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How to Afford Your Dream Honeymoon on a Budget

dream honeymoon on a budgetSo you’re planning your wedding, and everything is going well, until you realize you have to pay for your honeymoon too. Weddings add up in costs, but adding in a honeymoon makes them even more expensive. That’s one of the reasons many choose to skip their honeymoons. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have your dream honeymoon on a budget, even after paying for a wedding!

How to Afford Your Dream Honeymoon on a Budget

This article has been written by our staff writer, Kimberly Studdard.

Just imagine: you recited the vows, you sealed it with a kiss, you stuffed cake in your spouses face…and now it’s time to skip town and experience life together as a new couple! It just can’t be beat! 

Don’t skip the honeymoon! Embrace it and just figure out how you can make it affordable. Learn how to afford your dream honeymoon on a budget and go have the time of your life! Here’s how you can do it.

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1) Plan Ahead

Your dream honeymoon on a budget will take a little more planning on your part, because you want to make sure you’re getting the best deals and paying the least amount of money possible. To do so, it’s important to plan ahead. I’m not saying you have to spend two years planning a honeymoon, but at least 6 months should do it. By planning ahead, you can give yourself time to find better deals, like cheaper flights or a more affordable hotel room.

2) Choose The Best Time

Everyone knows not to visit a tropical place during the winter, because everyone will be there trying to thaw out. Based on where you want to go, plan your honeymoon during the off-peak times of your destination. For example, the weeks after spring break are the perfect time to go to Mexico, when prices are slashed to get more people in. Thinking of Paris? Your best bet is going between November and March.

When you choose to travel during the off season, you can score better deals. In order to draw more people in during the off-season, many hotels, airlines, and more will slash prices in order to encourage people to buy.

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3) Create A Registry

This is one of the easiest ways to have your dream honeymoon on a budget. Ask for it! My husband and I did this in lieu of presents, because we didn’t need them. We had already lived together for over 4 years, so another spoon set would have done us no good. Instead, we asked that our guests either donate to our favorite charities, or if they felt so inclined, to pay towards our honeymoon registry. Some people did both (and we were very grateful!).

Due to our guests chipping in to our honeymoon registry, we were able to save over $500 on our honeymoon, money that went straight into our savings. We had our dream honeymoon on a budget simply because we asked!

4) Choose Airbnb

One of the best decisions you can make to have your dream honeymoon on a budget is to choose an Airbnb over a hotel. While hotels aren’t bad, they don’t come with a lot of amenities, especially if you plan on staying for more than a few days. Plus, getting to know the locals and finding hidden (and affordable) things to do or eat is always a great choice, which an Airbnb can offer.

While many Airbnbs have you stay with your host, there are plenty that offer private basements (with private access), guest houses, cottages, and more. You could even rent a studio apartment for the same price as a hotel, with more room and more options, like a kitchen, which will save on food costs.

5) Take A Cruise

Want to go to multiple islands but don’t want to spend a lot of cash on flights, hotels, and more? Try a cruise. Sure, many days you’ll be on the water, but most cruises are all-inclusive, which means you can eat and drink as much as you want, and you’ll be able to visit many different places without paying a premium.

Want a little more pizazz on your cruise? Try going on a specific cruise like a Disney Cruise, a themed cruise (great if you’re a lover of a particular show or era), or even a foodie cruise. Just because you spend most of your time on a ship, doesn’t mean you have to do it boringly.

6) Use An App

Most people have a smartphone these days, and it can help you score some incredible deals for your dream honeymoon on a budget. Apps like Skyscanner and Hopper alert you when airline flights to your destination drop to an affordable level. Need to find a quick bite to eat? Yelp and Tripadvisor will give you options, and they’ll even show you places that align with your budget. Using your smartphone can help you save money, find better deals, and easily plan a better dream honeymoon on a budget.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a honeymoon, and you certainly don’t have to go broke to enjoy being a newlywed.

You can have your dream honeymoon on a budget, you just have to use tips like these and a little persistence!

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