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If You Really Want to Get Out of Debt, Stop Trying to Sell Those Poop-Stained Onesies

“Sell your CD’s, old books, clothing, and beat up kid toys to get yourself out of debt!”…proclaim many of the personal finance blogs out there… Sure, this will earn you some money, but in the end it’s hardly worth the 20 hours of effort to earn that whopping $40. Instead of selling all the crap that you never use and that nobody else wants, why not put in some real effort and sell the good stuff to get out of debt? I mean c’mon, if you really want to get ahead in life, to save up those college dollars for your kiddos, and to go on those vacations of a lifetime without selling your soul to MasterCard…if you REALLY want to get out of debt, it’s time to get real and sell all the stuff people acyually want (ie. make some REAL money – and fast!)!!

If You Really Want to Get Out of Debt…It’s Time to Sell the Good Stuff

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Those poop-stained onesies…they’re not going to sell, and they’re certainly not going to get you out of debt. Instead of trying to get yourself out of debt 10 cents at a time, it’s time to get serious.


  1. Go after the big stuff,
  2. get rid of all that consumer debt in less than a year, and then
  3. get on with our lives already.

OR, if you’d rather hang onto your shackles of debt for 20 years instead, then you can just stop reading this article and continue selling your old DVD’s for $1 a piece.

For all you die-hards that have had enough and want to get out of debt yesterday, read on…

really want to get out of debt sell your car1) Sell Your Car

The new average car payment…is $523… Holy stupid! If you’re sick of these payments and really want to get out of debt, then just sell the car already.

Owe more than it’s worth?

No problem, I wrote an article for that – read it here and kiss that stupid payment goodbye.

Don’t have a car payment, but think the sale of your car could help you get out of debt faster? I like the way you think. If the value of your car(s) is more than 20% of your annual income, then yes, sell your car(s) and get something less expensive until you paid off your debts for good. If not, just hang onto those cars, baby them, and make sure they last while you’re hard-charging your way out of the poor house.

2) Sell Your Rental Properties

Let’s see…you’ve got debt on your car, on student loans, on your credit cards, and you thought the solution to your financial problems was to buy a rental property…?? With debt..??

Brilliant (…heavy on the sarcasm FYI).

If you have a rental property that requires you to pay a mortgage each month, you’re probably only clearing a couple hundred bucks a month. AND, considering houses aren’t bullet proof (ie. stuff breaks….and sometimes BIG stuff), you might even be losing money from year to year when it’s all said and done.

The solution?

Sell the stupid rental properties. Once you get out of debt and build up an emergency fund of 3-6 months, then you can start thinking about those rental properties again…but buy them with cash.

So today, sell the rental properties and use any equity to pay down your debts.

3) Sell Your Toys

The quad, the snow-mobile, the wave runners, and yes, the boat…they’ve all got to go.


  • The longer you hold them, the less they’re worth
  • The more you use them, the more money you’ll need to fork over to keep them running
  • If you own them outright, you can use that money to pay down your debts even faster (rip that band-aid off NOW!!)
  • Any time you spend using these toys is time that you could have been earning money and paying off your debts. They’re only a distraction at this point.

Need any more reasons?? Sell them.

4) Sell Your Whole-Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance is a necessary safe-guard against the unthinkable. If you have life insurance on yourself, I commend you and your wisdom. However, if you have whole-life insurance, you’re simply paying too much. Here’s the steps you should take to get out of it:

  • Sign up for term insurance (I recommend Ethos)
  • Cash out your whole-life insurance plan

It really is that simple. You’ll get some money out of the deal, you’ll save on your bills each month, which of course means you’ll get out of debt faster!

5) Sell Your RV

I know, I know…these are your families memories…but take a look at your options:

  1. Forego one year of these family memories and experience a life of wealth and bliss in your future, or
  2. Keep the RV, and stay in debt 4-5 years longer, get a late start on your retirement, and work an extra 15 years making up for the lost investment growth.

And seriously, even without the RV you can still have memories. Borrow a tent and camp in your backyard. You’ll have a blast and you’ll be talking about it for a lifetime. If you really want to get out of debt, selling this RV shouldn’t even be in question.

really want to get out of debt sell your timeshare6) “Sell” Your Timeshare

If you can actually sell your timeshare for an amount greater than zero, I recommend you do it immediately!!

