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6 Benefits of Upskilling Yourself at Work

Whether you feel stuck in a rut with your current routine, or you’re looking for ways to improve your career prospects, upskilling yourself can be a great way to give your career a boost and get you to where you want to be at work.

Current trends seem to agree with this.

According to a recent Gallup report, 69% of non-millennials say they value “professional or career growth and development opportunities” in a job, whereas 87% of millennials say the same — “[millennials] assign the most importance to this job attribute, representing the greatest difference between what this generation values in a new job and what other generations value.”

Upskilling yourself – it’s valuable to you AND your employer, and it certainly benefits both.

upskilling yourself

6 Benefits of Upskilling Yourself at Work

When it comes to upskilling at work—or in other words, improving or adding additional skills as an employee—its prevalence in the workplace continues to grow. I can speak from experience here. Just last year, I took a short class on search engine optimization (SEO) in order to add to my already existing set of skills as a content marketer.

But, as with many other things, it takes time and often money…

So the question we have to answer before paying tuition on a course or spending an evening at a workshop: is it worth it to jump in on this trend and start upskilling yourself? To help you decide whether or not it’s worth it for you, we’ve gathered six examples of the benefits upskilling can have on your career!

How to Upskill

Before we get into the why, you might be asking yourself, “how do I upskill in the first place?” Often, it involves taking a career-training course through a school in your area or online. (Here’s a site where you can find and compare career-training courses relevant to various industries.) Some companies may even offer their own internal training programs as a benefit for their employees.

  • Additionally, look out for mentorship programs offered at work or through local organizations, as well as attending workshops or panels.
  • Talk to your company about what education benefits they may offer.
  • Also, look online for programs that can help you build your career skills. Websites like Meetup are a great resource for finding events that are happening in and around your city.

1) Upward Mobility

One of the biggest benefits to upskilling yourself is the increased upward mobility it can bring.

When it comes time for promotions or raises, it always helps to have had some additional training under your belt. Not only will you have more skills to offer, but you’ve shown you’re dedicated to your work and improving the quality of it—which is definitely something employers like to see. So when they’re deciding on who should get a promotion or a raise, you’ll stand out as an asset to the company.

2) More Job Security

In a similar vein, gaining new career skills can also provide you with more job security in general. If it comes time to decide if someone will remain at the company, upskilling yourself can really help you out. Employers will most likely look both at technical skills and commitment to the job.

After all, who would you rather have on your staff?

  • The employee who takes the time to keep up with industry trends, improve the quality of their work, and increase the skills they can bring to the table, or
  • The employee who simply shows up?

…the answer is obvious. 

upskilling yourself3) Discover New Career Paths

When you take time to learn new skills (or keep up-to-date with your current ones), you may end up going down career paths you never considered before. This is where upskilling yourself can come in handy.

Maybe, while taking a course on marketing, you find yourself drawn toward search engine optimization. This may eventually lead you to be your team’s go-to SEO person. Or maybe you attended a coding bootcamp to supplement your current role as an account manager, and you discovered that you love software engineering. When you learn new things, you never know where that knowledge might take you.

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4) Boost Your Resume

What if you don’t want to stay at your current company? Upskilling yourself can help in this area as well. Adding new skills and certifications to your resume can also help you stand out from other applicants during a job hunt. Having more expertise listed can showcase your constant learning capability. This can make employers not only want to keep you on their team, but also to hire you in the first place.

Taking new classes and upskilling yourself is a great way to refresh your resume

According to, one of the items employers look for in a resume is the presence of industry keywords. So if you started your marketing career before SEO, SEM (search engine marketing), or SMM (social media marketing) became important aspects of the field, being able to add those to your “skills” section will definitely benefit you during the application process.

5) Make Connections

Networking is a great way to enhance your career. And upskilling yourself opens you up to more opportunities to network.

If you’re taking an in-person class, you might meet someone in your course who can help you with your career. Or, you might become better acquainted with a coworker while attending a company-sponsored training program.

Knowing people in your field or at your company can be a great benefit. Whether you want to branch out or move up in your job, it’s beneficial!

6) Improve the Quality of Your Work

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, taking advantage of learning opportunities can improve the quality of your work. Because, of course, you want to do the best job possible! With the right program and the right teacher or mentor, you can make sure you’re upskilling yourself and continually at the top of your game.

Upskilling Yourself – Are You In?

All in all, upskilling yourself isn’t just about “getting new skills”. The benefits of taking classes or attending company-sponsored training programs extend far beyond simply learning.

After taking my SEO course…

  • my roles at work expanded,
  • my responsibilities increased, and
  • the work I had already been doing was tweaked and polished up by this new skill in my content marketing tool belt!

You may end up opening multiple doors for yourself, both inside and outside your current company or even your current industry! The question now is, are you ready to start upskilling yourself?

What about you? Will you be upskilling yourself anytime soon?

This post was written by Rachel Seitz – a graduate of the University of Kansas with degrees in English and anthropology, Rachel loves getting to create and constantly learn amongst the passionate and dedicated people she works with at Climb Credit. When not writing, editing, and designing for Climb, she also works backstage for her theatre troupe and is on a constant search for the best cup of coffee in NYC.

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