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Hidden Savings: Lesser Known Ways You Can Save Money

lesser known ways you can save moneyBudgeting is one of the most frequent financial practices around. Even though there are lesser known ways you can save money, everyone has to budget at least once in a lifetime. Yet, this hasn’t seemed to stave off the problem of debt for many around the world.

Around three-quarters of people live with some kind of debt in the USA alone. This debt comes in many different forms. It might include credit card debt, car loans, student loans, or mortgages. Managed correctly, these bills and debts shouldn’t be a problem and should slowly be paid off. 

Unfortunately, many people carry a lot of these debts to the grave. Some even need a bankruptcy lawyer at least once in their lives. This is often because they focus on conventional means of saving money. This can usually leads to problems with consistency and a limit on how much can be saved. Keep reading to find out lesser known ways you can save money.

Lesser Known Ways You Can Save Money

We put together this list of lesser-known ways you can save money to help pay off some of that debt and get ahead of your bills. Continue to use conventional means of saving, like having a savings account or cutting down on unnecessary expenses. Together, these should help you break through a “savings plateau” and maximize the amount of money you’re keeping in your account every month.

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Research your grocery store

We all know that one of the most common ways to save money when budgeting is to swap eating out with home-cooked meals. Save money by picking your grocery stores better. Stores like Also or Lidl are available all over Europe and the USA, and usually, offer better prices on a lot of the essential products like bread and milk. Some stores have especially good deals on certain meats or fish. So, doing your homework on where to shop for certain groceries can help further your savings and nab some great bargains.  

Switch to homemade coffee

Another one of the lesser known ways you can save money is by switching to homemade coffee. Many people cut down on their restaurant and bar visits with great success, only to neglect one of their biggest daily expenses: Coffee. Coffee usually costs up to $6 per cup. Over the weeks this can add up to huge sums. Save money by investing in a home coffee machine and a thermos.

Beans and capsules cost only a fraction of a readymade cup in Starbucks. Even higher-end coffee machines will save you money in the long-run. For those who are really stuck for time or money, simply use the coffee machine at work or even your gym. All of this will really add up to a lot of money saved by the end of the month.

Hire a wage garnishment service

Wage garnishment is a practice where a fixed amount of your wages is automatically withdrawn from your account to either be placed in a savings account or to pay a bill directly. This is another one of the lesser known ways to save money. For those who find themselves breaking from their budget too much for comfort, this is a really useful tool to keep your saving consistent.

Use your (old) student ID

Surprisingly, many places offer a range of student discounts, everywhere from clothing shops, to online retailers usually give student discounts. This can be particularly useful when shopping for clothes or workout gear. Even if you’re not a student anymore, there’s a good chance you can still get away with using your old student card to shave some money off your purchases, giving you more of it to put by.

Keep your fire/police/first responder ID close

Another one of the lesser known ways you can save money is with a military discount. If you thought student discounts were popular, you should see military, fire and police personnel discounts. As much as 25% can be given for emergency services and defense forces staff. So, if you’re a member of any of the above services and need another way to save, be sure to ask if there’s a discount in every place you shop.


There are many lesser known ways you can save money. Make sure to do your research on goods and services you may need because, surprisingly, you can save money anywhere. Just think of the hidden savings that you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

These aren’t the only lesser known ways you can save money. Add your ideas below!!

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