For the most part, timeshares often have absolutely no value at all. It’s kind of like when you have no money in the bank, you live in New York, and someone hands you a “free” ticket to the Super Bowl that’s being held in California. Sure, it’s a free ticket, but if you want to experience the Super Bowl, you’ve got to fork over thousands of dollars to get there (plane tickets, hotel stays, food, taxi fees, etc.).

The same is true of a timeshare, which is why there are so many of them in the market, and why sometimes you actually have to pay someone to take it from you. They’re not convenient, they go down in value, and there’s often a steep maintenance fee each year.

Even if you need to buy your way out of your timeshare, I recommend doing it just to get out of the forced expenses. If you’re really serious about getting out of debt and getting onto the path of wealth, then stop overthinking this and just ditch it as quickly as possible.

7) Sell Your Time

Your most valuable resource in this world is not your collection of POGS from the early 90’s…it’s your time. At this point, I assume you have a day job. Well that takes up 40 hours of your 168 hour week. What are you doing with the other 128? Staring at your TV?

If you really want to get out of debt, it’s time for a second job. Either:

  • Get a decent part-time job (delivering pizzas, bar tending, serving at a nice restaurant, etc.)
  • Start your own business doing a specific trade (car repair, plumbing, wood-working, cleaning windows, painting houses, etc.)
  • Start an online business (blogging, make YouTube videos, webpage design, digital graphic design, optimization consulting, etc.)

Basically, you just need to find out what people need and how you can fill that need. That’s it.

8) Sell Your Valuable Attic Stuff

Some of us have a few things that are valuable, but we haven’t looked at them in years. They’re either stashed away in the basement or are up in the attic collecting dust. This could be a gorgeous wedding dress, an old diamond ring, gold jewelry, or maybe even a heavily-coveted old Indian motorcycle. Whatever it is that has some value that you simply don’t use and can’t take with you when you die (FYI…that’s everything), you might want to consider selling it to get out of debt.

9) Sell Some Plasma

If you have some extra time between your day job and your part-time employment, consider donating plasma. It’s possible to earn $240 a month (though you’ll likely earn $120-$150), and you can even read a book (about how to make more money) while you’re hooked up to the machine. This could really be a win-win.

10) “Sell” a Room in Your House

If you’re serious and you really want to get out of debt (like, yesterday), then you might consider renting out a room in your house. Even if you live in a low cost-of-living area like me, renting out a room can net you $400-$500 a month. If you live in San Francisco…you can rent your room for $1,500 or more. Either way, it’s extra money that you didn’t have before and you can keep an extra close eye on your asset since you’re living in the same building. I understand that it’s not ideal for everyone, but heck, an extra $10,000+ a year?? That’s nothing to sneeze at!

Do You Really Want to Get Out of Debt? What Are You Doing?

The above suggestions are my best stabs at making you some real money and actually getting you out of debt, but I know there’s more kick-butt ideas out there. Help my readers slay their debt and leave your suggestions in the comment section below!

Keep kicking tail everybody!!!

Get Out of Debt Money


My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. So smart! Go for the big bang items. I now have some nice toys, a third (sports) car for my wife and me, a new fishing boat and a new off road buggy all bought with cash but I’m debt free,financially independent, early retired with substantial side gigging income and invested assets more than I need. But I had none of those toys when I was building my portfolio and paying off our house. We really did live like no one else so we could live well now. Car payments in particular are a curse on middle class families.

    • Heck yeah! Sounds like exactly what we’re heading for. We’re building up our net worth now (which is actually increasing faster than I thought it would). Once we get to a good spot, we’ll be enjoying a few more luxuries, just like yourself. 🙂

  2. we don’t have any debt but have been decluttering via ebay sales for 7 months. you’re right. the big ticket stuff is worth your time to list. we’ve made thousands so far. we won’t even list anything for less than 10 bucks now and there’s hardly any of that. our time is valuable. who needs a motorcycle jacket?

    • Yeah, forget about the $10 or less items. Just donate them and take the tax write-off. In your spare time, do something else that will earn you $20 an hour. The pooped stained onesies…throw them away.

  3. For real!!! I just sold my car to get out from under some of the debt and downgraded to a little bit older vehicle that my friend is selling to me for a great deal. It feels great to lessen my debt by about $7000! That’s where the real progress starts.

    • Yes! Good for you! There aren’t too many people that would sacrifice a nice car to dig their way out of debt. You’re going to be super successful by what you’re willing to do. I can tell. Great job, Liz!

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