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The 31 Day Money Saving Challenge – Reduce Your Bills by $500 a Month!

How would you like to reduce your bills by $100 a month? $200 a month? Or maybe even $500 a month?? What would that mean to you right now? It could give you a much needed vacation with your family, enough funds for that long-overdue car repair, or maybe even enough for a surgery that you’ve been putting off because you could never find the cash. With the 31 day money saving challenge outlined below, not only is it possible to do all these things, but it’s absolutely achievable!

31 day money saving challengeThe 31 Day Money Saving Challenge

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There are a lot of money saving challenges out there. Things like:

  • Don’t buy groceries for a month
  • Save up $1,000 in 4 weeks
  • Put $1 a day into savings for a year…

These are okay challenges and you can learn something from them, but the problem is they’re finite. Once they come to an end, the benefit is over.

  • When all your groceries are gone, you still need to buy more
  • You can save $1,000 and then continue with all the bad habits you had before…saving nothing more per month
  • Again, after putting a dollar a day away is okay, but you’ll eventually forget all about it and probably piddle away the savings over time…

This 31 Day Money Saving Challenge Is a Beast

If you are serious about saving money, ignore those cute little challenges I mentioned above. Instead, focus on this post and read one daily challenge at a time (WARNING: Do NOT try to read this post all in one sitting. It’s over 5,000 words long!!).

At the end of the month, you could potentially save thousands of dollars a month, and all it takes is one simple action a day for a month.

Are you ready to start saving some serious coin?? It’s time to sign up for the 31 day money saving challenge. Put your commitment in the comments below (ie. write, “I’m in!” or “Sign me up brotha!” I’ll be sure to encourage you along the way!

To start, bookmark this post in your browser (so you can read and take action on each task of the day), and let’s get started with Day #1!!!

Day #1 – Find a Buddy

Your first task…find a buddy – someone that you can do this challenge with. Trying to save money on your own is boring and not all that fulfilling. Plus, you’re more liable to quit! If you want to stick it out AND have fun doing it, partner up with a friend and commit to keep each other on task for the next 30 days.

Day #2 – Figure Out Your Monthly Spending

If you’re going to save money on your monthly expenses, you might need to know what you’re actually spending your money on (note the sarcasm here…)!!

Luckily, since most of us spend money with either a debit card or credit card, it’s really easy to get a print out of everything you’ve spent over the last few months. Login to your bank and credit accounts, select your spending over the last 90 days and do your best to categorize all of it. Here are some of the common categories to get you started. Put your average monthly spend in each one:

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Restaurants
  • Groceries
  • Cell phone
  • Utilities
  • Car payment
  • Student Loan payments
  • Car insurance
  • Gas
  • Clothing
  • Medical Insurance
  • Entertainment
  • Charity/Gifts
  • Personal Care
  • Retirement

If you have other categories, by all means add them and add your spend amounts!!

What you spend your money on will probably shock you, and that’s an absolutely perfect place to be on Day 2 of this 31 day money saving challenge. It’s time to charge your way into saving a ton of money!

Day #3 – Start Putting $1,000 in the Bank

The absolute best way to save money is to give yourself a little cushion in your budget.

It will:

  • Keep you from making emotionally dumb decisions (because you have no money), and
  • Allow you to reduce your “I’m broke, so I’d better buy ‘X’ ” decisions each month (we’ll explain these more later)

I don’t expect you to plop $1,000 in the bank by the time this day is over. That would be ridiculous. What I do want you to do though is start the process. I wrote an article, “How to Save Up to $1,000 in Just 4 Weeks” about a year ago. It’s been a big hit and dozens (if not hundreds) of people have been able to sock away a thousand bucks because of it. You shouldn’t be an exception, and saving up $1,000 in the bank will set you up for great success in the later days of this challenge. Check out the post and get started today!

Day #4 – Lay Out Your Debts – Smallest to Largest

Alright – you made it to Day #4! Nice job!

