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27 Ways My Readers (actual people!) Earn Extra Money

Want to earn extra money? Give skydiving lessons. Enter a 25k run and win. Tutor kids in calculus… If you didn’t catch the sarcasm, then you must be an incredibly athletic, semi-genius type of person…or you’re just completely gullible and believe everything you read on the internet…

For the rest of us, these ways of earning money are absolutely ludicrous…and that’s how a lot of these types of articles feel, don’t they? The title might be something like, “87 Great Ways to Make More Money”, and when you count up the things you are actually qualified to do, your selection plummets to like, 3…which means that article wasn’t nearly as helpful as it boasted itself to be.

27 Ways My Readers (actual people!) Earn Extra Money

So I decided to do something a little different. Instead of just writing an article myself with all my hair-brained ideas (that may or may not be useful), I decided to reach out to my readers to see what they were actually doing to earn extra money these days. Thanks to the response of 18 different individuals (thanks all!!), I amassed a fantastic list of 27 ways my readers actually earn extra money.

Check ’em out!

earn extra money1) Watch Craigslist for Free Items and Sell Them

If you know the going rates for certain items and see them for on Craigslist for free, go pick them up immediately and resell them!

2) Play Music

Okay…so not everyone can do this, but a few of my readers are, so it must not be that difficult!!

Are you pretty good with an instrument (or can sing pretty stinkin’ well)? Do a few gigs for bars, play in a concert, for a graduation, or for a wedding. There are plenty of events that pay for live music!

3) Churn credit cards

I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, but playing the credit card game can earn you a few hundred bucks here and there. All you have to do is sign up, get paid your 20,000 points (or whatever it is), choose how you want to get paid (a gift card is usually best), receive it, close the account, and then do it all over again with a different card.

(FYI – this will hurt your credit score because of all your short-term credit cards)

4) Pet Sit for Dogs and Cats

I love this one. Watching dogs and cats is so easy, and kind of fun too! Just keep them in your house for a week or so (or check on them at the owner’s house), and you could earn $150+! BOOM!

Helpful Link: How to Start a Pet Sitting Business

5) Sell Vegetables Out of Your Own Garden

If you love gardening and eating from your own garden, then chances are that you also harvest more than you can possibly consume. Solution? Sell the rest!

Helpful Link: Making Money From Your Vegetable Patch

6) Sell Old Stuff Online

If you haven’t sold anything out of your house for a couple years, then you’re probably sitting on $1,000 worth of stuff that you really don’t need anymore. Take a half-day to purge and list some stuff on Craigslist or eBay. You’ll feel better about your newly-enlarged home AND you’ll have extra cash in your pocket!

7) Nursing on the Side

One of my readers is a nurse for a living. If this is you, your side gig is pretty simple — do more nursing. You could either work overtime at your current place of employment or find some off-hours somewhere else, but the end result is the same. Mega bucks!

8) Deliver Pizza for Dominos

You can deliver pizza for anyone of course, but my reader works for Dominoes on the side to earn extra money. After a quick search, it looks like the base pay is $8 an hour plus tips. So I figure as a driver you could earn $15 an hour pretty easily. Not too shabby!

9) Cash Back Checking

It’s not going to make you millions, but it’s pretty easy to earn extra money here!

  • Sign up with a credit union that’s offering 3% interest on checking account balances
  • Save up some decent money in that account (like, $15,000)
  • Do the little things that they require (check your account a few times a month, make at least 10 transactions, etc.)
  • Earn $450 every year! BOOM!

10) Pet Sit for Horses

Quite a few people still own horses today, and those people still like to travel once in a while…which means they need someone that can come over and care for their horses while they’re gone. If you know a little something about horses and can feed them, give them water, keep them clean, etc. etc., the going rate looks to be between $50 and $100 a day with just two trips (for the AM and PM feeding). Not too bad, especially if you love horses!!

Helpful Link: 4 Tips For Offering Horse-Sitting Services That Stand Out

11) Private Yoga in People’s Homes

Do you absolutely love yoga and enjoy teaching others? I absolutely would have never thought about this as a way to earn extra money, but my readers have! And really, it’s quite ingenious. You don’t need to haul around any equipment or rent out a huge space. You just show up with your mat, find an open area (like most living rooms), and start doing yoga!

Helpful Link: 16 Ways Yoga Teachers Can Make More Money

earn extra money yoga

12) Substitute Teach

If you don’t work during the day, and you’re open to teaching once in a while for the local school, why not try to substitute teach once in a while? You get paid for the whole day, no one really expects that much of you, and you even have the option to decline the gig if you don’t feel like wrangling kids that day. It’s not going to earn you millions, but it makes for some good spending money!

Helpful Link: Learn How to Become a Substitute Teacher

13) Make Logos on Fiverr

I was pretty impressed to find out that one of my readers was designing logos and earning about $1,000 a month. If you’re gifted with graphic design and can quickly whip up quality logos for businesses all over the world, you might want to try your hand at this too!

14) Offer Sewing Services

Are you pretty crafty with the sewing machine? Sewing is definitely a dying art, so if you can make dresses or alterations, this is probably your ticket to earn extra money.

15) Making Crafts

My mom actually used to do this for decades. She’d make quiet books, dolls, washcloths, kitchen towels, beach towels, door draft stoppers, and probably many other things that I just can’t think of. At every local craft show, she’d earn about $150. Not huge money, but nothing to sneeze at either!

