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eCommerce Growth: How To Find Trending Products in 2019

eCommerce growthMany people think that the opportunities for eCommerce growth are long gone for the small entrepreneur. They believe the world of online retailers is saturated and there’s no more room for the new guy who wants in. But, that’s never been more false…

Even in a crowded marketplace, there are still amazing opportunities to get in. If you really want an opportunity to get in, you can get in. You can even be successful by utilizing social media. Take a look at how to find trending products for eCommerce growth in 2019. 

eCommerce Growth: How To Find Trending Products in 2019

E-commerce is a rapidly growing business and most people will have the opportunity to succeed — with the right product. Here are some tips on how you can find trending products for eCommerce growth.

Start From Scratch for Successful eCommerce

Many new eCommerce entrepreneurs are taught to go on Amazon and find a hot product that’s selling really well. The only problem with that strategy is that everyone and their mom is doing the same thing.

Not only that, established sellers are doing it too. However, they have a leg up because they already have strong seller ratings.

The best way for a new merchant to launch their venture is by finding a new hot trending product that is quickly emerging. If you are one of the first to offer a new trending product, you can quickly establish yourself in the eCommerce ecosystem.

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Find Trending Products on Social Media

Social media has democratized many industries, including eCommerce. The best way to find a hot trending product to influence eCommerce growth is by monitoring social media.

You can:

  • Watch for tweets on Twitter
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Follow influencers on Instagram
  • Look at trending pins on Pinterest

By conducting searches on social media you can find videos featuring new innovative consumer products that go viral. You can even focus on new products that influencers on social media are posting about. 

Most likely, you can find new products that get promoted by social media influencers on a regular basis. And, if you’re early enough, there may not be many merchants selling them yet. That’s your way in.

What kind of products am I talking about? I’m referring to products like..

  • fidget spinners, and
  • slime. Yes, slime.

Believe it or not, kids posting slime videos and photos were trending for a while. It boosted slime sales for many months and it made many merchants who caught on millions of dollars. The same went with fidget spinners.

Find Trending Products Through Outsourcing

So the next question is, where do you get the trending products to sell? The answer is probably from the same place you outsource any other product: China.

Believe me, you won’t be the only one monitoring social media looking for trending products. Chinese manufacturers do it too. When they find one that goes viral, they are brilliant at copying it and mass producing them virtually overnight. If you see a product trending this week, it’ll be very likely you’ll see it on Alibaba. That’s where many eCommerce merchants outsource their products from China and the products are available the following week.

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It’s eCommerce — Setup to Win

Oprah once said, “success is where preparation meets opportunity.” If you wait until you find a trending product to get your business setup, you’ll be too late to the game. You have to have everything prepared for that day you find that hot new product.

That means you need to:

  • register your business and do all that paperwork
  • set up a process for fulfilling the orders once they start coming in
  • have software solutions in place

The great news is that there are several platforms that allow you to set up an eCommerce store with them at a very low cost.

eCommerce solutions like Magento, Shopify, and Big Commerce have low-end starter packages that are super cheap. Once you start to grow your business, they offer more premium solutions to be able to scale. You can go from regular Magento to Magento Enterprise in no time.

The alternatives to Magento Enterprise would be Shopify Plus and Big Commerce Enterprise. Shopify is a bit easier to upgrade. You can basically do it with a click of a mouse with very little configuration.

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The great thing about these eCommerce solutions is that it will allow you to list your hot trending product on multiple channels. Not only will you be able to get it on Amazon, but you can also get it on NewEgg, eBay, Google, Facebook, BuzzFeed and many more.

The last thing you need once you find a trending product is to spend hours listing it on multiple marketplaces one at a time. In this case, time really is money. With these platforms, you’ll be able to enter the product data once and they automatically list it on many channels and get your product out there to as many outlets as possible.

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Opportunities Abound for eCommerce Growth

Don’t think that you’ve missed the boat on eCommerce. You haven’t. There’s a product that no one knows about today, that maybe doesn’t even exist yet. But, possibly a month from now, the product may be one of the hottest selling products on Amazon. The person selling that hot product could be you.

Are you willing to take a chance on finding trending products to help eCommerce growth for your business?

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