So you might be realizing by now that you’ve saved absolutely zero dollars so far in this 31 day money saving challenge…. That’s intentional (and that’s why you have your buddy encouraging you, right??)!!

And you know what? You won’t save any money after this fourth day either. BUT, we’re setting you up not to save a few bucks here and there…we’re getting you on the path to save HUNDREDS of dollars a month. So just trust us here. We’ve done this many times and you’re going to win big once you get to the end of the month.

Today, I want you to line up all your debts, smallest to largest.


Because we’re going to start paying those little suckers off by the end of this month. Dead serious.

Use this post to line up your debts – it’s got a free debt snowball calculator that will help you: How the Debt Snowball Really Works“.

31 day money saving challenge - debt snowball tool

Day #5 – Get Rid of Unnecessary Warranties

Today I want you to evaluate all the warranties you’ve ever purchased (and might still be paying for!).

Have you ever purchased a warranty on your:

  • car,
  • appliances,
  • cell phone, or
  • laptop?

Chances are, you’ll never use that warranty and you basically just flushed that money down the toilet. So why did you buy it in the first place? Well…because you didn’t have any money in savings and you were afraid that if it broke you wouldn’t be able to get it fixed or replaced. But you know what? Now that you’re saving up your $1,000, you won’t need these crappy warranties! If your product breaks, you’ll be able to replace it with a new one… Or at least a used one that works just as well!

If you recently bought a car, laptop, cell phone, or an appliance and purchased the warranty, call the retailer to see if you can cancel it and get your money back. If it’s part of your payment plan, you’ll start saving on those monthly costs immediately.

Avg. Potential Savings = $30/month

Day #6 – Alter Your Go-To Entertainment

If you live near the city, you’re probably used to going out all the time – to the club, concerts, movies, and maybe even Broadway shows. But you know what? All that is fricken expensive!! It’s time to flip what you consider entertainment on its head once and for all!

Tonight, instead of going out and spending $20+ like you always do, I want you to choose something from this list to do instead: 30 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money.

Chances are, you’ll have a blast and you’ll have a new activity to do that costs absolutely nothing!

Avg. Potential Savings = $20+/mo.

Day #7 – Start Using Cash For Your Daily Purchases



Annnnnd Swipe.

You just bought $200 worth of stuff…but you didn’t hardly feel the pain of it did you? Nope. That’s because you used a credit card. So instead, you’ll feel the pain when you get your credit card bill in the mail and go *gulp*…”What the heck did I spend my money on this month??!!”

Instead of feeling the pain a month later, long after you’ve bought those shoes, Bose earbuds, and extreme workout clothes that you wear on your casual walks, it’s best to feel the pain immediately…right after that first stupid purchase.

So how do you do this?

It’s time to use that foreign object that nobody carries anymore…cash.

On this day (Day #7 of the 31 day money saving challenge), I challenge you to hit up an ATM and withdraw $100 (assuming you have that much in your account). This money is earmarked for everything you typically buy on the go – lunch, coffee, snacks, drinks, a night out at the movies…All that stuff.

My prediction: you’ll spend nearly all this money over the next few days and be absolutely shocked.

As your cash dwindles, ask yourself if what you’re buying is really worth it… Chances are….it’s not.

Avg. Potential Savings = Unquantifiable – but it will help in these other categories!!

Day #8 – Avoid Late Fees and Overage Fees

Late fees and overage fees…it’s a tax on the broke and unorganized spenders.

On this day, Day #8, all I ask of you is to swear to yourself that you’ll no longer accidentally write a bad check or overspend with your debit/credit card. Focus on keeping your $1,000 in the bank at all times and your spend on late fees and overage fees should disappear overnight.

Avg. Potential Savings = $20+/mo.

Day #9 – Lower Your Cell Phone Bill with BillCutterz

How much do you currently pay for your cell phone each month? $80? $120? $200? All of those prices are absolutely outrageous and you can probably save money with a simple phone call. Try it. You’ll likely save $10 a month just for telling them that you’re considering another low-cost provider (like Republic Wireless).

