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12 Frugal Winter Activities To Do Before It’s Over

Even though Christmas has passed, that doesn’t mean winter is done just yet. While the cold is still here, these are 12 frugal winter activities to do before winter is over!

12 Frugal Winter Activities To Do Before It’s Over

This post was written by our staff writer, Kimberly Studdard.

#1. Bake

Who doesn’t like fresh baked goods in the winter? This is a fan favorite for frugal winter activities, and you can bake just about anything you want. Cookies, cakes, even brownies. You can serve your newly baked goods with a glass of warm (or ice cold) milk and enjoy them next to the fire!

#2. Visit The Library

Your local library may have quite a few frugal winter activities that you can do with your family! From mom and me classes to winter arts and crafts, you are bound to find something that you and your family can all enjoy while staying warm.

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frugal winter activities#3. Go Ice Skating

Do you have an ice rink near you? Then try ice skating! It may take some getting used to, especially if you’ve never done it, but it’s a fun and thrilling winter activity. Best part? Ice skating is typically super cheap too, especially if you rent your shoes instead of buying them. Plus, you can typically skate around for however long you want, which means you can make the activity an all day one if you really wanted to.

#4. Try Indoor Camping

Love the outdoors but don’t want to go out when it’s too cold? Camp inside. Pitch a tent, have campfire fare, and play a few songs on your guitar if you have one. You can even try “glamping” inside, and watch a movie with your family while hiding in the tent.

#5. Play In The Snow

Feeling a little bold? If it’s snowing where you are, go out and play. Release your inner child and take advantage of this free winter activity. You could build a makeshift igloo, build a snowman, or even have a snowball fight. Plus, you can do this activities with kids if you have them, or even just with friends.

#6. Paint The Snow

Want to take things even further? Have you ever tried painting snow? It’s easier (and even more fun) than it sounds. You can use spray bottles, or even clean ketchup bottles, to paint the snow any color you want. Have an art competition, draw some colorful snowmen in the snow, or just sign your name. This is one of those fun frugal winter activities for anyone, and it’s so easy to do.

#7. Make Hot Chocolate & S’mores

Winter is the perfect time to settle in with hot chocolate and s’mores. Plus, it’s such an easy and frugal winter activity. You can even make s’mores with different kinds of chocolates and fillings, but don’t skimp on the marshmallows. This is a great family activity, and you can use a s’mores kit or even just toast your marshmallows right over your stove or in your oven.

#8. Have A Photo Shoot

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a photo shoot in the snow? Take some time before winter ends and give it a try! It doesn’t have to be a professional shoot either. Grab your phone, decide on who will be the picture taker, and snap away. You’ll have memories to last a lifetime, and photos for ages.

#9. Go Sledding

This is one of the ultimate frugal winter activities. If you grew up around snow, chances are that you went sledding during the winter. Not only is this activity completely free, but it’s also fun to do if you have lots of hills and time to play around.

#10. Volunteer

Want to have fun and do something good? Volunteering is the perfect way to do both. You’ll be able to serve your community, have fun while helping others, and involve the whole family if you choose to do so. Plus, you can choose how you want to serve your community better, by volunteering at a soup kitchen, animal organization, women’s shelter, or other organization.

#11. Have A Potluck

Invite your closest friends and family over and have a potluck. Bonus points if you make “winter-friendly” foods or have a cookoff. Everyone will have fun, get their bellies full, and have a good time away from the cold. Plus, who doesn’t love leftovers?

#12. See A Winter Play

If you live near a community college or small theater, you’ll most likely be able to check out the winter plays that they put on. Not only are tickets usually inexpensive, but you’ll also have a unique date night or family outing. And, you’ll support actors in your local area, and can even score some cheap merchandise and food during intermission.

These frugal winter activities are fun, inexpensive, and great ways to bond with family and friends. Try them out before winter ends and create memories for the many winters to come.

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  1. AH, indoor camping! We used to do that as a kid… I should pull out our tent and set it up for our son now! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • Think I should try it with our 21 month old? She might be young, but I really want to try it before summer hits! Almost camping season again! 🙂

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