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7 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your New Keurig

“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.” ~Donna A. Favors

Because I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to buy new technology until it’s been around for a while, we recently got our first Keurig.  There are many options out there nowadays when it comes to these coffee makers, so we got ours at a great price.

I’m never opposed to spending money on things that will bring you joy.  (Especially if you’ve put thought into it and pulled from your budget rather than using credit for some instant gratification!)  But when I invest in a gadget like a Keurig, I want it to work hard for me.

7 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your New Keurig

This post has been written by Jamie Jeffers, our incredibly talented (and apparently low-tech 😉 ) staff writer!

So far, I’ve been pleased with this little coffee maker!  Count me as a huge coffee lover (people look in my cup to see if I’m ready to carry on a conversation each morning).  Still, I was always happy with my old faithful Mr. Coffee machine.

But when I found out how many other things you can do with your Keurig, I was sold.

Be sure you’re getting the most out of your new Keurig with these 7 cost effective (and just plain neat) ideas!!

getting the most out of your keurig1) Register Your Machine

When you open your new machine, be sure to register it right away.  In return, you’ll receive coupons, including one for half off your next beverage order!  This is also a good way to stay on top of things like recalls.

2) Reusable Baskets

Disposable K-Cups make this coffee maker super convenient.  But they can be super expensive.  So you’ll want to invest in a reusable K-Cup.  In fact, I found a 4 pack of plastic pods.  That’s handy, because I can pull them from the dishwasher and refill them when I’m awake.  

Then they‘re ready to go in the morning.  (And nearly as convenient as the prepackaged stuff!)

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3) K-Cups

If you want to buy real deal K-Cups (we like to keep at least some on hand for coffee emergencies), you don’t have to settle for paying full price.

  • You can often find closeout deals on K-Cups at discount stores like Ollie’s or Big Lots.  
  • Try to subscribe and save from Amazon.
  •  And buy in bulk when you find a great deal.  (Especially at the end of December when many stores run them on sale.)

4) Club Keurig

Are you a proud coffee snob?  Then you might as well be rewarded for all of your K-Cup purchases!  Start getting the most out of your new Keurig by joining Club Keurig for discounts on your favorite coffee pods.

5) Hot Water

My favorite “secret” about the Keurig is that you don’t even need a K-Cup at all!  Leave that compartment empty (check to make sure the last guy didn’t leave an old pod in there!).  Put a cup down and catch hot water from the machine.

Why would you do that?  Well, the hot water you’ll get from your Keurig is perfect for many of those things that usually have you boiling water in a pot.  

Try this hot water the next time you want to make jello, hummingbird food, or instant oatmeal!

6) Brew Your Own

Start getting the most out of your new Keurig by brewing your own stuff!

Making tea with your Keurig is simple.  Just put your favorite flavored tea bag into a cup and let the hot water run in.  It’s easier than getting a kettle together!

Letting the kids get their own hot chocolate is easy, too.  Just add a small amount of hot water to the cup, pour in your favorite hot chocolate packet, and fill the rest of the cup with milk.  This gets the hot chocolate to just the right temperature with room for plenty of marshmallows!  

(Obviously you’ll need to be careful with young kids so they don’t get burned by the hot water.)

For a change of pace, try hot apple cider packets on a cold winter day.

7) Brown Bag It

Packing a lunch is a quick way to save money.  And for people who can’t find the time to throw food in a bag, the Keurig at work might help!  Grab some K-Cup soups or noodles and let the Keurig cook your food while you sit through that meeting (that could have been an email).

Use these tips to make your Keurig purchase work harder for you!

That coffee maker isn’t just for breakfast use any more!  Get creative, and you’ll find that you can use your Keurig to make life easier in many ways.

How are you getting the most out of your new Keurig?

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  1. Thank you for mentioning reusable k cups! I have hated Keuriga for the mountains of plastic they leave behind!

    • For sure!

  2. Very good article with great advice.
    I’m a coffee-fiend…I drink about 5 cups a day from my Ninja coffee brewer.
    Keep up the good work!

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