16) Collect Bottles and Cans to Sell for Recycling

If you don’t care at all what people think, then yes, you can look in trash cans, dumpsters, and keep your eyes peeled on the sides of the road for bottles and cans that have a deposit. In Michigan, we can actually return bottles and cans for $0.10 a piece, but apparently I’ve just become too snobby to do this. Either that, or I’ve switched my focus to bigger money-makers that are more worth my time (like my rental house project).

But, if you want to earn a few bucks without thinking too hard, then have at it. Collect those bottles and cans.

earn extra money

17) Buy at an Outlet Store and Sell on eBay

Did you know there’s actually a guy that has built an entire business on this premise? He buys up clearance items from Walmart and re-sells them on Amazon and eBay for a profit. His earnings per year? More than 6-figures…. Crazy, but totally legit.

18) Become a Licensed Smog and Emissions Checker

Dang, my readers are interesting! One of them has become a licensed smog and emissions technician in the state of California. Basically, he works for the state and checks out the cars’ emissions quality. If it’s below the standard, the cars fail and aren’t permitted on the road. If they pass, they’re good to go! Sounds like an interesting side gig to me!

Helpful Link: How to Get Smog Technician Certified in California

19) Simply Work Part-time

I have one reader that’s an early retiree. He’s 53 years old and has a nice nest egg saved up for himself. Really, he and his wife could live on their nest egg, but in an effort to earn extra money (just to be safe), his wife works as a part-time financial advisor. She loves it, and it provides them with a decent income without working crazy hours.

20) Rental Income

Ahhh, my favorite! Rental income. It’s a very simple business model, but it’s one of the most effective ways to earn extra money today – especially from a passive income perspective.

All you have to do is:

  1. Save up a bunch of money (this is the hardest part)
  2. Buy a deal on a house (or duplex, multiplex, apartment complex, etc.)
  3. Fix it up
  4. Advertise it for rent
  5. Collect the cash! (and fix the sink every once in a while)

21) Withdraw from Retirement Savings

If you’re 59 1/2 or older, you can simply withdraw whatever amount you want from your 401(k) or IRA without penalty. This, no doubt, provides a nice easy way to earn extra money in your older age.

But what if you’re not 59 1/2? Can you still withdraw from your 401(k) without penalty?

This answer might surprise many of you….but, yup!

It’s not very well-known, but under section 72(t) of the 401(k) rules, one can withdraw equal predetermined amounts from their 401k without penalty from any age up to 59 1/2 (where you can then withdraw freely). So, even if you’re not all that old, you could still technically earn extra money by taking it out of your 401k.

22) Become an Adjunct Professor

Ever thought about becoming a professor, but never went back for your PhD? No worries! As an adjunct professor, you really just need real-world experience and maybe an MBA. The pay isn’t amazing, but you could earn an extra $8,000 a year by teaching part-time. And, if you love doing it, the money is just icing on the cake!

Helpful Link: How to Become an Adjunct Professor: Job, Education, Salary

23) Buy and Sell Furniture (or restore furniture)

This option has two avenues. You could either:

Either way works, and both could earn you a very nice income! Heck, these ideas could even replace your day job!

24) Rent Out Spare Bedroom on AirBNB

Do you love hosting people as well as earn extra money? Why not do both by renting out a spare bedroom on AirBNB? I admit it’s not for everyone, but my reader earns $800-$1,000 a month doing just this! It’s not difficult and it really doesn’t take that much time. All you need is extra space!

Helpful Link: How to Rent Your Home on AirBNB and Earn Some Extra Travel Cash

earn extra money AirBNB

25) Manage AirBNB rentals

….and, once you have some experience renting out your own space on AirBNB, you’ll probably fascinate people enough that they’d like to rent out their space too! Manage it for them and earn an additional $300-$500 of their profits.

26) Serve Food/Drinks at Local Hockey Stadium

Want to earn extra money? To my surprise, serving food and drinks at your local stadium can do just that, and for quite a wad of cash too! The reader that sent me this nugget served for her local hockey team in Calgary, and she earned an extra $1,000-$1,500 a month! BOOM!

27) Rent Out Decorations for Weddings

If you’ve had a wedding of your own, or if you simply like to host parties, you probably have a ton of decorations laying around that hardly ever get used! The solution, rent them out for cash! You could do this by word of mouth, post your rental on Craigslist, or find a shop in town where you can rent out your decorations on consignment.

What About You? What Do You Do to Earn Extra Money?

Well that was quite the list, but I know there are more ways that all of you are earning extra money out there! Tell us in the comments below. Maybe we can take this list to 50…no, 75….nahhhh, let’s got for 100 ways to earn extra money!

What do you do to earn extra money???

Annnnnd, go!

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My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. One nationally known PF advisor who I respect (for debt advice but not for investment advice)frequently says to get a second job delivering pizza for $10 per hour. Now in my neck of the woods, no pizza delivery person earns anywhere near that much per hour. Many people do not tip and if they don’t have a company vehicle they have to figure wear and tear on their car even if the store pays for gas. At any rate, the job will get someone more income but it isn’t likely they’ll get rich. Other suggestions in your article are interesting as always.

    • You just have to be creative and start making extra money in the way you know how! Thanks for the comment, Kathy!

  2. Wow! Amazing readers you have here who are earning online. My extra income comes from blogging and snapping shopping receipts. It’s fun getting rebates and being able to cash it out. Happy earning to all of us!

    • Yeah, I know! So many inventive ways. I love it! Sounds like you’ve got some earnings going yourself. Nice job!

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