If you suck at negotiating your bill (like most of us are), you might want to turn to BillCutterz. Just give them your info and they’ll call on your behalf at no risk to you (ie. if they don’t save you money, you owe them nothing). If they end up saving you money on your monthly bill, they’ll just ask that you split the savings with them. It really is as easy as that!

(Update: I just had an AMAZING experience with BillCutterz myself. Check out my personal story about them here!)

If Your Bill Doesn’t Get Lowered, Actually Make the Switch

Of all the low-cost cell phone providers, I’ve heard the most good coming from Republic Wireless. They only charge $20 a month for unlimited text and voice, and you also get 1GB of data. Not too shabby! The only downside? It doesn’t look like they support iPhones. But, getting a perfectly capable Samsung phone might be a small price to pay for a $20-30 a month savings (FYI – that’s $300 a year!!)!

Avg. Potential Savings = $20/mo.

money saving challenge billcutterz

Day #10 – Cut The Cable/Dish Already…

There’s absolutely no reason to pay $100 for cable anymore.

Here are your other options:

  • Digital antenna – free
  • News apps to stay current – free
  • Crackle, PopCorn Flix, Tubi – free
  • Amazon Prime or Netflix – $10 a month or less
  • Live broadcasts online (like the Masters, NCAA basketball, the Olympics…you can see all these online for free)
  • YouTube TV or SlingTV – both great options (and you can get sports channels!) for just $30-ish a month
  • Free shows through the library or on YouTube

…or you know, you could just experience real life and ignore the TV entirely. This is actually a FANTASTIC option once you get used to it.

Cut the cable and pick up an online subscription or just use the freebies!

Avg. Potential Savings = $50/mo.

Day #11 – Do Your Grocery Shopping at Aldi

You’d think stores like Kroger and Walmart would have the cheapest prices on everything…but they don’t. It turns out (according to Statesman…among many other sources) that Aldi is actually cheaper than the big box savings and bulk stores.

Today, instead of heading to your standard big box all-in-one store for groceries. Seek out an Aldi in your area.

Haven’t heard of Aldi?

They’re a chain of stores that sells super cheap food (FYI – milk is $1.50 right now, and eggs are typically $1.00 or less!!) – yes, even cheaper than Kroger, Meijer, Walmart, and Costco. How? It’s simple:

  • They don’t provide you with 18 different varieties of mustard (I don’t know about you, but I only need one solid inexpensive option). The best bid wins and they pass the savings on to the customer.
  • They leave all the food in the bulk boxes and you pull them out yourself. It’s really not that tough for the customer to get, and it saves them a ton in labor costs
  • You bag your food yourself. It takes an extra 3-4 minutes, but it’s totally worth the savings!!

The other huge benefit of Aldi — they don’t have a huge store that takes you a full hour to walk through. Plus, they don’t have a ton of unnecessary items that you’ll get suckered into like those big box stores. So not only will you save on the food you need, you’ll save by avoiding the stuff you don’t need!

Don’t have an Aldi in your area? I bet you have something similar – perhaps a Save-A-Lot, WinCo, or Fareway!

Avg. Potential Savings: $40/mo. 

Day #12 – Sign Up For Term Insurance, Cancel the Whole Life

If you’re a responsible adult, you have life insurance (good for you!).

If you have a friend that was newly in the insurance selling biz and talked you into buying whole life insurance through them (forgive them, they didn’t know any better), you really need to reconsider your options….

I recently wrote a post, “8 Reasons Whole Life Insurance Sucks (and What You Should Buy Instead)“. On this day (Day #12 of the 31 day money saving challenge), I challenge you to read this post, and then get a quote for term life insurance through Ethos Life Insurance. If you like what you see, sign up for the term life insurance and cancel your whole life insurance! Invest the difference and you’ll be much better off later in life!

