

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Use A Service

If you don’t like calling, emailing, or signing up for automation, there are companies out there that will negotiate your bills for you. Talk about the easiest way to save money on your bills without the hassle! While there are a few different companies out there, my favorite is BillCutterz.

Why is it my favorite? Because they don’t charge me anything unless they save me money. I don’t have to pay a monthly fee, and I don’t have to pay them for calling someone on my behalf. If they don’t save me money, they get absolutely nothing. If you think about it, that’s a huge incentive for them! Why be in business if you can’t get paid?

BillCutterz will call your companies on your behalf, negotiate with who they need to, and aim to save you an average of 25-35% off your bills. If they can save you money, you split the savings with them 50/50. So, you can either pay them their half upfront and receive a 10% discount, or split the savings with them every month for 12 months. After that 12 months, even if the savings continue, you won’t owe them a dime. Pretty easy and simple!

Those are my top tips to help you save money on your bills without the hassle. Don’t spend hours on the phone or even years wasting your energy trying to save a few pennies!

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  1. 10 to 30% savings from simply automating payments? I automate everything I can and are not getting ANY monthly discounts. Or are you talking about avoidance of late charges if you forget to pay, and automating payments eliminates that risk? Can you give us a list of companies giving you this benefit?


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