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10 Year-Round Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bill

reduce your energy billNo matter if you live in a house or you’re renting an apartment, it’s still in your best interest to reduce your utility bill each month. In this article, we’ll certainly teach you how to save money on your home utilities, but many of these suggestions can be used in your apartment too! Then, your savings can be used to pay off debts, save for a vacation or maybe even increase the savings for your emergency fund.

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10 Year-Round Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bill

Study these strategies, implement them, and start saving some serious moolah!!

1. Paint Roof and Home Exterior White

If you have a home in a sunny climate, you can reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling the house by painting the house white. Make use of an elastomeric coating that is readily available in a hardware near you. The coat is waterproof, durable and flexible and increases the lifespan of your roofing materials.

2. Switch Off Appliances Not in Use

Leaving electrical components on when not in use wastes a lot of energy and as a result increases your monthly electricity bill. The best solution to reduce your utility bill in this area is to carry out a sweep. This will ensure all electronics are off before leaving the house or going to bed.

3. Set the Water Heater at 120 Degrees

Setting the water heater too hot will not only scald you but also utilizes a lot of energy to maintain the same hot temperature. It will even cost you more when you start heating fresh water to a high temperature. You can also improve your savings by turning off the gas and the water heater when you are on vacation (that is, if it’s not below freezing outside…).

4. Use Re-usable ACs and Funnel Filters

Failure to change your HVAC filter after prolonged use turns the system into a less efficient component. A machine that is less efficient will cost you more when paying electricity bills. Too much dirt due to negligence can cause the HVAC to stall; the best solution is to get a reusable filter that is easy to clean by removing clogs and dust particles.

Comparing the cost of a permanent filter and a temporary one, the permanent one will save money in the long term.

5. Upgrade Components That Use Power

Buying newer and energy efficient components for your home is a welcome idea. You can take advantage of companies that offer some form of the rebate by taking your old system to them for a new model.

save money in the garage6. Seal all Cracks in the House

A home with many leaks will eventually lead to high-energy use. A simple DIY is by using a locally available caulk that can expand to seal the most vulnerable spots such as:

  • Windows and door frames
  • Around the basement wall, where wood and cement make contact
  • Around holes creating as a result of piping running through the walls

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7. Match Up Your Utility Meter Bill

Do not allow the mistakes made by personnel at the utility company inflate your utility bills. This can be a great way to reduce your utility bill. You need to counter check meter readings and to make sure you only pay for what you use. Compare the bill and the meter readings and note any discrepancies.

8. Buy Certified Energy Saving Products

Certified energy saving products is an effort by the EPA and the US Department of energy to identify energy efficient components. They look at products that tend to consume a lot of energy such as water heart and clothes dryers. If you want to take advantage of the energy, it is important that you invest in energy saving light bulbs, TVs, refrigerators, furnaces, fans, etc. so that you can see the full benefit of using energy saving equipment.

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9. Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a useful component that can help you reduce utility bills. Depending on your daily schedules, you can set high or low temperatures to suit the prevailing weather conditions. A properly installed and working thermostat unit can save you more money every year.

10. Reducing Your Watering Bill

Maintaining your lawn can contribute to high water bills especially in the summer where a lot of water is used for irrigation. Every lawn is unique to its plants, type of grass, and the shade type that your plants require. The way you water your lawn determines the amount of money spent on paying water bills.

Change the Watering Time

The best time to reduce lawn water usage is watering in the morning and in the evening because of the cool temperatures giving more time for water to sip and stay in the soil for longer. You may also need to install a timed sprinkler to water your garden within the stipulated timelines

Use Soaker Hoses Instead of Sprinklers

Soaker hoses will distribute water evenly on all plants and the ground. This solution means you will only need the required amount of water for your lawn as opposed to a sprinkler that sprinkles in the air and some plants may not get adequate water.

Use Plants Adapted for Your Region

Getting a healthy lawn in any climate means getting the right plant that does well in your locality, hence low water usage and reduced bills. You can seek help from conservationists to help you decide on the right plants to use.

Install Irrigation Meter

The cost of water getting into your house is usually billed twice; first is the cost of pumping water to your home and the second time when you pump it out as sewage. Your lawn does not usually require clean water to grow, the least you can is to pump the used water into the garden, so you end up saving on pumping fees.

You can also use a separate meter to gauge water usage in other areas outside the house like swimming pools, irrigation, etc. The meter readings from these other areas should be subtracted from your monthly sewage bill.


We could go on and keep listing all the practical methods available that will get you to reduce your utility bill. If you are looking forward to buying something from the savings made on utility bills, then any of above methods can take you closer to that purchase.

This has been a guest post by Jackie Greene – a blogger, gardener, and nutrition enthusiast. She enjoys creating organic meals for family and friends using the fresh ingredients she produces from her backyard homestead.

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