Avg. Potential Savings: $150/ saving challenge - ethos life insurance

Day #13 – Cancel Your Child Life Insurance Policies

Spoiler alert…things are going to get a little bit morbid here.

Sticking with the life insurance theme…let’s talk about insurance on your kids.

How much money do your kids make for you each year?… Unless they’re doing child modeling or commercials, they’re not earning you anything. In fact, they’re costing you money. If (heaven forbid), one of your children would pass away unexpectedly, you would probably have a surplus of money every month.

So why do you have insurance on your children again? The short answer – the funeral. I get it. But you know what? Our mission is not to pay hundreds of dollars in insurance for the rest of our lives. With your $1,000 emergency fund, you should be able to fund a small funeral. Cancel the insurance policies on the kiddos. Chances are nothing is going to happen to them, and you could really use the money right now to pay down your monthly debt (and to get some room in your tight monthly budget).

It’s a risk, but if it were me, I’d be willing to take it. Today, take action on that child whole life policy. It’s just not worth keeping.

Avg. Potential Savings: $50/mo.

Day #14 – Write Down All Your Memberships/Subscriptions and Cancel Most of Them!

You know what’s all the rage today? Companies selling you on memberships that you forget about, but keep paying because hardly any of us pay attention anymore (myself included!)

It’s Day #14 of this 31 days money saving challenge. Congrats on making it this far!!

Today, it’s your mission to write down all your memberships and subscriptions, and to cancel all of those that you no longer use.

Here’s a sample list to get you started:

  • Apps that charge a monthly fee
  • Dollar shave club (is it REALLY saving you money? Doubt it…)
  • Clothes shopping membership (where they ship you clothes that they think you’ll like)
  • Microsoft programs
  • Costco
  • Gym membership
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine subscriptions (let’s be real…you never read them anymore)

There are probably countless others that you could add… Do it. And then call them up today to cancel all those that you’d barely miss (which I assume is at least half of them).

Avg. Potential Savings: $40/mo.

Day #15 – Carpool/Bike to Work

Your car is probably the second biggest drain on your wallet next to your home mortgage. It’d be good for you to experience some time away from it to see how easily you can cope without it once in a while.

On this day of the 31 day money saving challenge, I want you to either:

  1. Bike to work, or
  2. Carpool with a co-worker

The savings aren’t going to be tremendous today – probably only $5-$10 – but if you get in the habit of doing this just one day a week, you could save a cool $40 a month! And that’s nothing to sneeze at!

Avg. Monthly Savings: $40/mo.

money saving challenge - houseDay #16 – Refinance Your Car/Home

This might be the least fun duty on the list, but you know your buddy is going to call you up to see if you did it at the end of the day…so you’d better just get it done!!

Earlier this year, you may have bought a car spontaneously…and got it financed at the dealership…at 19% interest.


If this was you, it’s time to refinance this car. Simply go to your local bank or credit union and tell them you’d like to transfer the loan over to them. Even if your credit score is in the 600’s, they’ll still likely get you a loan for 6% or less with the car’s collateral.

And while you’re at it, you might want to check the refinancing on your home as well. Rates are still low, and they’ll only go up from here!

Avg. Potential Savings: $30/mo.

Day #17 – Execute a Credit Card Balance Transfer

Do you have a credit card balance that you just can’t get rid of? Today, I want you to find a 0% APR card (for at least the first year) so you can transfer your debts while you pay them down.

This isn’t a play for the long term. The point of this is to stop making excess payments today so you can pay down your balance and never get trapped into credit card debt again!

Want a list of for real excellent credit cards? This isn’t a sponsored link – this is an article I wrote that’s totally untainted and real. These ARE the best credit cards.

Check them out, see if there’s a 0% APR time frame, sign up, and transfer the balance from your high-interest card.

  • Citi Double Cash Card
  • Capital One Quicksilver Cash Back Card
  • Capital One VentureOne Rewards Card

Avg. Potential Savings: $30/mo.

