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Business Motivation: Timeless Words of Business Wisdom For All

business motivation‘Timeless’ is often an indicator that something transcends the current time something resides in. This is as obvious a statement as you could hope to read.

  • Timeless movies, literature, albums – all hold a place in our hearts.
  • Novels from centuries ago still enrapture new audiences today.
  • Philosophical works from ancient times still ring true and are studied routinely in college courses throughout the country.

Insights can also be timeless. These are coded behaviors that we have found and agree to be worthwhile, no matter what happens. You can achieve true business motivation if you follow the timeless words of business wisdom that trickle down. 

True wisdom develops over time. But, timeless business wisdom can still hold true for running a team well, networking, and connecting with our audience. It is important to know what business wisdom will always apply to invoke real business motivation.

Below are some timeless words of business wisdom to create business motivation in anyone. 

Business Motivation: Timeless Words of Business Wisdom For All

What is timeless?

How might we go about that definition and test it within the real-world business?

How can we be more optimistic and gain constant business motivation?

Could it teach us something we are missing?

These are heavy questions. Let’s explore these questions throughout the words below. 

Always Actively Think of Your Financial Situation

Those who are in the position of running a business will need to exercise careful control over their financial handling. This will never stop being true. However, even those who have a Ph.D. in Economics will also need to understand timeless principles. This will help to keep themselves on the right track financially, which can help create business motivation. 

Small businesses are often stuck in a place of wild insecurity. They are very careful about taking steps forward. It can feel like playing a game of Minesweeper while blindfolded. You’re not sure if every step you take will activate the mine. Or, if you’re even playing within the borders of the game window itself. However, it’s important that you keep forward momentum, lest you fall into stagnation.

Business Motivation Tip #1: Don’t Overspend

Overspending can be a real problem. It can lead businesses to feel that if they have money, they need to be investing it somehow.

They feel they should be improving on:

  • their products
  • their infrastructure
  • hiring new staff
  • extending the business
  • finding a new office

Particularly, overspending can become an issue when your business name isn’t as strong. So, sales figures might not be as regular as you otherwise imagine. This is where it can be particularly worthwhile to keep a solid budget.

Business Motivation Tip #2: Don’t Under-budget

However, this can also lead to another problem that isn’t worth thinking about. You won’t be able to make your investments if you decide to hoard all of your cash. You’ll have emergency funding to keep in case of a lull in sales, or if needing to buy inventory in bulk, but this will be cold comfort.

Both of these situations can lead to very difficult cash flow problems. For that reason and more, it’s essential that you understand how to rectify these problems and better balance your budget.

You will need to factor in:

  • your reliability of sales
  • what kind of product you have
  • if your product is priced appropriately
  • your marketing efforts
  • the investments you need to make

A little frugality, such as using online fax services rather than purchasing equipment, and hammering down your financial investment goals will help you avoid making impromptu purchases. It can help you go a long, long way.

Over time, your position will become a little less insecure.

You will be a little more secure in the frantic tides of your cash flow. But it’s important to practice a careful balance between frugality and overspending before you do. This vital skill can help you through the worst of times, particularly in your most humble early stages.

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Stand Up For Your Business In Order to Create Business Motivation

It’s a shame how many can feel like the audacity of opening a business means they are open for deep criticism. They feel they need not defend themselves for the risk of network faults. Of course, if you try to argue with the perspectives of social media – you’re going to have a bad time. But does that mean you should ignore all the negative attention that comes your way? Or potentially ignore hits from other businesses hoping to reduce your competition?

How to Defend Your Business in the Real World

Let us take a particularly celebrated example of recent memory.

Wendy’s, a fast-food restaurant now notorious on Twitter for their ‘fellow kids’ approach, hoping to become viral with sharp-witted comments and replies. They ended up defending themselves when replying to Burger King. The moment after they promoted a deal for a certain price point, Burger King tweeted their promotion with one extra item. After an interested onlooker asked Wendy’s what they had to offer in response, they replied ‘edible food.’ 

Now, this is quite a silly state of affairs, and obviously has little substance to it. Nor does a sarcastic approach work without fail, nor might it work for your business. Of course, bringing substance and letting your work shine is always important – but don’t be afraid to defend yourself.

In order to counteract problems like this one when defending yourself:

  • Have your facts close to mind if critically questioned during an expo product launch Q&A.
  • Host a FAQ section on your website that details how people can learn more about your firm, or overcome the issues they are experiencing with it.
  • Develop a healthier approach when standing up for your firm, in all the ways you can possibly predict.

You never know, it might just have an effect. You deserve to defend the operation you are invested in, so long as you learn from the feedback that might disarm you. This can create great business motivation for you in the long run. 

Pro-Consumer Actions Almost Always Pay Off

Did you know that your target audience can build business motivation? It’s essential to consider how you can put your audience first.

The more pro-consumer you can be, the more a dedicated following will support your business in any way they can. Not only that, it can help your staff feel a strong sense of morale because they know they’re contributing to positivity within the industry. Perhaps even being more progressive with their expected norms.

It can be very easy to paint a company as ‘the bad guy.’ However, if you can foster that welcoming image, you can overcome a range of PR issues that might have otherwise harmed your firm. This doesn’t give you a longer leash however, we need to substantiate the goodwill we hope to promote. But remember, setting a precedent is something you have to upkeep, so be sure to refine your pro-consumer outreach well and ensure it’s sustainable.

For this, we should use an example.

Take a thriving industry, one with extremely vocal critics, one that seems to make the headlines more and more of late. We’re talking about the video game industry. The size of which is now greater than music sales and film sales combined, which is crazy to think about. Your personal thoughts about video games and the time you might have for them in your schedule aside – it’s not hard to see just how massive the industry is from a business vantage. Because of that, it makes for a pertinent example.

How to Provide Business Motivation Through Pro-Consumerism

Certain corporations within this video game industry have fostered different degrees of goodwill, which is important in an industry people are familiar with. This is due to their most intimate bouts of recreation.

Consider EA, holders of the Star Wars license, and perhaps one of the most well-known video game publishers on the planet. With controversy after controversy surrounding predatory micro-transactions in their video games, effectively transforming their multiplayer catalog into a pay-to-win scenario.

It caused much public outcry which resulted in:

  • government gambling and regulation commissions taking notice
  • summons for public hearings to discuss their predatory actions

Just bad luck all around.

On the other hand, firms such as CD Projekt, developers of digital storefronts, GOG, make a point to sell titles with zero privacy protection, effectively selling a copy of the video game itself, not just a license. This is an efficient means of being pro-consumer with little in the way of deep investment.

Their presence alone has:

  • reportedly decreased piracy of their titles by 32%
  • got them lauded by those who wish the company well and will continue to support it for that

This is just one gesture of goodwill, and it’s written into their company mission statement.

What goodwill could you foster?

What pro-consumer attitudes might you innovate?

It’s easy to see innovation as a technological breakthrough. Or possibly even an application of design genius that somehow creates something new. But, sometimes systemizing your business in a manner like this can be the real innovation. It’s worth keeping that in mind.

Business Motivation: In Conclusion

Timeless business wisdom can come in many forms to help create business motivation. Some more relevant than others.

However, when you bring it all down to basics:

  • good financial handling
  • the ability to be water-tight with your approach and know your purpose
  • the tendency to put customers first or innovate in helping your firm become human-focused

These things can help you make the most of things, and that’s just to start. 

With this advice, we hope you are able to apply this wisdom expertly. This can help you overcome the issues you might have been experiencing trying to kickstart your business towards some form of momentum.

How are you going to create exceptional business motivation with your timeless words of wisdom?

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