Day #18 – Get Those Spending Apps Off Your Phone!!

On this day (Day #18 of the 31 day money saving challenge), it’s time to cut out some more distractions. When you have the Amazon app on your phone with your credit card information saved on it, it’s just WAYYYY too easy to find something, add it to your cart, and click purchase.

Take those stinkin’ apps off your phone. If you really need something, open up your laptop and force yourself to walk through the normal 5 step process (including entering in your credit card information) to get it. If it’s not worth the hassle, you must not have needed it….

Avg. Potential Savings = More than zero…but unquantifiable

Day #19 – Pack Your Own Lunch

I watch this happen every day and it drives me absolutely nuts! People come to work with no lunch and either hit the cafeteria or they go out to eat somewhere. The average cost of their meal? $10. AND, it’s completely unhealthy most of the time!

If you care about your wallet AND your body, it’s time to start packing your lunch from home (avg. cost of your home-packed lunch…$2-$3). From now until the end of the month, try it.

  • Dust off your old lunch pail
  • Pack it with a sandwich, nuts, fruit, and maybe even some carrots
  • And then eat it throughout the day (instead of devouring 1,500 calories all in one sitting…)

You’ll feel better, your wallet will love you, and your body might actually start to morph back to what it used to look like 10 years ago!

Avg. Potential Savings = $150/mo.

pay off debt faster - small changes

Day #20 – Sign Up For Automatic Billing

Want to avoid late fees (ie. the Day #8 challenge) and dings on your credit while actually saving money every month? That’s what Day #20 of the 31 day money saving challenge is all about!

It’s time to sign up for automatic billing on your:

  • cell phone bill
  • internet
  • utility bills
  • insurance

These types of bills are likely to give you a discount for providing a source of automated payments – either via a bank transfer or a credit card. Either is fine.

Today, I want you to look into your recurring bills and sign up with their autopayment program. Not only might it save you dollars, it will save you time as well! And as we all know, time is money!!

Avg. Potential Savings = $20/mo.

Day #21 – Install a Simple Programmable Thermostat

Do NOT run out and buy a $200 Nest. Also, do NOT get the top-of-the-line thermostat that you can control from your phone (my friend did this and his wife stays at home with his kids…ummm…waste of money much??)

These products are totally unnecessary.

If you want to save money on today’s challenge, all you have to do is head to Menards or Home Depot and buy a $30 programmable thermostat. The install will only take 10 minutes and you’ll be able to set your home’s heat and air based on the time of day on weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Set it so that while you’re gone, your house doesn’t use up so much energy (ie. set it hotter in the summer and colder in the winter). Once you have it set up, you can really just forget about it and start saving money.

The unit will likely pay for itself in about a month. You’ll be amazed (oh, and you won’t have to worry about your device watching you or listening to you during the day either…;)).

Avg. Potential Savings = $20/mo.

Day #22 – Don’t Eat Out the Rest of The Month

Alright, I gave you a break until now… You can thank me later. But it’s time to crack the whip on this!

The Day #22 challenge is to stop going out to eat for the rest of the month. I mean breakfast, lunches, dinners. Everything. If you’re not at home and you’re eating, you better have taken that food with you!

Avg. Potential Savings = $150

Day #23 – Shop Around/Reduce Your Auto and Home Insurance

Here’s the game most insurance companies like to play…

  • They entice you in with a low monthly rate
  • They know you hate evaluating and haggling with your bills, so they’ll slowly increase your rates over time
  • You ignore it and still assume your insurance rate is still comparable with the competition

No more!!

It’s time to get the absolute lowest rate on your car insurance and home insurance.

  • Start off by calling a few other insurance providers to see if they can beat your current rate
  • If they can, tell your current provider and see if they’ll match it
  • If not, switch and take the savings.

Then, beyond this, contact BillCutterz again. They’re so good, they can probably get an even lower rate to save you even MORE money per month! (And of course, if you hate haggling, you can always start with BillCutterz ;)).

Avg. Potential Savings = $20/mo.

Day #24 – Unsubscribe to Retail Emails That Tempt You

In addition to getting rid of those all-too-handy apps on your phone, I want you to unsubscribe from those tempting emails as well!

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Menards
  • Macy’s
  • Groupon
  • Amazon
  • Apple

…And there’s probably plenty more that I’m just not thinking of. It’s time to say goodbye to them. Yes, they’ll have sales. Yes, they’ll have clearances. But you know what? If you didn’t need anything when they emailed you, you’re not really saving by making a purchase… You’re just spending more money than you would have otherwise.

Dig into those recent emails, click unsubscribe, and watch your checking account actually hold its balance for a while!

Avg. Potential Savings = More than zero…but unquantifiable

how to save money at workDay #25 – Make Coffee at Home

One grande double-mocha latte please…acchmmm, I don’t think so.

I know you work hard, and I know it’s good to treat yourself once in a while…but every day?? Do you really need to spend $5 every stinkin’ day on a cup of coffee? I try not to harp on this, I really do. But seriously people, just make some coffee at home and take it with you. Spend $20 on a nice coffee thermos if you want to.

If you’re serious about this 31 day money saving challenge, you’ll at least try this for the next 7 days… YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Avg. Potential Savings = $100/mo.

Day #26 – Reduce Your Child’s Expensive Activities

Do you remember all the planned activities you had when you were a kid? Oh wait…you had zero. You just played outside with your neighborhood friends…and it was AWESOME!

Kids today have way too much going on:

  • Tee ball
  • Horse camp
  • Boy/Girl scouts
  • Tennis lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Drama class
  • Dance lessons
  • Private basket weaving…. (;))

The point is, your kids really don’t need to be in 8 different activities at all times. Let them relax and have some original thought for once. It’s not going to kill them if they don’t get to do every activity they want either. Ease up, reduce the activities, and save some coin.

Avg. Potential Savings = $30/mo.

Day #27 – Re-Evaluate Your Clothing Budget

Clothes shopping – it’s a hobby for many, which means a constant reoccurring expense.

If your closet is jam-packed with clothes and you probably wear less than half of them, then you should really take this Day #27 challenge to heart.

How much do you typically spend each month on clothing?

In the Day #2 challenge, you figured out how much you spent in each category on average each month. How much did you spend on clothes? If it was more than $200, I’d say your clothing budget is way out of whack…

Most personal finance gurus say you should spend less than 5% of your take-home pay on clothes. Personally, since the cost of clothes don’t change with your income, I like to put a dollar figure on it. For me, no matter what your occupation is, you should be able to spend $150 or less per month on clothes. After all, that’s $1,800 a year! By having a spending plan going in, this should be completely doable.

Avg. Potential Savings = $50/mo.

Day #28 – It’s Time to Cut Down on Those Bad Habits…

There are three bad habits (okay, probably more, but lets focus on these) that can really hurt your monthly budget:

  1. Smoking
  2. Drinking
  3. Drugs

It’s Day #28 of the 31 day savings challenge and you’re still going strong? Dang, you’re awesome!!!

Buuuut, we’re definitely taking it up a notch with this one….yup, we’re messing with your vices…

If you’re a smoker, first consider rolling cigarettes on your own. If you’re spending $250 a month on cigarettes, you can probably cut this number down to $80 by rolling them yourself. Plus, you’ll think a little harder before smoking them because you worked so hard to put them together!!

If you’re looking to save money by simply cutting back on these vices, just do it slowly and understand that you’re not going to be perfect.

Beyond this, I’m not going to claim to have any knowledge of quitting smoking, drinking, or doing drugs (thankfully I’ve avoided all of them!), but here’s some sources that can help:

Avg. Potential Savings = $200/mo. (or wayyy more)

Day #29 – Consider the High-Deductible Medical Insurance Plan and Fund Your HSA

Are you currently on the “Standard Medical Plan” and paying hundreds of dollars a month for insurance? It may seem great when you have a medical emergency, but you’re probably paying way too much just to avoid a big bill here and there.

At my work, we have the option of the:

  • standard plan,
  • the consumer driven plan, and
  • the extremely high deductible plan (I don’t remember what they called this…but you get the point).

Long story short, I did the math on our plan. Even with my wife being pregnant and going through the costs of having a baby this year, it still made more sense for us to go with the consumer driven (high deductible) plan over the standard plan. If you’re fairly healthy and don’t see the inside of the hospital all that much, then you should probably consider the high deductible plan as well. Then, you’ll be able to sign up for a kick-butt Health Savings Account (HSA) too!!! I absolutely love them – here’s why.

So on this Day #29 of the 31 day money saving challenge, I challenge you to dig into your medical plan costs. If the high deductible option makes sense for you financially, I’d say go for it!

Avg. Potential Savings = $50/mo.

Day #30 – Start Paying Down Your Debts from Smallest to Largest

It’s time. You’ve spent enough effort on all those other money saving options. It’s time to tackle the debts! By doing so, you’ll be reducing your monthly spend every time you pay one off!

So here’s what you need to do for this day’s challenge:

  1. Open up the debt snowball list that you created on Day #4
  2. Start playing with the “Monthly Contribution Amount” – the more you put toward your debts, the faster you’ll pay them off and the more money you’ll have left at the end of each month!
  3. Decide how much you’ll put toward your debts each month and get started!

Let me just tell you this. Nobody has ever become debt free and then said, “Man, I wish I would have held onto those debts a little longer…” You’ve likely got your $1,000 saved, and you’ve done everything else to reduce your monthly spend. It’s time to tackle your debts and get rid of them once and for all!

Avg. Potential Savings = $800/mo. (or maybe even more!) The Debt Snowball

Day #31 – Check Your Progress, Celebrate, and Decide What Will Stick!!

If you were able to incorporate the savings from every single daily challenge on this list, you’d save yourself…….(drum roll)….$1,930 a month!! Heck, if you could only save a little over a quarter of that, you’d still save the $500 a month that I promised you in the title!

On this day, the final day of the 31 day money saving challenge, I want you to:

  1. Reflect on all the money saving tasks that you’ve done,
  2. Decide which money saving tactics you plan to continue, and
  3. Celebrate your accomplishment!!

Out of the hundreds of people that started reading this post, I bet only 5% of them will read it all the way to the end, and that only 0.5% will actually start AND complete this challenge (ie. 5 out of 1,000). You are one of the few. Congrats! Not only is that an accomplishment all on its own, but I predict that because of your tenacity, you’re going to go on and accomplish much bigger and better things!

You have it in you. Keep this train rolling and there will be no stopping you!

Battle of the Mind Money Save Money


My name is Derek, and I have my Bachelors Degree in Finance from Grand Valley State University. After graduation, I was not able to find a job that fully utilized my degree, but I still had a passion for Finance! So, I decided to focus my passion in the stock market. I studied Cash Flows, Balance Sheets, and Income Statements, put some money into the market and saw a good return on my investment. As satisfying as this was, I still felt that something was missing. I have a passion for Finance, but I also have a passion for people. If you have a willingness to learn, I will continue to teach.


  1. On #23 – Home and Auto insurance – Due to a job change I shopped around. Man, I should have been shopping every year! I saved 37% on my home, auto and umbrella policies with a few hours of work on quotes and talking.

    • Nice! Yeah, it’s a great way to put in just a little bit of time with a HUGE payback!

  2. We were paying $250 a month for our cable. We were able to reduce it $100 last week. There are so many ways to save money, you just have to take the time to do so. Taking the money you saved and putting it into your retirement or to pay off debt, will really boost your net worth. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nice job, Ashley! There are so many people that sit back and do absolutely nothing about their monthly bills. Way to take action and save BIG TIME!!!

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